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Debbie Pickett

Jul 11, 1999, 3:00:00 AM7/11/99

[Note - these posting guidelines are still being modified to more
closely reflect the opinion of rec.arts.disney.*'s readers. If you have
any suggestions please send them to the author.]

rec.arts.disney.misc is one of five newsgroups in the
rec.arts.disney.* hierarchy. Its purpose is to discuss general topics
about the Walt Disney company when they are not relevant to the other
newsgroups in the hierarchy. See the samples below for examples of
relevant posts.

This is rec.arts.disney.misc's charter (description of topics
to be discussed in the newsgroup):
rec.arts.disney.misc (unmoderated)
For general Disney discussion and topics that don't fall into any of
the other categories. This newsgroup would replace the existing
rec.arts.disney newsgroup.

The following subjects are typical of articles suitable for
rec.arts.disney.misc (with suggested groups to crosspost to):
Disney buys CBS
Disney Channel to broadcast in UK
Is there an FDC walkaround Captain Hook?
BatB stage musical to open in Melbourne
[rec.arts.disney.announce, rec.arts.disney.misc, rec.arts.theatre]
Disney buys Canadian Mountie trademark
How do I get a job working for Disney?

The following subjects are not covered under the charter and should be
posted elsewhere, as suggested in brackets.
For sale: Little Mermaid VHS auction [rec.arts.disney.merchandise]
WANTED: Burger King Tale Spin figures [rec.arts.disney.merchandise]
GIF: Bambi meets Faline (LARGE!) [alt.binaries.pictures.cartoons]
Test! Please Ignore! [misc.test]

Other groups in the rec.arts.disney.* hierarchy are:
rec.arts.disney.parks Parks, resorts, dining, attractions, vacations.
rec.arts.disney.merchandise Toys, videos, music, books, art, collectibles.
rec.arts.disney.animation Animated features, cartoons, short subjects.
rec.arts.disney.announce FAQs, lists, info, announcements (Moderated).

This article and the posting guidelines for the other four groups are
posted to rec.arts.disney.announce.

If you are new to Usenet, you should definitely be reading the
newsgroup news.announce.newusers. In it are some very helpful articles
on how the Usenet community works. It is strongly suggested that you
read these articles before posting to any newsgroups:
A Primer on How to Work With the Usenet Community
Answers to Frequently Asked Questions
Emily Postnews Answers Your Questions on Netiquette
Hints on writing style for Usenet
Rules for posting to Usenet
What is Usenet?

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