2001 SQUIDDIES: Winners List--Long Form

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Carl Henderson

Apr 19, 2002, 2:17:58 AM4/19/02
And for the detail-oriented, here is the long form of the 2001 Squiddy

Best Comics Short Story
7: Peter Parker: Spider-Man #35 ("Heroes Don't Cry")
6: Ultimate Spider-Man #13 ("Confessions")
4: Love and Rockets #2 ("Julio's Day"), Wonder Woman #170 ("A Day in the
3: Amelia Rules! #4 (no title), Spider-Man's Tangled Web #4 ("Severance
2: Amazing Spider-man #36 (untitled 9/11 story), JSA #30 ("Fair Play")
1: 100 Bullets #27 ("Idol Chatter"), Cerebus #266 ("This Aardvark, This
Shepherd"), Defenders #2, Detective Comics #762 ("Passings"), Femforce #113
("Debt of Gratitude"), Finder #22 ("Fight Sequence"), Frank #4 ("Frank's
High Horse"), Generations II ("1964: Children's Hour"), Incredible Hulk #33
("Something Borrowed, Something Green"), JSA Secret Files #2 ("Breaking
Storms"), Lucifer #20 ("The Thunder Sermon"), Nodwick #7 ("The Wind in the
Pillows"), Peanut Butter & Jeremy #2 ("The Flibbledibble File"), PvP #2
("When Titans Clash"), X-Force #116 ("Exit Wounds")

Ineligible: War Story #1 (Too long for Short Story category)

Best Comics Novella
5: Eightball #22 ("Ice Haven"), New X-Men 2001 Annual ("The Man From Room
X"), Ruse #1
4: War Story: Johann's Tiger
2: Wonder Woman: Spirit of Truth, Vox #4, Starman #80 ("Arrivederci, Bon
Voyage, Goodbye"), Headaches (Desert Peach 30), Action #775 ("What's So
Funny About Truth Justice and the American Way"), No Award
1: True Swamp: Stoneground & Hillbound, Thunderbolts: Life Sentences,
Incredible Hulk #25, Generations II ("2019: Father to the Man"), Flash:
Iron Heights, Amelia Rules #4

Ineligible: "Krypto is a good/bad dog story from one of the Superman books"
(Administrators could not locate story for eligibility checking)
Ineligible: Couscous Express (72+ pages; too long for "Comics Novella"
Ineligible: Sillycon City (Web comic; not a printed comics novella)
Ineligible: Uncanny X-Men 2001 Annual (Released in 2002)
Ineligible: Uncanny X-Men Annual 2000 (Released in 2000)
Ineligible: Simpsons Comics Extravaganza (Released in 1994)

Best Comics Graphic Novel
5: The Golem's Mighty Swing
4: Dark Knight Strikes Again (Book 1)
3: Couscous Express, JLA: Riddle of The Beast
2: No Award
1: A Day in the Life, Atlas #1, Bizarro Comics, Expo 2001, I Paparazzi,
JLA: Heaven's Reach, Name of the Game, Odds Off (Matt Madden), Pistolwhip

Ineligible: Wonder Woman: Spirit of Truth (64 pages; too short for Graphic
Novel category)
Ineligible: Far West (Originally published as a mini-series; not an OGN)
Ineligible: The Birthday Riots (64 pages; too short for Graphic Novel

