Sue's May AKV Club Level - Day 5 of 6

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May 29, 2022, 9:05:38 PMMay 29
DAY 5 – Sunday 5/29/22
Who: Sue (63), DVC Member
Chris (35), my son
Amanda (33), my daughter-in-law
Ari (5), my grandson

Plan: Animal Kingdom or Pool, Concierge Lounge

Actual: I slept well again last night and got up just before 5. After enjoying my cappuccino I did some online stuff until it was light outside. I made a trip to the car just to make sure all was ok (no flat tires, etc) and on my way back a car pulled out of a very close parking spot so I turned around and moved my car to that spot. Tomorrow when I head out I won’t have to walk most of the way down the row. The parking lot was shockingly full – everyone must be driving! Disney’s making a fortune on the ridiculous and offensive self-parking fees (for non DVC guests).

I went back inside and had a text from Chris that they were on their way over. The lounge was quite busy with people waiting for 7am for the food to begin, so I went out and grabbed the last 4-top table. There were 2-tops that could be pulled together, and I don’t think we ever had every table occupied while we were there but it was close.

Ari had a couple bowls of cereal and a little chocolate chip muffin. He tried the French toast bread pudding and liked the first bite, but then didn’t like it after that. I’m glad they had it here since I wanted to try it but I would have been disappointed if I’d ordered an entrée of it downstairs at Mara! Tomorrow I’ll get the other item I’m interested in – the bacon & gruyere cheese quiche.

I had some bacon and a few bites of the bread pudding and took a bagel back to the studio to toast & eat before going down to the pool. Chris & Amanda had their bagels and other stuff, then headed out by 7:30. They’re going to the Studios today and Ari hopes to get on Rise of the Resistance. Early entry starts at 8, so maybe they’ll make it.

At 7:30 I got a notification that my room isn’t ready yet, lol! With a fully sold out resort, that’s not a surprise. Housekeeping hasn’t even started working yet. I spent a little more time online, then a little after 8 changed into a swimsuit & coverup and packed up the remaining stuff. I stopped by the concierge desk to officially check out of club level and see if they could make a notification that I’m really here waiting for my next room. I dropped my suitcase and bag of cold stuff off with bell services and went down to the pool to my usual spots.

There were no clouds this morning so it was hotter than any previous day. I was hitting the shower by 9am! Once again the pool area opened 10 minutes early – they let you in but ask you not to go into the pool until it’s announced to be open. I stayed there until about 11 and had had enough sweating for one day.

I sat at a shady table outside the pool area while finishing the book I was reading, then went into the pool restrooms to take my shower. They have the shampoo, conditioner & body wash mounted on the wall but no other amenities. I’d brought what I thought I’d need in a ziplock bag, so it wasn’t too bad. They have the world’s smallest hairdryer mounted next to one of the sinks so after getting dried off and dressed I went to the sinks to dry my hair.

Chris texted to say they were headed back from the Studios and were coming to the lounge, so I picked up my stuff from bell services and went up to the lounge. Today they had bags of goldfish in addition to the bags of trail mix.

The Hollands arrived so I put my laptop away to sit with them. They had some snacks, but Ari wasn’t thrilled with the uncrustable. Frankly he was being a pain, and not eating or doing what his parents told him to do, so I left his parents to deal with it and went to the table in the side alley to set the computer back up. I imagine he’ll be fine later.

I did a couple training classes for work, figuring might as well get them out of the way. My feet were getting cold and I was thinking I might change into my sneakers and socks but then realized I didn’t remember putting the sneakers in the suitcase! I laid it down and opened it up – sure enough, no sneakers. Someone had already been put in my room (hmm – why is their room ready and I’m still waiting for mine since 6 hours ago??). The cast member at the desk called housekeeping but they didn’t have anyone there to answer the phone at this time.

They explained to me the housekeepers turn in any found items at the end of their shift, so I went online to report my lost item and we’ll see if there’s a match later. If not, hopefully they’ll eventually match it up and mail me my sneakers. What a stupid move on my part!

The lounge got busy around 1:30, but it was quiet over in my alcove. I ordered a glass of sparkling wine with a strawberry, and switched from work to general online stuff. At 2pm I was still waiting for my room. When I did online check in I checked the box to prioritize the room being ready over any requests. I figure for 1 night it doesn’t matter where I’m located, so why can’t I be put in one of the studios ready earlier since I’ve been homeless here since 8am? Yes, check in time is 4pm but nobody’s stupid enough to believe that rooms aren’t coming available long before that – like my old room with the family of 4 who keeps going in and out of there <g>.

2:30 brought more of the same – waiting for my room. At 3 I went up to the concierge desk and asked if someone could please check on my room. In the computer it showed they were still working on it – which is totally unacceptable since the previous occupants had to have left by 11 and they knew I was already here! The cast member called them but told me they were at 100% occupancy (yes, I know) and there was nothing to switch me to. So in other words – screw you. I was not happy and will let Disney know I’m not happy, but I won’t take it out on the cast members here. They’re doing what they can. I thanked them for trying and went back to my table in the alcove to sulk. This really sucks!

