Sue's F&W Weekend - Day 4 of 4

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Oct 24, 2021, 5:29:05 PM10/24/21
DAY 4 – Sunday 10/24/21
Who: Sue (62), DVC Member

Plan: Pool, Food & Wine

Actual: I was up at 5 again and enjoyed my walk this morning. Each day I’ve done a slightly different route, and today I just made 2 loops around Yacht/Beach/Boardwalk. As usual, it wasn’t until the end that I ran into a pair of joggers setting out on their run. Back in the studio I made my cappuccino and took it back to bed.

By 7:30 the sun was up but covered by the thick clouds. The showers could start as early as noon, but looked more likely by 2pm for sure. I had breakfast around 8, and decided I was still going out to the beach despite the clouds. It’s a pretty setting and it’s warm enough. While I won’t get any sun, I shouldn’t sweat much either <g>. In any event, sitting out there with my kindle was more attractive than going into the park to ride attractions.

By 9 I was in a swimsuit & coverup, headed to the beach. I made a quick detour for one more towel from the quiet pool. The red cooler was on its chairs but no sign of the humans. I got the extra towel and then walked out to the beach. Today I had a drag a chair down to the edge of the water (the fence, technically). For whatever reason the 4 chairs that were down there yesterday were gone/relocated.

It was very peaceful out there on my chaise lounge, and despite the lack of sun I enjoyed myself. I could hear the music played at the Boardwalk resorts, and of course the friendships as they came and went. I stayed out there just under 2 hours then returned my used towels to the quiet pool (red cooler still sitting there all lonesome) and went upstairs to take my shower & get dressed.

I was out the door just after 11:30 and walked over to Epcot. With the clouds and a little breeze it was actually very comfortable. Once I was inside the park I turned to the right towards France, just to change it up. The crowds were the smallest I’ve seen yet, which was really nice. I walked around past the countries, seeing a few booths with long lines but not quite as long as the previous days.

As I approached India I could see there was no line at all. There were also a couple available tables in the corner of South Africa, so I quickly got in the queue & ordered the korma chicken and sula chenin blanc. It came up right away, but of course by now both of the tables had been taken by others. There were stand-up tables across the way (in the shade) so I went over there.

I’ve had the sula chenin blanc in previous years, and I like it. For whatever reason this one is priced lower than most, at $5 rather than $6. The korma chicken came with jasmine rice, crispy chickpeas, the spicy sauce & yogurt sauce. I wasn’t sure about the chickpeas, since I don’t like hummus but I figured I could just pick them out. As it turns out they were sprinkled on top (easy to see) and were actually delicious with the rest of the food! The portion was large, with a lot of chicken.

After I’d eaten a bite or two a regular table opened up so I went over and was able to enjoy my lunch while sitting down. I could have easily shared this with another person but it was so good I ate it all! While I was eating the sun came out, which wasn’t expected. It immediately got very hot walking around. Mexico didn’t have people lined up waiting to get inside yet so I ducked in there for the air conditioning even though it meant I had to put on a mask.

The boat ride was basically a walk-on so I rode that. It was cool & comfortable. I left the pavilion after the boat ride and walked over to where Future World meets World Showcase. There was some shade so I sat on a shady wall and drank some water while people watching and monorail watching. Eventually I got moving again and left the park via International Gateway. I might come back later when it cools down, even if it’s just to walk around a bit.

I decided to take another spin on the skyliner, which wasn’t busy at all. I boarded my gondola and got off at Riviera. I took a few pictures over there and browsed through the little merchandise shop, then hopped back on the skyliner to Caribbean Beach. At that station I transferred to a gondola going back to International Gateway. For whatever reason, the skyliner came to a complete stop 4 times! Each time it was long enough to trigger the announcements that they’ve stopped and then are resuming. The fourth time was just my gondola got into the station at International Gateway. The doors didn’t open because I was barely an inch away from the sensor that opens them! The gondola started creeping forward very slowly, and the doors were very slowly starting to open. The cast member said I was small enough to fit through the opening, so I got up and exited despite the doors not being fully open. It was getting warm in there without any real movement!

I walked back to Beach Club Villas and was in the studio shortly after 2. The rain seems to be pushed back until this evening. I packed up some of my stuff, then decided to relax in the studio for the afternoon, after making 1 trip to the car with a couple things I won’t need tonight/tomorrow. While at the car I picked up the Gideon’s receipt from the front seat and realized I’d given bad information. I could have sworn the menu on the wall in Gideon’s said the bites were $20. The receipt says $12. At $20 they’d be expensive enough I wouldn’t likely buy them again. At $12 – not too expensive, but damn you Gideon’s I don’t want the temptation! That place is addicting.

Since I expected rain I hadn’t taken the camera to Epcot earlier but did take a number of pictures with my phone and emailed them to myself. I added them to the album, which is on Snapfish at

By 4 it was raining steadily – I was glad to not be caught out in it. It seemed to stop a bit later even though the computer said it was raining outside. By 5 it was pouring. Between the off and on again rain, plus the awful humidity, I decided to just stay in tonight. I still have wine, crackers & cheese, so that will be dinner. There’s also still some Gideon’s cookie and most of the bites too – I won’t go hungry!

When I head home early in the morning I don’t bother with a report that day, so this will wrap up the trip report. It’s been a great little trip in so many ways. First, I loved that it was solo for a change, and loved that it was at Beach Club Villas during Food & Wine Festival! I wish it would have been cooler, like last weekend or next weekend, but hopefully the November trip will be more comfortable.

My room location was perfect for me, and I enjoyed watching the Harmonious fireworks from the balcony each night. I wasn’t happy about the silly chair hogs at the quiet pool, but the beach was a much better choice for me & once I tried that there was no reason to return to the pool. Food & Wine didn’t seem as crowded as in years past, although it was definitely busy. I never had to wait long for anything I wanted. The food and wine I tried there was very good – ditto for Chef’s de France. Gideon’s was delicious as usual. Can’t wait to see what the November cookie of the month will be! In terms of parks, I only did 2 attractions this trip, neither of which were planned before the trip. I’m glad I got the virtual queue for Remy, only because I’d never done the virtual queue. However, that attraction isn’t worth the 30-minute wait you still have even with the virtual queue, and not worth paying to ride (for me). I may do it again next though, only because everyone else hasn’t experienced it yet.

Speaking of the next trip, it begins November 6th – less than 2 weeks away! This trip will be 9 nights, starting with 3 solo nights at BCV before moving to a villa at Boardwalk Villas for the last 6 nights. Friends Pete & Judy will arrive at Boardwalk November 7th, and their friend Bonnie will be coming up for the first part of the trip too. SB arrives on Tuesday, which is the day I move to the villa. Studios don’t work for us, and that’s what I have the first 3 nights over at BCV. Friends Tiana & Jonell join us for the day on Thursday, then Chris/Amanda/Ari arrive for the weekend on Friday. Everyone travels well together, so it should be a lot of fun!

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