Best Multi-Part Story
5: Powers #8-11 ("Role Play")
4: Finder #19-21 ("Talisman"), Lucifer #17-19 ("Dalliance with the Damned")
3: Black Panther #26-29 ("Sturm und Drang"), Cerebus #266+ ("Latter Days"),
Green Arrow #1-10 ("Quiver"), Orion #1-25 ("Red Orion Saga"), Spider-Man
Tangled Web #7-9 ("Gentleman's Agreement")
2: Catwoman #1-4 ("Anodyne"), Daredevil #16-19 ("Wake Up"), Wonder Woman
#174-176 ("The Witch and the Warrior"), X-Force #116-120 ("New
Beginnings"), No Award
1: 100 Bullets #28-30 ("Contrabandolero"), Age of Bronze 10+
("Sacrifices"), Avengers #41+ ("Kang Dynasty), Deadman: Dead Again,
Eightball #22 ("Ice Haven"), Hellboy: Conquerer Worm, JSA #23-25 ("Return
of Hawkman"), Nodwick #9-10 ("A World Without Piffany"), Orion #11-17
("Orion Rules!"), Top 10 #1-12 , Transmetropolitan #43-45 ("Dirge"), X-
Force #121-122 ("Lacuna")

Ineligible: Lucifer "House of Windowless Rooms" (Published entirely in
Ineligible: Tangled Web (Multiple multi-part stories published in 2001)

Best Comic Series
7: Black Panther
5: JSA
4: Age of Bronze, Finder, New X-Men
3: Lucifer
2: Amazing Spider-man, Detective Comics, Flash, Hellboy, The Red Star,
Transmetropolitan, X-Force
1: 100 Bullets, Amelia Rules!, Batgirl, Blade of the Immortal, Boneyard,
Captain Marvel, Cerebus, Defenders, Electric Girl, Elf Life, Exiles,
Femforce , For Better or For Worse, Girl Genius, Green Arrow, Gremlin
Trouble, Hellblazer, Herobear and the Kid, Jack Staff, Legion, Lone Wolf
and Cub, Orion , Promethea, Ruse, Supergirl, Superman Adventures,
Thunderbolts, Ultimate Spider-Man, Usagi Yojimbo, X-Men: The Hidden Years

Best New Comic Series
9: Green Arrow, Ruse
4: Alias, Exiles, Girl Genius
2: Defenders (vol. 2), Establishment, Fred the Clown, Private Beach, Queen
and Country, Suicide Squad
1: Amelia Rules, Atlas, Catwoman (vol. 2), Deadman, Doom Patrol, Edge City,
Fighting Yank, Fray, PvP, Sand Walk Adventures, Tom Strong's Terrific
Tales, No Award

Ineligible: Fury (Must be a new ongoing series)
Ineligible: Slow News Day (Must be a new ongoing series)
Ineligible: Ultimates (First issue released in January 2002)
Ineligible: X-Force (Not technically a new series)

Best Limited Comic Series
10: Top 10
8: Barry Ween III "Monkey Tales"
4: Hopeless Savages, Star Wars: Tag and Bink are Dead
3: Enemy Ace: War in Heaven, Rose
2: Breakfast After Noon, Greyshirt: Indigo Sunset, JLA Incarnations,
Midnight Nation, Origin
1: Doom: The Emperor Returns, Fray, Generations II, Josie Mac, "Lost
Voices", Just Imagine: Stan Lee Creates..., Legion Lost, Louis Riel,
Ministry of Space, Nightside, Orion, Pantheon, Saurians: Unnatural
Selection, Static Shock, Superman & Batman: Generations II, War Stories, No

Ineligible: GI Joe (Announced as an ongoing series)
Ineligible: Universe (Announced as an ongoing series)
Ineligible: Uzumaki (Appeared in more than 12 comics; ongoing by category
Ineligible: Vogelein (First issue general release in 2002)

Best Comic Reprint Collection
4: Box Office Poison, Lone Wolf and Cub (vol. 10), Palestine
3: Batman: Evolution, Black Panther: The Client, The Red Star: Battle of
Kar Dathra's Gate
2: Blade of the Immortal: Heart of Darkness, Essential Fantastic Four (vol.
3), Finder: King of Cats, Legion Archives (vol. 11), Planetary: The Fourth
Man, Skyape, Supergirl Archives (vol. 1)
1: Abe: Wrong For All The Right Reasons, Doonesbury: The Revolt of the
English Majors, Essential Thor #1, Fantastic Four Visionaries: John Byrne,
Giant Size Mini Marvels #1, Leviathan, Men of Mystery #33 (AC Comics),
Plastic Man Archives (vol. 3), Space Beaver (vol. 2), Spy vs. Spy: The
Complete Casebook, Stormwatch: Final Orbits, Super Manga Blast!, The First
(vol. 1), The Sketchbook Diaries of James Kochalka, Usagi Yojimbo Demon
Mask, Visionaries: Frank Miller Daredevil (vol. 2)

