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Bob Weber, Jr. and Sr.

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Aug 11, 2014, 8:38:45 PM8/11/14
Bob Weber (the Elder), creator/cartoonist of
the Moose and Molly comic strip,
celebrated his 80th birthday a couple months ago.

I was kinda expecting the strip to become a
legacy strip with his son Bob Weber, Jr. to
start co-signing the strip - a la Greg and
Mort Walker (Beetle Bailey) and Phil and
Brad Anderson (Marmaduke).
Or maybe as the Wilsons used to sign Ziggy:
Tom and Tom II.

Instead what we get is some sort of reverse legacy strip
with Senior's signature now appearing on Junior's feature.

"Slylock Fox and Comics for Kids" has been
signed "Weber" since the 1987 beginning?

But beginning this year the signature
has changed to "Bob Weber Jr. & Sr."
First on the daily of March 24, 2014
and then on Sunday starting April 6, 2014

Notice the Sunday title panel (linked above) reads
"Bob Weber Jr.'s Slylock Fox and Comics for Kids".
That changes, on May 4, 2014, to
Bob Weber Jr.'s and Sr.'s Slylock Fox and Comics for Kids".

Senior has been helping Junior on the feature
for quite awhile, if not from the beginning.
From 2007 is this note from cartoonist Roy Delgado:
"Bob Weber Sr. ( from Westport CT )is travelling to Tucson AZ for 6 weeks to work alongside his son, Bob Weber Jr. . . They both work on 'Slylock Fox & Comics for Kids' together . . Bob Sr. shuttles to Tucson several times a year but lives in Westport, CT."

So what do we call this aberration on the normal
legacy strip practice of son following father?

As for the why of it...
maybe Bob Sr. is taking on more chores on the feature.
Bob Jr.'s "Oh, Brother" began rerunning on Gocomics
back in March, and I'm sure Bob the Younger has some
work involved with that.
Also it seems that he has a new regular gig
ghostwriting gags for Hagar the Horrible.
From the Slylock facebook page dated May 30, 2014:
"Here's one of my recent Hagar the Horrible gags. I started writing the strip a couple months ago, and they are now starting to appear in newspapers."

The gag (and layout) appeared in the Hagar strip on July 6:

So it seems both Senior and Junior are busy.


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