2001 SQUIDDIES: Winners List--Short Form and Press Release

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Carl Henderson

Apr 19, 2002, 2:15:25 AM4/19/02

Marvel's critically acclaimed BLACK PANTHER--and its creators--dominated a
diverse group of winners in 2001's rec.arts.comics Squiddy Awards. BLACK
PANTHER won the "Best Ongoing Series" award, while PANTHER creators
Christopher Priest, Sal Velluto, and Bob Almond were picked as "Best
Creative Team." PANTHER writer Christopher Priest and PANTHER Inker Bob
Almond were also honored as "Best Writer" and "Best Inker" respectively.
Squiddy voters also selected Tom Brevoort (PANTHER editor for much of 2001)
as "Best Editor" and T'Challa himself as "Best Comics Character."

CrossGen made its first appearance on the Squiddy winners list this year
with RUSE #1, which tied EIGHTBALL #22 (Fantagraphics) and NEW X-MEN ANNUAL
2001 (Marvel) for the "Best Comics Novella" award. CrossGen's RUSE also
tied DC's GREEN ARROW for "Best New Series" and CrossGen colorist Laura
Depuy again won "Best Colorist" honors.

James Sturm's THE GOLEM'S MIGHTY SWING (Drawn and Quarterly) was honored
with the "Best Comics Graphic Novel" award. The "Best Comic Reprint
Collection" race ended in a three-way tie between Alex Robinson's BOX
OFFICE POISON (Top Shelf), Kazuo Koike & Goseki Kojima's LONE WOLF AND CUB,
vol. 10 (Dark Horse), and Joe Sacco's PALESTINE (Fantagraphics). Brian
Michael Bendis and Mike Avon Oeming's POWERS arc, "Role Play" won the "Best
Multi-Part Story" prize, while Paul Jenkins and Mark Buckingham's "Heroes
Don't Cry" in PETER PARKER: SPIDER-MAN #35 claimed the Squiddy for "Best
Short Story."

Brian Bolland won the "Best Cover Artist" race, while WONDER WOMAN artist,
Phil Jimenez was named "Best Penciller." Rounding out the creator
categories, perennial Squiddies favorite Alex Ross was selected "Best
Painter" for the eighth year running, while Dave Sim was picked as "Best
Comics Letterer" for his expressive lettering work on CEREBUS.

DC Comics was chosen "Best Company or Imprint" for the second straight
year. DC also pulled in the "Best Anthology" award for indy comics-inspired
BIZZARO COMICS hardcover. DC/Wildstorm/ABC's TOP 10 was picked as "Best
Limited Series," and DC/Vertigo's LITTLE ENDLESS STORYBOOK won for "Best
Comics-Related Story--Print." DC Direct's Krypto Soft Toy scored the "Best
Comics-Related Merchandise" prize, and DC's JSA was picked as "Best Comic
Character Team."

In the online world, Squiddy voters chose Comicon.com's Newsarama
(www.comicon.com/newsarama) as "Best General Comics Web Site" and the
Warren Ellis Forum (at delphiforums.com) as "Best Focused Comics Web Site."
Rich Johnston repeated his 2000 Squiddy victory as "Best Comics Journalist"
for his ALL THE RAGE column at silverbulletcomicbooks.com. Finally, the
popular web-toon Sluggy Freelance (www.sluggy.com), won the "Best Web
Comic" prize.

A complete list of the 2001 Squiddy winners appears below. Detailed results
are available on Usenet in all the rec.arts.comics.* newsgroups and on the
web at www.squiddies.org

Best Comics Short Story: Peter Parker: Spider-Man #35 "Heroes Don't Cry"
Best Comics Novella: [tie] Eightball #22 "Ice Haven"
New X-Men 2001 Annual "The Man From Room X"
Ruse #1
Best Comics Graphic Novel: The Golem's Mighty Swing
Best Multi-Part Story: Powers #8-11 "Role Play"
Best Comic Ongoing Series: Black Panther
Best New Comic Series: [tie] Green Arrow
Best Limited Comic Series: Top 10
Best Comic Reprint Collection: [tie] Box Office Poison
Lone Wolf and Cub, vol. 10
Best Anthology: Bizarro Comics Hardcover
Best Comic Strip: Get Fuzzy
Best Web Comic: Sluggy Freelance (www.sluggy.com)

Best Comics Writer: Christopher Priest
Best Comics Penciller: Phil Jimenez
Best Comics Inker: Bob Almond
Best Comics Painter: Alex Ross
Best Comics Letterer: Dave Sim
Best Comics Colorist: Laura DePuy
Best Comics Creative Team: Priest/Velluto/Almond
Best Comics Cover Artist: Brian Bolland
Best Comics Editor: Tom Brevoort
Best Political Cartoonist: Garry Trudeau

Best Comic Company or Imprint: DC Comics
Best Comic Character: Black Panther
Best Comic Character Team: JSA--Justice Society of America
Best Comics-Related Story--TV/Film/Performance: Smallville
Best Comics-Related Story--Print: Little Endless Storybook
Best Comics-Related Merchandise: Krypto Soft Toy
Best Comics Publication: Comics Buyer's Guide
Best Focused Comics Web Site: Warren Ellis Forum (at delphiforums.com)
Best General Comics Web Site: Newsarama (www.comicon.com/newsarama)
Best Comics Journalist: Rich Johnston

The rec.arts.comics Awards ("the Squiddies") are the annual comics industry
awards given out by Usenet's rec.arts.comics community. As always, voting
was open to all readers of the various rec.arts.comics newsgroups.

Except for the Comic Buyers' Guide awards, no still-existing industry award
is older. Known originally as"the Great Usenet Comics Poll", the Squiddies
have been awarded every year since 1984. The Squiddies were named after
Suicide Squid rec.arts.comics mascot--a mythical comic book character
accidentally created in April 1991 when Mitsuhiro Sakai wanted to ask about
developments in the series SUICIDE SQUAD, but typed "i" instead of "a".

The 2001 Squiddies were administered by Carl Henderson and Johanna Draper
Carlson. Squiddies.org is maintained by Todd VerBeek.

"Squiddy Awards" and "Squiddy Award Winner" art is available for use with
news stories or promotions. Color or B&W logo art can be downloaded from
www.squiddies.org/logos.html in EPS, PDF, and GIF formats. For hard copy,
camera-ready art, email Carl Henderson at the contact address below.

CONTACT: Carl Henderson (ques...@squiddies.org or


Note: There seems to have been a problem with the automatic update of
www.squiddies.org. Until that gets fixed, copies of the official "2001
Squiddy Award Winner" and "2001 Squiddy Awards" graphics will be available


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