Ineligible: Tales of the Bizarro World TPB (2000 release; not on NCRL for
Ineligible: Complete Ballad of Halo Jones (2000 release; not on NCRL for
Ineligible: Crisis on Infinite Earth TPB (2000 release; not on NCRL for
Ineligible: Tom Strong Book 1 (2000 release; not on NCRL for 2001)

Best Anthology
6: Bizarro Comics (DC)
5: 100 Greatest Marvels, Detective Comics
4: Heroes (Marvel 9/11 pin-up benefit book), Oni Color Special
3: 2000 AD, Pulp
2: Drawn & Quarterly Vol. 4, EXPO 2001, The Forbidden Book
1: Dee Vee 2001, Deep Fried, Femforce Special Number 2 (AC Comics),
Furrlough, Giant Size Mini Marvels #1, Hate Annual #2, Super Manga Blast!,
Superman & Batman: Generations II, Tomorrow Stories, Viva La Monkeysuit!,
X-Men Unlimited (Marvel), No Award

Ineligible: A Moment of Silence [Marvel 9-11 Anthology] (Released in 2002)

Best Comic Strip
7: Get Fuzzy (Darby Conley)
6: Boondocks (Aaron McGruder), For Better or For Worse (Lynn Johnston)
5: Dilbert (Scott Adams), Foxtrot (Bill Amend), Mutts (Pat McDonnell)
4: Zits (Jerry Scott & Jim Borgman)
3: Doonesbury (Garry Trudeau), Liberty Meadows (Frank Cho)
2: 9 Chickweed Lane (Brooke McEldowney), Dork Tower (John Kovalic), Story
Minute (Carol Lay)
1: Bullpen Bits (Chris Giarusso), Drabble (Kevin Fagan), Dykes to Watch Out
For (Alison Bechdel), Frazz (Jef Mallett), If (Steve Bell), Magic Boy
(James Kochalka), Non-Sequitur (Wiley Miller aka "Wiley"), Rose Is Rose
(Pat Brady), The Norm (Michale Jantze), This Modern World (Dan Perkins aka
"Tom Tomorrow"), Tom the Dancing Bug (Ruben Bolling)

Ineligible: DC/Vertigo (Vote must be for a comic strip; not a publisher)

Best Web Comic
5: Sluggy Freelance (www.sluggy.com)
2: Alice! (www.alicecomics.com)
2: College Roomies From Hell (www.crfh.net)
2: Elf Life (www.elflife.com)
2: Kevin and Kell (www.herdthinners.com)
2: Liberty the American Girl (powerheroes.com)
2: PvP (www.pvponline.com)
2: Dork Tower (www.gamespy.com/comics/dorktower)
2: User Friendly (www.userfriendly.org)
2: When I Am King (www.demian5.com)
1: 1/0 (oneoverzero.keenspace.com)
1: Angst Technology (www.inktank.com/AT/index.cfm)
1: Astounding Space Thrills (www.astoundingspacethrills.com)
1: Bruno Baldwin (www.brunostrip.com/bruno.html)
1: Eagle DNA (eagledna.keenspace.com)
1: Marvel DotComics (dotcomics.marvel.com)
1: Narbonic (www.narbonic.com)
1: Nowhere Girl www.nowheregirl.com
1: Penny Arcade (www.pennyarcade.com)
1: Piled Higher and Deeper (phd.stanford.edu)
1: Pokey The Penguin (www.yellow5.com/pokey)
1: Real Life (www.reallifecomics.com)
1: Sabrina Online (www.sabrina-online.com)
1: Schlock Mercenary (www.schlockmercenary.com)
1: Shadowfall (www.kyokipress.com/shadowfall)
1: Sinfest (www.sinfest.net)
1: Slices by Andrew Dabb

Ineligible: Zot! CBR Web Comic (First appeared in 2000.)

