Sue's Short May Weekend - Plans

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May 19, 2022, 6:22:49 PMMay 19

Who: Sue (63), DVC Member
Erica (30’s), my niece
Andrea/Annie (30’s), my niece
Renay (50’s), my ex sister-in-law
Kelly (50’s?), Renay’s sister
Dates: May 20 – 22, 2022
Resort: Disney’s Boardwalk Villas Resort – the others are at Beach Club Resort
Experience: Very Experienced – 31st stay at BWV

This is an unexpected trip. I always do Hilton Head in early May and hope for Jambo House concierge in late May. Booking another trip in between those two is not part of my plan! However, last summer my dad passed away and Erica, Annie & Renay were at the funeral. Actually, Erica and Annie (along with my brother and SB & I via zoom) were there with him when my dad passed away. Sometime after that, Renay emailed to say she, her girls & her sister Kelly were planning a girls’ long weekend trip to Florida – no husbands, no boyfriend, no kids. She gave me the dates and asked if by chance I might be at Disney during that time, or could I be there even if just to meet up for a meal or something.

They fly down from NH Thursday and will be spending Thurs/Fri doing Universal and then moving to Beach Club Saturday morning for 2 nights at Disney before flying home Monday. It was less than 7 months in advance so I didn’t expect to find any decent DVC availability but to my surprise a BWV studio was available for Friday & Saturday nights. I don’t normally do 2-night trips but in this case I needed to get back home to get ready for the next trip starting on Wednesday so I booked it.

My plan was to arrive Friday and enjoy Flower & Garden Festival solo. Now it looks like 80-90% rain (and over 90 degrees). It’s not possible to juggle an umbrella and food from the booths, and the concert would be no fun in the rain, so I’m not sure I’ll make it over there at all at this point. Saturday is our Epcot day, then Sunday I go home and they do Animal Kingdom. They have 2-day park hopper passes with Genie+ so I’ll need to buy Genie+ Saturday morning. They’ve been pretty organized, sending out updates every so often. That’s a good thing, as I was able to correct the bad information (like Epcot opens at 11 – hello people, for resort guests it's opening at 8).

Renay ended up booking a 1:30 lunch at Chefs de France and made it for a party of 5. That was fine with me as I love the onion soup there (even though it was a ridiculously huge portion last time). Tony Orlando is the concert Friday and Saturday nights – I would love to catch one of his shows and hope the Friday weather isn’t as bad as the forecast.

Usually I work until noon and then hit the road on arrival day. This time I have some things to do in the first part of the morning and although I’ll probably finish those by 10 or so it doesn’t make sense to go into the office for such a brief time. Instead, I’ll just take the day off and be free to leave earlier than noon. I want to try the May cookie of the month at Gideon’s and my options are this trip or next trip. Next trip I have the concierge lounge to hang out in upon arrival, so I decided to attempt Gideon’s this trip. If that doesn’t work out I can always grab something to eat/drink and then head to Boardwalk. Significant rain is expected around 2 so ideally I’d like to have my car parked and be inside the building by then. If the room isn’t ready I can sit in Bellevue Lounge and do some work I brought with me until I get the “room ready” notification. Bellevue doesn’t open until around 5 so I should have the place to myself.

Gideon’s uses a virtual queue once the line gets too long, and I’m hoping that will be happening on Friday but that it will be a fairly short wait (an hour rather than 3-4 hours). Jock Lindsay Hangar Bar is right across the street and they do happy hour from 12-3 weekdays, so I can go there for a glass of wine while waiting. My original plan for dinner at the Flower & Garden booths may need to be changed depending on the weather – if it’s truly going to be raining all afternoon & evening I might as well each lunch at Disney Springs somewhere and not worry about dinner.

Saturday the others are planning to arrive at Beach Club (via Uber most likely) by 7:30 so we can walk into Epcot together by 8. Our accounts are linked so Renay can do the Genie+ stuff. Assuming they’re on time we should be able to knock out Soarin’ & the rest of the Land pavilion with no wait. Surprisingly they’re not interested in Remy. If that’s free now I’ll suggest they reconsider. If it’s a separate charge then I won’t bother (update – it’s not free until next month). A couple of them want to do Test Track, but not all of them. Some want Mission Space, but not others. I think they’re planning on Harmonious – not sure if I’ll go out for that. At some point they’ll need to get settled into their room, so we’ll see how it goes.

Sunday morning I’ll head home – need to unpack and repack for the next trip just 3 days away <g>.

The plans so far are:
Friday 5/20: Drive to BWV, Disney Springs, Epcot
Saturday 5/21: Epcot
Sunday 5/22: Drive to Gainesville

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