NBC News drag queen columnist says 'drag queen story hour' echoes 'most effective learning practices' for kids

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Leroy N. Soetoro

Aug 8, 2022, 3:40:07 PM8/8/22

A new NBC News opinion column written by a drag queen insisted that drag
queen story hour, where drag queens read to kids in a public space,
"echoes many of the most effective learning practices for kids," and that
attempts to protect kids from these events are a "nightmare" and an attack
"on freedom of expression."

In a column titled, "Drag Queens won't be cowed by haters. The story hour
goes on," Drag queen story hour performer and children’s author "Lil Miss
Hot Mess" wrote, "I am disturbed by the recent mainstreaming of overtly
anti-LGBTQ and racist discourse, especially legislative attacks on trans
kids, attempts to falsely discredit queer people as ‘groomers’ and efforts
to ban books with diverse themes."

Lil Miss Hot Mess recounted the "terrifying and terrorizing" time when
protesters, allegedly linked to the Proud Boys, showed up to a drag queen
story hour to speak out against the event.


The author accused the protestors of "traumatizing the very children that
vigilantes claim to protect."

Oklahoma State University hosted a "Drag Queen Story Hour" for kids as
young as 2-years-old earlier in April.
Oklahoma State University hosted a "Drag Queen Story Hour" for kids as
young as 2-years-old earlier in April. (Oklahoma State University)

She then provided an earnest defense of teaching drag culture to children,
writing about how it is a wonderful form of play, free expression and
imagination. "But drag performance is an especially powerful and joyful
antidote to such attacks. Drag activates creativity and play, expanding
traditional ways of thinking. Drag offers a textbook example of
imagination: transforming society by making a new image of ourselves and
the world around us," she wrote.

The drag queen columnist slammed the "relentless" and "personal" attacks
of lawmakers who have claimed that "drag queens sexualize children." Hot
Mess wrote, "Recently, Republican Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida issued an
inflammatory statement about a canceled drag story time event in which he
attacked me, parroting dangerous rhetoric suggesting that drag queens
sexualize children."

The author also mentioned lawmakers who have claimed they will take legal
action against those exposing children to drag queens. "Republican Texas
state Rep. Bryan Slaton absurdly vowed to introduce legislation banning
drag shows for children. Shortly thereafter, Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis
of Florida, the Republican Arizona state senators and Republican Rep.
Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia suggested they might follow suit."

She wrote, "book bans and attempts to shut down story hours are a unique
nightmare: They are an attack not only on freedom of expression but on
imagination. Imagination is powerful because it enables us to identify the
status quo as a fiction that can be rewritten."

Hot Mess defended drag not only to teach how to "challenge gender
stereotypes and celebrate diverse LGBTQ leaders and histories," but as "a
creative portal to a new world; through drag we’re able to see those
elements of society that are a hot mess and find the courage and
creativity to change them."

The author also claimed that drag "echoes many of the most effective
learning practices, according to prominent schools of educational theory"

Some lawmakers have praised the idea of drag queens being part of
children's education. During a civil rights conference in Lansing Michigan
last week, Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel allegedly claimed, "Drag
queens make everything better. Drag queens are fun," and added that there
should be a "A drag queen for every school."

Returning more fire at people opposed to this, she wrote, "anti-LGBTQ
leaders falsely claim that we’re indoctrinating children and spreading
misinformation, suggesting we’re trying to convert kids to be queer or
trans. Bless their clueless hearts."

"In a moment in which authoritarianism and white nationalism are on the
rise, what they apparently fear the most is that we’re activating
children’s imaginations," Lil Miss Hot Mess added.

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