Best Comics Writer
11: Christopher Priest
7: Brian Michael Bendis
4: Alan Moore, Geoff Johns, Greg Rucka
3: J. Michael Straczynski, Judd Winick, Lynn Johnston, Mike Carey
2: Alex Robinson, Andi Watson, Brian Azzarello, Carla Speed McNeil, Grant
Morrison, Peter Milligan
1: Barbara Kesel, Carson Fire, Chester Brown, Dave McKean, Dave Sim, Devin
Grayson, Eddie Campbell, J.M. DeMatteis, John Byrne, Kaichi Satake, Kurt
Busiek, Paul Jenkins, Paul Mellette, Peter David, Phil Jiminez, Stan Sakai,
Trina Robbins, Warren Ellis

Best Comics Penciller
5: Phil Jimenez
4: Alan Davis, Eric Shanower, George Perez
3: Bryan Hitch, Darick Robertson, Frank Quitely, Jackson Guice
2: Carla Speed McNeil, Dave Sim, Gary Frank, Mike Allred, Mike Kunkle, Phil
Winslade, Ryan Sook, Tan Eng Huat
1: Andi Watson, Carson Fire, Christian Gossett, Dale Eaglesham, Darby
Conley, Duncan Fegredo, Eduardo Risso, Greg Land, Hiroaki Samura, J. H.
Williams III, Jeff Moy, Jim Cheung, John Byrne, John Cassiday , John Romita
Jr., Linda Medley, Mark Bagley, Michael Avon Oeming, Mike Mignola, Peter
Gross, Phil Foglio, Sean Chen, Stephen Sadowski, Tatsuya Ishida

Best Comics Inker
4: Bob Almond
3: Art Thibert, Carson Fire, Gerhard, Mark Farmer, Mark Smylie, Paul Grist,
Tom Palmer
2: Carla Speed McNeil, Charles Adlard, Chynna Clugston-Major, Dave Cooper,
Doug Hazlewood, Paul Neary, Rachel Dodson
1: Andy Owens, Andy Smith, Cory Carani, Donna Barr, Eric Shanower, Howard
Shum, Jaime Hernandez, John Byrne, John Floyd, Jose Marzan, Jr., Mark
Heike, Michael Bair, Mick Gray, Norm Rapmund, Robin Riggs

Best Comics Painter
15: Alex Ross
7: David Mack
4: Jill Thompson
3: Bill Sienkewicz, Charles Vess, Glenn Fabry
2: Dave Johnson, John Bolton, Mark Smylie, Scott Hampton, No Award
1: Alex Maleev, Aman Chaudhaury, Dave McKean, Glen Dakin, Jane Irwin, Joe
Jusko, John Byrne, John Moberly, Jon Foster, Tom Derenick

Best Comics Letterer
15: Dave Sim
8: Todd Klein
6: Chris Eliopoulos
3: John Workman, Mark Crilley
2: Comicraft (studio), Donna Barr
1: Bob Lappin, Dave Lanphear, Gaspar Saladino, John Costanza, Stan Sakai,
Tom Orzechowski, Wes Abbott

Best Comics Colorist
21: Laura DePuy
7: Laura Allred
3: Matt Hollingworth, Tom McCraw
2: James Sinclair, Trish Mulvihill
1: Daniel Clowes, Dave Stewart, Greg Hyland, Jennifer Schellinger, Jeromy
Cox, John Kalisz, Lee Loughridge, Lynn Varley, Peter Fantazis, Sarah
Huntrods, Tatjana Wood, Tom Luth

