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Chrysi Cat

Sep 1, 2021, 6:58:15 PMSep 1

I know she's claiming "busy", but I think this might be more of a case
of "occupational hazard when you draw from life AND your main character
is prone to severe depression".

Not sure if this will affect any actual physical newspapers; Olive did
get this syndicated, but I can't imagine any paper whose readership
wouldn't have had massive subscriber complaints over an openly-trans
woman drawing an openly-trans character "for muh kids to read". I mean,
I don't think that Phoebe and Her Unicorn would last another week if
Dana suddenly were to reveal that Phoebe's birth name had been Peter.

Also, how did *I* of all people not realise this strip existed until a
week before the production cut? I don't mean "didn't know it was
syndicated"; I somehow didn't know it had existed even in
pre-syndication form.

Chrysi Cat
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