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Re: Another SS couple accused of RAPING AND PIMPING their adopted sons.

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Shit muh diapers Jill

Jan 21, 2023, 1:10:03 AM1/21/23
On 20 Jan 2023, HangTextDrivers <> posted
> No mystery to this. The priest scandal proved nearly all homos
are child molesters. It is pure evil to let these perverts have
kids but democrats love this. Pete Buttigieg and CO gov Jared
Polis also have adopted boys.
> jan 20 2023 A mysteriously wealthy gay couple from Atlanta who
have been charged with sodomizing their adopted sons also pimped
them out to other local men, disturbing new documents reveal.
> Zachary Zulock and his husband William Dale Zulock Jr. were once
the darlings of the LGBTQ scene in Georgia.
> Zachary worked for a local bank branch while William worked for a
local government customer service center, but somehow the couple
were raking in $7,500-a-week.
> They also built their dream home in an area where similar
properties sell for $900,000. Friends and relatives are at a loss
over how they made so much money.
> In August, the pair admitted a range of heinous sexual crimes,
including rape and forcing their young sons to perform oral sex on
them, after a midnight raid on their home during which one of the
adults was hauled naked from the house.
> Now, thanks to an investigation by Townhall, it has emerged that
not only did the sick pair abuse the boys - they also stand accused
of offering them up to other local men.


They'll get new assholes in prison.
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