Best Comics Creative Team
7: Priest/Velluto/Almond (Black Panther)
5: Foglio/Foglio/Snoddy (Girl Genius), Moore/Ha/Cannon (Top 10)
4: Ellis/Robertson/Ramos (Transmetropolitan), Milligan/Allred/Allred (X-
Force), Team Red Star: Gosset/Kayl/Snakebite/Moberly (The Red Star)
3: Azzarello/Risso (100 Bullets), Morrison/Quitely (New X-Men)
2: Bendis/Oeming (Powers), Johns/Kolins/Hazelwood/Sinclair (Flash),
Loeb/Sale (Daredevil: Yellow), Moore/Campbell (Snakes and Ladders)
1: Bendis/Mack (Daredevil), Busiek/Davis (Avengers), Byrne/Mulvihill
(Generations II), Casey/Phillips (Wildcats), Goyer/Johns/Snejberg (JSA),
Jimenez/Lanning/Mulvihill (Wonder Woman), LaBan/LaBan (Edge City),
Marz/Cheung/Hillsman/Ponsor (Scion), Meter/Clugston-Major/Norrie/Watson
(Hopeless Savages), Moore/Sprouse (Tom Strong), Rubio/Marangon/Shum/Madsen
(Tag and Bink Are Dead), Rucka/Martinbrough/Delperdang (Detective),
Sim/Gerhard (Cerebus), Staczynski/Frank/Sibal (Midnight Nation),
Whedon/Moline/Owens (Fray), Winick/McKone/McKenna/Tutrone/Transparency
Digital (Exiles)

Ineligible: Scion creative team (Need specific creators; multiple teams in
Ineligible: Wonder Woman creative team (Need specific creators; multiple
teams in 2001)
Ineligible: Busiek/Perez/Vey/Smith (No work by creative team in 2001)
Ineligible: Priest/Bright (No work by creative team in 2001)

Best Comics Cover Artist
13: Brian Bolland
5: Adam Hughes
4: Alex Ross, David Mack, Matt Wagner
3: Dave Johnson, George Perez, John Cassady
2: Andi Watson
1: Aaron Williams, Bart Sears, Brian Wood, Carla Speed McNeil, Charles
Vess, Chris Ware, Christopher Moeller, Frank Quitely, Hiroaki Samura, J. H.
Williams III, John Byrne, Kaare Andrews, Phil Foglio, Phil Moy, Phil Noto ,
Salvador Larroca, Sean Chen, Stan Sakai, Tony Harris

Ineligible: Carson Fire (Web comics only in 2001; no covers)

Best Comics Editor
17: Tom Brevoort
6: Joe Queseda
4: Stuart Moore
3: Jamie S. Rich
2: Axel Alonso, Bob Schreck, Dan Raspler, Mike Carlin, Mike Marts
1: Chip Kidd, Eddie Berganza, Eddie Campbell, Mark Evanier, Scott Allie,
Scott Dunbier, No Award

Best Political Cartoonist
12: Garry Trudeau ("Doonsbury")
7: Aaron McGruder ("Boondocks")
5: Tom Toles (Editorial Cartoonist for the "Buffalo News")
4: Tom Tomorrow aka Dan Perkins ("This Modern World")
3: Ruben Bolling ("Tom The Dancing Bug")
2: Jim Borgman (Editorial Cartoonist for the "Cincinnati Enquirer"))
1: David Rees ("Get Your War On"), Herbert Block (Editorial Cartoonist for
the "Washington Post"), Jeff Koterba ("Omaha World-Herald"), Jen Sorensen
("Slowpoke"), Joe Sharpnack (Editorial Cartoonist for the "Iowa City
Gazette"), Mark Giaimo (Editorial Cartoonist for the "Naples Daily News"),
Mike Peters (Editorial Cartoonist for the "Dayton Daily News"), Peter Kuper
("Topsy Turvy"), Steve Bell (Editorial Cartoonist for "The Guardian"),
Steve Benson (Editorial Cartoonist for the "Arizona Republic"), Ted Rall
(Universal Press Syndicate), Terho Ovaska, No Award

