Re: Musk says up to 90% of twitter posters are BOTS!!!

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Uncle Bob

Jul 12, 2022, 3:34:02 PMJul 12
Text-Drivers R Killers <> wrote in

> This tells me most of social media is just govt bots. All these WOKE
> posters are just AI.
> rade-psy-op-to-brainwash-the-masses/
> July 11 2022 Elon Musk’s plan to buy Twitter might be on hold for
> now after the world’s richest man came to the conclusion that
> artificial intelligence (AI) bots posing as human users account for
> the vast majority of users on the platform.
> Based on his assessment, Musk alleges that up to 90 percent of
> Twitter’s entire user base is fake. This situation has obvious
> implications for the valuation of the company. If most of the users
> are fake, advertisers will be far less interested in spending money to
> place ads on the platform. But the implications of the bot count
> don’t stop there and reveal much about the true, inner workings of
> Big Tech.
> Because Musk’s assessment reveals that Twitter’s fake accounts are
> not just about ad revenue. The vast majority of Twitter’s “daily
> users,” it appears, are automated spam bots that the Big Tech giant
> uses to induce mass formation psychosis and other forms of social
> conditioning
> The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is likely behind the AI bot
> front on Twitter. Now that we know Twitter is controlled by spam bots,
> its not a stretch to assume the same spam bots are also likely present
> on Reddit, Facebook, Instragram, YouTube and TikTok.

Liberals are the easiest to control. Their limited free thinking and
subpar intellect make them easy targets.
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