"USA Today" article of 9/16/97 on Olympic Dancesport.

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Bonnie Austin

Sep 19, 1997, 3:00:00 AM9/19/97

Please note the article printed on 9/16/97 on page 14 of the "USA
Today" sports section. It is a commentary written by Mike Lopresti (does
anyone know what his qualifications are?) The title of the article is "If
ballroom dancing joins Olympics, USA should be able to waltz to medals."
Some quotes from the article:

"I imagine the ballroom crowd tires of the plentiful sneers that come its
way when the matter of Olympic recognition comes up.
The PR battle is not easy to fight. The preferred name is dance sport, by
the way. Perhaps it sounds more compatible with Greco-Roman wrestling and
But if it waltzes like a duck and foxtrots like a duck...."

"I do not doubt the work or ability it takes to be good, remembering back
to several disastrous cotillion days in sixth grade.
Do they serve punch in dance sport?
But the Olympics are not necessarily the right place for every human
activity that happens to have a point total. And it is not clear if they
are the right place for ostrich feathers."

"A sport should have to prove some mass appeal as a true sport, on several
Alas, that would for the moment leave out ballroom dancing."

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There are so many good people trying so hard. I get tired of this.
Imagine what might have happened to the USA DreamTeam if Mr. Lopresti had
judged it's athletic potential on a pick-up game of basketball he played in
his backyard when he was eleven years old?
Bonnie K. Austin


Sep 20, 1997, 3:00:00 AM9/20/97

>"A sport should have to prove some mass appeal as a true sport, on several

This is a mystifying line, considering the number of sports in the
Olympics that are arcane and never get any press except every four years
when the Olympics roll about.

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