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Gotham City/Metropolis/etc.

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Kenton Campbell

Mar 13, 1990, 11:41:11 PM3/13/90

The problem with this whole discussion about the locations of the
fictional DC cities is that there is rarely one right answer.
"Metropolis is NYC by day, Gotham City is NYC by night" is a good
description of the two, but there are more than enough references
to place them just about anywhere along the northern half of the
east coast, if not somewhere inland. From as far back as I can
remember, my impression was that Metropolis and Gotham were across
a bay from each other, but (since Crisis especially) this no longer
seems to be the case, most of the time. Byrne did seem to place
Metropolis in the midwest, but other writers have had other ideas.
It would be nice if DC actually came out with a definitive map of
the DC universe and would then stick to it. Is there such a map as
part of the DC role playing game?

Does anybody know where the twin cities of Keystone and Central are
supposed to be located, and for that matter, are the still twin
cities, as shown in CRISIS #11?

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