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Sep 3, 2022, 8:41:50 PMSep 3
DAY 4 – Saturday 9/03/22
Who: Sue (63), DVC Member
Chris (35), my son
Amanda (33), my daughter-in-law
Ari (6), my grandson

Plan: Pool, Concierge Lounge

Actual: Once again I slept very well, waking up right around 5 but not getting up for another 45 minutes (must have dozed back off). I enjoyed my cappuccino in bed until Amanda texted around 6:40 that she & Ari were in the lounge waiting for breakfast. I went out and joined them and we played some games and made a puzzle on the table while waiting for breakfast to start at 7. Holli and Chris both were there by 7 or shortly after.

Today they had bacon (nice thick, crispy bacon) for the first time this trip and they also had the gruyere cheese quiche (but without crust)! Both were excellent. They had the French toast bread pudding again, so Chris got a bowl of that. Ari had a couple boiled eggs, bacon, 2 bowls of cereal, and part of a muffin – wow!

By 7:30 Holli headed out to return to Gainesville. The first home football game is tonight and she wanted to beat any incoming traffic. Chris’s family might head towards the coast this afternoon hoping to see the rocket launch. I was not interested in joining them for that – they’re saying on tv to expect really heavy traffic (especially after the launch, IF it launches) and at 6:30 a.m. people were already arriving. The launch window opens sometime after 2pm but it doesn’t mean the launch would happen at that time.

The Hollands headed to the bus stops around 7:45, going to Magic Kingdom for the morning. The park opens at 9 so resort guests get in at 8:30. I’ll catch up with them later at some point. Around 9 I headed down to a chaise lounge outside the pool area.

Today it was very cloudy, which normally would disappoint me but it was so much more comfortable without the sun so I didn’t mind! When they opened the pool area I followed the mob into that area, taking a chaise lounge in a different area because my usual location filled up immediately.

The pool opened for swimming at 10 and it shut down at 10:13 for “unscheduled cleaning”. Everyone had to get out and stay out for 15-20 minutes, no doubt thanks to some guest who didn’t follow the rules in terms of young children and/or bathroom behavior. I enjoyed my chaise lounge and did some reading. There was a little breeze and with all the clouds it was fairly comfortable. When the clouds started breaking up after 11 it got warmer, but it was 11:30 before I needed to cool off under the shower for the first time.

Chris, Amanda & Ari had done a bunch of attractions at Magic Kingdom, but said it was very sunny and HOT with no breeze at all over there. It was so bad they went to the Tiki Birds for the a/c. Knowing there wasn’t real food in the lounge this time of day they stopped at Casey’s and shared a corn dog or corn dog nuggets before heading back to the resort.

I went up for my shower around 12:30 and they arrived just as I’d finished getting dressed so I met them out in the lounge for a bit. Ari seemed tired – probably the sun! After they had a snack they went down to their room where Amanda was hoping Ari would fall asleep to a movie so she could take a nap. We’ll meet back up before 5. I decided to cancel my Epcot park reservation for tomorrow – it’s just too hot to be enjoyable, and thankfully I’ll get to spend time with them here in the lounge.

I brought my laptop out to the lounge to update the report and do some online stuff. Yesterday they were out of the Indaba chenin blanc and were serving one from Fairview. It was good but I like Indaba better. Today I saw Rane rolling a cart full of wine into the kitchen room and noticed orange bottle tops (Indaba chenin blanc). When she stopped by later she confirmed they had it again so I asked for a glass.

While waiting for that another cast member cleared some tables and he stopped at my table to ask “what’s wrong with this picture?” He was referring to the lack of a glass of wine but just then Rane placed it on the table, lol. He asked where the others were and I had to admit the young people needed to rest/nap. They had bags of gourmet jelly beans out again so I got one for Holli. She’d gotten one yesterday but then spilled most of them onto the floor & by then there were none left. They look like Jelly Belly brand to me.

A little before 5 the Hollands woke up and headed for the lounge. They got there before the 5pm food started, and tonight wasn’t as busy in the lounge as last night was. The hot food wasn’t terribly exciting to me – falafel with avocado something sauce (I don’t eat this) and chicken corn chowder. Chris ate some of the falafel and we all at the chowder – me a single portion but Chris & Ari multiple portions. Ari got a new Jack Skellington character (his favorite) at Magic Kingdom this morning, so Jack joined as well but didn’t eat much.

They’d talked about eating then going to Animal Kingdom for an hour before coming back for dessert, but the weather messed up that plan. We ended up staying through 8pm when desserts came out. Tonight besides the vanilla cones they had the delicious orange cake, a zebra chocolate mouse tart and a dark chocolate cake w/raspberry. Ari ate a bunch of the cones and took 3 or 4 cookies – they took a couple of them back to their room. I got some oatmeal raisin cookies to put in a Ziploc bag to bring home to SB, but also ate some cones, an orange cake, a chocolate thing and a couple cookies (oink oink). Chris had his desserts then got a Mickey bar. Everything was great, but we were getting tired and were out of there before 8:30.

I returned to my studio to pack up a little and finish up today’s report. Today was a delightful day – I absolutely love being here! Tomorrow the Hollands head to Epcot and might go to Disney Springs. I’ll join them for breakfast then head to the pool and meet up with them later. Sadly it’s our last full day here.

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