Best Comic Company or Imprint
16: DC Comics
12: Marvel Comics
7: Oni Press
6: DC/Vertigo
3: Fantagraphics
2: AiT/PlanetLar, Crossgen, DC/Wildstorm, Dork Storm, Drawn and Quarterly,
Joe's Comics/Top Cow, Radio Comix, No Award
1: AC Comics, America's Best Comics (DC/Wildstorm), Bongo Comics, Dark
Horse Comics, DC/Elseworlds, Eddie Campbell Comics, Milestone, Top Shelf

Best Comic Character
7: Black Panther
6: Ogami Itto (Lone Wolf and Cub)
5: Peter Parker/Spider-Man
3: Batman, Satchel (Get Fuzzy), Superman
2: Bleu Finnegan (Blue Monday), Cerebus, Hellboy, Joe Pi (Top 10), Juliette
Burber (9 Chickweed Lane), Krypto, Lucifer (Vertigo), Usagi Yojimbo, Wonder
1: Alan Scott (Sentinel/Green Lantern), Alfred Thaddeus Crane Pennyworth,
Barry Ween, Becky the Vampire Reporter (Jack Staff), Blue Beetle, Buzz
(Supergirl), Deena Pilgrim (Powers), Dust Puppy (User Friendly), Ed
Velazquez (Box Office Poison), Flash (Wally West), Fred The Clown, Gilly
the Perky Goth (Dork Tower), Jaeger (Finder), Jason Fox (FoxTrot), Jean
Grey (X-Men), Jessica Jones (Alias), Juggernaut (Marvel), K. Everett Ross
(Black Panther), Oracle, Peter Parker (Ultimate Spider-Man), Renge Yakuza
(Bakune Young), Simon Archard, Spider Jerusalem, Tick, U-Go-Girl, Weapon
Brown (from Deep Fried)

Best Comic Character Team
15: JSA (Justice Society of America)
7: Top 10 (cast of)
4: Avengers, X-Force
3: Amelia Rules! (cast of), Planetary
2: Authority, College Roomies From Hell (cast of), Heroes (from Static
1: Alec: How To Be An Artist (cast of), Batman Books (cast of), Black
Panther (cast of), Box Office Poison(cast of), Captain Marvel (cast of),
Castle Waiting (cast of), Crux (cast of), Dilbert (cast of), Exiles,
Femforce, Generations II (cast of), Girl Genius (cast of), Greek Army (Age
of Bronze), Knights of the Dinner Table, Monty (cast of), Oracle and
Batgirl, Peanuts (cast of), Pilgrim & Walker (Powers), Rising Stars (the
Specials), Shadowfall (cast of), Strangers in Paradise (cast of),
Thunderbolts, Titans, X-Men,

Best Comics-Related Story (TV/Film/Performance)
17: Smallville (Live Action TV Series, WB)
13: Ghost World (Live Action Motion Picture, MGM)
9: The Tick (Live Action TV Series, Fox)
7: Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Live Action TV Series, WB/UPN)
5: Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back (Live Action Motion Picture, View Askew)
2: No Award
1: Josie and the Pussycats (Live Action Motion Picture, MCA/Universal),
Mutant X (Live Action TV Series, Syndicated), Space Invader Zim (Animated
TV Series, Cartoon Network), Static Shock (Animated TV Series, Kids WB)

Ineligible: Authority (Not a comics-related dramatic presentation)
Ineligible: Dilbert (No first-run episodes aired in 2001)
Ineligible: X-Men Movie (First released in 2000)
Ineligible: Sex Lives of Superheroes (Play first performed in 1989)

