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Grand Comics Database

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Mar 31, 1994, 6:55:15 PM3/31/94


With the emergence of a strong electronic comic book fandom,
the Bay Area Comicbook Klub and APA-Index have joined
forces to create the ultimate comic book database. It will
contain information on every comic book ever published. The
database includes fields for writer, artist, inker, letterer,
colorist, editor, cover artist and more! And best of all, we are
going to give it to comic book fandom. It will be available
online, on disk, and by ftp for just the cost of mailing or
access time.

Obviously this is a major project. So, WE NEED YOUR HELP.
Anyone who already has indexed books in electronic form,
weUd love to have your data. Everyone else, weUd like a little
of your time. Contact us and you can index any books that
arenUt already done.

For having just started this project in March, we are doing
well. With only 7 volunteers so far, we have over 100 titles
and 2,000 issues already indexed. But we have a long way to
go. We estimate that there are already over 100,000 different
comics to put into the database, with more being published
each week. So if you can give us some support, send me a SASE
or e-mail me at the following address for more details.

Come and join in the Grand Adventure!

The Grand Comics Database
Tim Stroup
130 Baroni Ave. #16
San Jose, CA 95136

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