By 3:15 I really needed a restroom visit, but wasn’t comfortable leaving all my stuff unattended here and didn’t feel like packing it all up to drag into the restroom. Disney is really pissing me off. You would think club level guests would get some priority. You’d thinkg guests who were already here would get some priority. It’s so aggravating.

At 3:18 I got the room ready notification and packed up my stuff to go down and check it out. I’m close to the lobby, overlooking the pool. It’s a great location but I would have preferred having a room earlier. I decided to run up to the lounge to get SB a couple chocolate chip cookies and at the gate my magic band wouldn’t work. That’s happened before, so I went to the elevators and it didn’t work there either. I actually got up to the 6th floor but the doors would not open because I was not authorized.

I went down to the lobby and sought the help of bell services to get up there but they sent me to the front desk. A nice cast member took my band and supposedly fixed the problem. I went to the elevators – didn’t work. I went back to the desk, to a different cast member and explained the problem. She eventually gave me a key card. I went back to the elevators – key card didn’t work, magic band didn’t work. I went back to the front desk for the 3rd time, fuming. I went to the same cast member as the 2nd time and she went out back. She returned saying she’d misunderstood and thought I wouldn’t get into my room. She handed me the card back and said it should work. Back to the elevators, I was shocked when the key card worked.

I got a couple cookies for SB then went down the stairs. I checked the gate with the card and it seemed to work. I put the cookies in the room then went back up to the lounge. I imagine when Chris’ family arrives they’ll have trouble with their access too – but we’ll see.

Turns out Chris had no trouble getting up to the lounge – go figure. They were here when I came up. I talked to the lady who was in my old room and she double checked but said there were no sneakers there. Later one of the cast members (who had called housekeeping) told me the lost and found items wouldn’t be known until between 5 & 6.

At 5 the food was out and tonight was a repeat of the buttered chicken and tomato soup w/paneer cheese. That’s the overall best one in my opinion – hand’s down! We all ate – Ari ate a lot of white rice which he likes. That’s so bland! I had 2 portions of the buttered chicken and a tomato soup, plus a few pieces of cheese with crispy things. Amanda had the same, plus hummus. I’m not sure what Chris ate but it was similar. We were full by 6pm, which is unusual for us. I guess we ate like pigs rather than pacing ourselves.

We went downstairs and outside, sitting in the rocking chairs by the firepit for a while, then checking out the animals. When we went out by the pool we noticed everyone was drying off and leaving – evidently the lightning was within range. The wind had picked up but we didn’t see any rain. In fact, the sun never stopped shining.

We decided to go back up to the lounge at 7. Chris suggested Victoria Falls bar, but why pay ridiculous prices when we had the lounge! As I passed the desk the cast member told me my sneakers were found and I could get them at the front desk! I went down there and picked them up, then dropped them off in my room and brought my laptop up to the lounge to update the report.

Ari was watching something on Amanda’s phone (with ear buds), so he was occupied. Once I updated the report I decided to return the laptop to the room and picked up the glass of wine I’d poured for later.

We had about 30 minutes before the desserts came out so we enjoyed the time talking. Ari was a hoot, seriously talking to me about alligators and how dangerous they are, lol! They may have seen some last week when they were in Georgia zip lining, tubing and hiking.

At 8 the desserts were out – vanilla cake cones, lemon cake cones, plant based crummy carrot cake and Kenyan coffee tart – plus oatmeal raisin & chocolate chip cookies, fruit and more peanut butter & jelly. How is PB&J dessert?? Amanda really enjoyed the lemon cake cone, saying it was like a lemon custard in a waffle cone. She also had some of the other desserts. Ari chose a Mickey bar and that’s what I did too – didn’t need the other stuff. Those Mickey bars are delicious! I didn’t expect to finish it but it was so good I ate every bite despite feeling stuffed! Chris got one as well, and later got one of the strawberry bars that as a kid he & my grandmother always used to get in the parks. Such warm memories – from a frozen strawberry bar <g>.

We called it a night early, and after saying our goodbyes I returned to my studio on the 5th floor. They headed back to Kidani Village. Next trip we’ll all be here, so it’ll be more convenient. I was going to sit out on the balcony, but 90 Day Fiance was already on and that’s my “trash” tv addiction. The pool remained closed for quite a while despite no rain, but eventually opened around 8:30.

There’s no point in really unpacking for this one night, so I’m sort of living out of the suitcase. It would be nice to stay longer, as I like this room – but I’d miss the access to the concierge lounge so it’s time to go home.

Today had some frustrations – the long wait for the room was ridiculous given the circumstances, and then the fiasco trying to regain access to the concierge lounge was needless. Showering in the restrooms was not fun. Other than all those things it was a great day – overall it was way more positive than it was negative. I enjoyed getting to spend time with Chris, Amanda & Ari, and absolutely love the resort and especially club level. The cast members are so great up here – they really take good care of their guests. I’m thankful my sneakers were turned in and I was able to get them before leaving!

Tomorrow the Hollands are headed to Animal Kingdom which has early entry at 7am. They’ll do some stuff there before heading home. I’ll have a more leisurely morning – enjoying my cappuccino and then after Mara opens I plan to finally try the bacon gruyere quiche. After that I’ll be heading back to Gainesville to unfortunately re-enter the real world.

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