Best Comics-Related Story (Print)
8: Little Endless Storybook
3: No Award
2: Elektra and Wolverine: The Redeemer, Powers Script Book
1: Powers Annual #1, X-Men: Doom

Ineligible: The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay (Originally
published in 2000)
Ineligible: X-Men: The Movie Adaptation (Originally published in 2000)
Ineligible: Authority (Not a text adaptation or comic-related story
Ineligible: DC Comics Guide To Writing Comics (Not text adaptation or
comic-related story)
Ineligible: Kimota! (Not text adaptation or comic-related story)
Ineligible: Jack Cole & Plastic Man (Not text adaptation or comic-related
Ineligible: Crossgen Illustrated (Not text adaptation or comic-related
Ineligible: Girl Genius Sketchbook (Not text adaptation or comic-related

Best Comics-Related Merchandise
6: Krypto Soft Toy (DC)
4: Herobear Beanbag Plush Toy, Little Enid Doll
3: Blammo Plush Doll (Mighty Gremlin)
2: JSA Bookends, No Award
1: Art Adams Marvel Heroes & Villains Litho, Astronauts in Trouble Space
Suit (AiT/Planet Lar), Batman: Vengeance Video Game, Batmite stuffed toy,
Bat-Signal Prop, Black Widow Statue, Bowen Designs Classic Iron Man, DC
Direct Figures, Deadpool Statuette, Dust Puppy Bean Bag Doll (User
Friendly), Juggernaut mini-bust (Bowen Designs), Legion of Super Heroes
Action Figures (DC Direct), Lightning Lad (DC Direct), Power Girl Action
Figure (DC Direct), Red Sonja sculpture (Hard Heroes), Spider-man 2: Enter
Electro (PlayStation), Spider-man Pez Dispenser (Pez), Spider-Man Statue
(Standing) (Bowen Designs), Superman/Lois Lane Silver Age Action Figure Set
(DC Direct)

Best Comics Publication
10: Comics Buyer's Guide
8: The Comics Journal
7: Kimota! The Miracleman Companion!
5: Alter Ego
3: Wizard
2: Comicology, Comic Shop News, Comic Book Artist
1: Come In Alone, DC Comics Guide to Writing Comics, Peanuts: The Art of
Charles M. Schulz

Best Focused Comics Web Site
10: Warren Ellis Forum (forums.delphiforums.com/ellis)
5: Digital Priest.com (www.digital-priest.com)
2: AndiWatson.com (www.andiwatson.com)
2: Astonish Comics (www.theastonishfactory.com)
2: Dark Horse Comics (www.darkhorse.com)
2: Dilbert.com (www.dilbert.com)
2: John Byrne Fan Site (www.acc.umu.se/~alpha/byrne)
2: ScottMcCloud.com (www.scottmccloud.com)
2: X-Fan (www.x-mencomics.com/xfan)
1: Avengers Assemble (www.avengersassemble.org)
1: Cerebus Fangirl Site (www.cerebusfangirl.com)
1: Collected Issues Of The Dark Knight (www.rasalghul.co.uk)
1: Comics and Cartoons of Roger Langridge (www.hotelfred.com/)
1: Crossgen Comics (www.crossgen.com)
1: DC Comics (www.dccomics.com)
1: DC's Cosmic Teams (www2.bitstream.net/~myke4/cosmic/index.html)
1: Eddie Campbell Comics (www.eddiecampbellcomics.com)
1: Femforce-Femfans (www.femforce-femfans.com)
1: Gone and Forgotten (www.ape-law.com/GAF/index.html)
1: Marvel Chronology Project (www.chronologyproject.com)
1: Marvel.com (www.marvel.com)
1: Mike's Amazing World of DC Comics (www.dcindexes.com)
1: Museum of Black Superheroes (www.blacksuperhero.com)
1: Oni Press (www.onipress.com)
1: Planetary (home.earthlink.net/~richardsonag/planetary.htm)
1: Superman Through the Ages (www.stta.nu/welcome.phtml)
1: Support Black Panther (www.cgriffen.com/blackpanther/support.html
1: Twisted Panties (cerebusfangirl.0catch.com)
1: Usagi Yojimbo Dojo (www.usagiyojimbo.com/uydojo.html)

