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Herb Morreale

Apr 13, 1992, 8:44:28 PM4/13/92
About six months ago I was sitting around thinking about all the neat
things the net had to offer. You know, the usual stuff about "where is
this whole things was going to be in 20 years?", and "I wonder if we
will ever be able to shop on-line and transfer money directly", and
"maybe we will be voting for the president on-line soon." While
considering these types of things, I usually end up thinking about
having the morning paper pop up in a window for me every day when I sit
down with my cup of coffee. Clarinet is now offering the UPI wire in
USENET format, so some of the "morning paper" is already available
(though at a price). So what's missing? Not just Dear Abby, but the

"What a great idea!", I thought. "My friends and I will draw a comic
strip and make it available to everyone on the net". Wrong. Coming up
with funny ideas, not to mention just drawing the darn thing is prett
tough. So there is lay, an interesting idea with no one able to make
it happen. A sad, sad sight.

Then it hit me. Find some one else who already knows how to draw and
might even have a clue as how to be funny. You know, pass the buck.
So after a while, I happened to run into Hans Bjordahl in front of
"Falafal Man" in the food court at the local mall (I was ordering a
Gyros and a side of Falafal Balls). Hans is the brains behind "Where
the Buffalo Roam", one of the most popular strips in the University of
Colorado's daily paper (and now syndicated to Stanford, and some of the
Florida Universities). I told him all about the net, and he said

Starting Wednesday, April 15 (something good had to happen on that
day), XOR Network Engineering will start bringing you "Where the
Buffalo Roam" on a daily basis. XOR Network Engineering is based in
Boulder Colorado and interested in seeing the net used in "visionary"
ways. If this proves to be a popular idea, XOR will try to get more
strips available as soon as possible (within a week).

Starting Wednesday, "Where the Buffalo Roam" will be distributed in
alt.comics.buffalo-roam in gif and postscript. All feedback is
welcome, but I hope the group does not get swamped in flames and
noise. If it does, it is likely that this idea will be lost among all
the garbage. Once the strips begin to get posted, you can send
comments to directly to the the creater himself (ha...@xor.com).

So there is the answer to the perennial first question, "What is this
group?" All of us at XOR including Hans are really excited about this
idea. The fun begins Wednesday!

Herb M. Morreale
XOR Network Engingeering
Boulder, CO.

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