Sue's January 2023 Hilton Head Trip - Day 5 of 6

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Jan 15, 2023, 7:53:39 PMJan 15
DAY 5 – Sunday 1/15/23
Who: Sue (64), DVC Member
Holli (58), friend & co-worker
Vickie (58), Holli’s best friend & college roommate

Plan: Do Whatever, Eat When/Wherever, possibly Resort Cocktail Event

Actual: I slept well again and got up just after 5. Following the usual routine, I made my cappuccino and took it back to bed to enjoy while online. I also watched the Eurodam sail into port. By 7 I went out to the dining room to work on the puzzle.

The others were up before long. Holli made coffee and sat in the living room. Vickie spent time upstairs doing some exercises to reduce back pain (side effect of the cancer or the treatment). We rotated through the puzzle, getting it almost finished! Around 11:30 we decided to head out for something to eat. I suggested Top Dawg Tavern, so we walked over there.

I was shocked to find nobody outside – they have plenty of heaters and it would have been fine. A lady from inside came out to tell us they’re only seating indoors today, so we went inside. With it being Sunday we could order from the brunch menu or the regular menu. We looked at both and everyone stuck with the regular menu – except for the mimosas. They have a carafe of mimosas for $10 so Holli & I shared that. It comes with a basket of cheesy muffins which we all shared.

Holli ordered mushroom swiss burger with onion rings, Vickie got the cheesesteak, and I ordered the filet bites from the appetizer menu. Everything was excellent! Holli especially raved about these being the perfect onion rings, lol! I tried half of one, and it was outstanding. Vickie ate her whole sandwich, which she rarely does. My choice was the hit of the table however – bed of mashed potatoes topped with small bites of very tender & delicious filet mignon with horseradish sauce on the side. Holli tried it and couldn’t believe how great it was – I really enjoyed it too. We’ll definitely keep Top Dawg on the list!

We walked back to the resort, got the car and drove over to Coligny. We figured Piggly Wiggly would be our last stop so we parked in their lot. Not all of the shops were open, but I’d say more than half were. We started in the big shop on a corner – every year we seem to find something in there. This year for me it was a box of Christmas cards with a beach theme. We went into the oils & spices store were we all bought something – I think they each got numerous items. In the candy store we all passed. It smelled great in there but nothing made us buy it.

At Piggly Wiggly they each found stuff to buy – I think I just walked around, or maybe this is where I got the seafood spice (not the oils & spices store). We made one last stop in the jerky store, which also sells expensive flavored popcorn, but didn’t buy anything. Besides jerky & popcorn they also sell edible bugs – yuck!

We decided to browse around Shelter Cove so drove there and parked outside Kilwin’s. We found more to buy in the Coastal shop next to Poseidon and another shop nearby. We detoured over to Belk and bought some stuff there, then returned to Kilwin’s where I bought a couple dark chocolate covered graham crackers (been craving these and couldn’t find them around Gainesville). The staff in Kilwin’s was very nice and gave me a handful of Valentine’s foil-wrapped chocolate hearts. I thanked her and shared them with the others. At this point it was nearly 2:30 so we headed back to the resort.

Vickie went upstairs for her nap, I put some clothes in the suitcase and then joined Holli to finish the puzzle. We then moved to the living room and prepared to watch the ships sail. Regal Princess led the way, playing her Love Boat theme horn. Next was the ugly Celebrity ship, then Eurodam (the one we cared about).

Vickie was up around 4 and played Jenga for a while – first time for me. I liked it well enough, but it’s not something I’d seek out. It was a good way to pass the time, and it’s always good to try something new. Once that was done we got to work cutting up cheeses and arranging the other food to go along with it.

We poured wine and enjoyed the food on the coffee table in front of the fireplace. The fire was great – almost too warm, and once again Vickie did a masterful job starting it and keeping it going. We sat around talking and sharing stories – just a great evening. At 8 we turned on the tv to have the trashy 90 Day Fiance show on. It’s another of the “tell all” episodes, so drama & craziness are expected.

Today was a great relaxing day. We all thought it went by too fast, though. Lunch at Top Dawg Tavern was a surprise hit, and we’ll definitely go back there. I think SB will like it if we get over there in May.

Tomorrow is our departure day. Holli & I will be going home to Gainesville but Vickie is heading up to visit another friend in Myrtle Beach. In the morning we’ll need to pack up all our stuff, load the cars and have one last meal together at Hilton Head Diner.

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