Best General Comics Web Site
10: Newsarama (www.comicon.com/newsarama)
8: Comic Book Resources (www.cbr.cc / www.comicbookresources.com)
7: Comicon.com (www.comicon.com)
5: Silver Bullet Comics (www.silverbulletcomicbooks.com)
5: Comics Continuum (www.comicscontinuum.com)
4: Sequential Tart (www.sequentialtart.com)
4: Borderline (www.borderline.mediahall.co.uk)
3: Comics I Don't Understand (www.comicsidontunderstand.com)
2: Ninth Art (www.ninthart.com)
2: Comics Worth Reading (www.comicsworthreading.com)
2: Alvaro's ComicBoards (www.comicboards.com)
1: Spinner Rack (www.spinnerrack.com)
1: Slush Factory (www.slushfactory.com)
1: Savant (www.savantmag.com)
1: NCRL: New Comic Book Release List (www.comiclist.com)
1: eBay (www.ebay.com)
1: Comic Book Legal Defense Fund (www.cbldf.org)
1: Cartoonists Corner (www.howardcruse.com/howardsite/feature6/index.html)

Ineligible: X-Fan (Not a general comics-related website)

Best Comics Journalist
15: Rich Johnston
6: Paul O'Brien, Johanna Draper Carlson
3: Tony Isabella, Augie DeBlieck, Charles Brownstein,
2: Michael Doran
1: Eric J. Moreels, Katherine "Kady Mae" Keller, Larry Young, Matt Brady,
Mike Cotton, Phill Hall, Randy Lander, Rob Allstetter, Roy Thomas, Steven

Ineligible: Sequential Tart (A website; not a journalist)

Favorite RAC'er (Non-Creator)
21: Johanna Draper Carlson
15: Carl Henderson
14: Paul O'Brien
12: Tom Galloway (tyg)
7: Dave Van Domelan
6: Mike Chary
5: Elayne Riggs
4: Dave Doty, Kate Hahn (Kate The Short), Mike Peterson, Alan Travis, Bala
Menon, George Gratton, Hannibal Tabu (The Operative), Jerry Boyajian
(jayembee), No Award
3: Ronniecat, Sean Walsh
2: Sidne Gail Ward, Talon the Merciful
1: Ali T. Kokmen, Brian Jacks, Chris Small, Coondawg, Dale Hicks, David W.
Stepp, Doug Tonks, Grant Enfield, Joe Ankenbauer, Jym Dyer, Lexy Iturralde,
Mark Jackson, Pat O'Neill, Ralph Mathieu, Rich Morrissey, Sammy Gigantino,
Shawn Hill, Terence Chua

Favorite RAC'er (Creator)
34: Kurt Busiek
25: Christopher Priest
14: Mark Evanier
13: Peter David
8: Dwayne McDuffie, Fabian Nicieza, Tom Breevort
4: Brooke McEldowney, Greg Rucka, Heidi MacDonald
3: Tony Isabella, John Kovalic
2: Steve Leiber, No Award
1: Bob Almond, J. Michael Straczynski, Jeff Moy, Terry Beatty, Walter

High Concept Filter Chaff--From Andrew Wheeler & Alasdair Watson's "They
Fight Crime!" at www.rain-street.org/fightcrime.htm

He's a time-tossed arachnophobic filmmaker with nothing left to lose. She's
an artistic psychic former first lady with an evil twin sister. They fight


Carl Henderson carl.he...@airmail.net
RAC/RACM FAQ http://www.enteract.com/~katew/faqs/miscfaq.htm

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