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Tony Williams

Mar 29, 1998, 3:00:00 AM3/29/98


Note the following Late Comics Report is not compiled by the poster of
this article.
Andrew S. Troth has kindly consented to allow me to be repost the list
on from CompuServe.

Andrew puts a lot of work into this useful list and would welcome any
constructive criticism or corrections.

The preferred method of reply is direct e-mail to Andrew at his
address rather than follow-up replies to

Definitely do not e-mail the poster of this article - I'm just the
monkey, Andrew is the organ-grinder.


This is the Late Comics Report for the week of March 26, 1998.

If you would be interested in receiving this list by e-mail, please
send a message indicating such to

The three latest items on the list are enclosed in asterisks (*):
three for the latest, two for the runner-up, one for third place. Ties
apply the same rank to all tied items.

New additions to the list are enclosed in these: < >.

Many thanks to Big Brain Comics, 81 S. 10th St., Minneapolis, MN
55403, which provides invaluable information to the keeper of this
list and is simply one of the finest places in the country to buy
comics. Please stop by and say hi to Michael if you're in the
area--and tell him I sent you.

See below for items that have been removed since last week's list,
other cancellations, and the top three late publishers.

-=These comics are LATE:

Ed #4 (Jul 97)

-Aardwolf Publishing:
Conflicts of Disinterest (Feb)

Gyre #2 (Feb)

Double Impact: Assassins for Hire #2 (Feb)

-Abiss Komix:
Curse of the Minotaur #1 (Mar 97)

-Absolute Blue Graphics:
True XXX-Rated Blue #1 (Feb)

-Acclaim Comics:
Young Readers:
Disney's Action Club: "The Return of Sid" (Jan)
Disney's Enchanting Stories: "Place in the Sun" (Jan)
Saban Powerhouse: "Ranger Rock" (Jan)

-AC Comics:
All Hero Retro Comics Annual #1 (Feb)
Secret Files of the FemForce Deluxe Edition (Feb)

Adventures of Hercules #1 (Feb)
Barbarians #1 (Feb)
House of Yang #1 (Feb)
Propaganda Comics (Dec 97)
UFO #1 (Feb)

-Adhesive Comics:
Too Much Coffee Man #8 (Feb)

-Aeon Press:
Reporter (Dec 97)

-A List Comics:
Fiction House Comics Index (Feb)

-Alternate Concepts:
Legion of Stupid Knights Special #1 (Feb)

-Amazing Comics:
Nightblade #1 (Aug 97)

-A.M. Works:
Athena Vol. 2 TPB (Feb)
Pervert Club #12 (Feb)

-Angel Entertainment:
Angel Girl Heaven Sent #1 (Feb)
Vampire Girls Erotique #6 (Feb)
Vicious Valentines #1 (Feb)
Bloodhound Unbound #1 (Feb)
Forbidden Subjects: Young Women #1 (Feb)
Forbidden Vampire Tales #6 (Feb)
Girl on Girl:
Girl on Girl: Baby Sitters - Up All Night #1 (Feb)
Girl on Girl: College Kink - Valentine's Day #1 (Feb)>
Girl on Girl: First Times - Blushing Babes (Dec 97)
Girl on Girl: Pleasure Prints (Jul 97)
Young Girl on Girl: Cheerleaders #1 (Feb)
Naked City:
All Girls' School: On the Loose #1 (Feb)
Gangbang Girls: Go Hollywood #1 (Feb)

-Angus Publishing:
Mercedes Vol. 4 #4 (Feb)

-Antarctic Press:
Creature #2 (Dec 97)
**Ninja High School Vol. 11 TPB (Jan 97)**

-Ariel Press:
Gravestown #2 (Dec 97)
Sapphire #7 (Oct 97)
Sapphire #8 (Dec 97)

-Autocratik for the Masses:
Missing #4 (Feb)

-Avatar Press:
Donna Mia Infinity (Dec 97)
Mercy #0 (Feb)
Mercy #1 (Dec 97)
Mercy #2 (Jan)
Pandora: Pandemonium #3 (Jan)
Pandora/Razor: Devil Inside #1 (Jan)
Snowman: Dead and Dying #3 (Dec 97)
Snowman: Horror Show #1 (Feb)
Widow: The Origin #3 (Jan)

-Awesome Entertainment:
Coven #6 (Feb)
Fighting American: Rules of the Game #3 (Feb)
Judgment Day TPB (Jan)
Judgment Day: Aftermath (Jan)
Kaboom #4 (Feb)
Maximum Mutants TPB (Nov 97)
Spider-Man/Badrock TPB (Dec 97)
Supreme #57 (Feb)

-Bad Press:
Sh*t the Dog #4 (Jan)

-Basement Comics:
Cavewoman: Missing Link #3 (Feb)

-Beanworld Press:
Larry Marder's Beanworld Book 3 TPB (Oct 97)

-Belfax Studios:
Steviebear #9 (Feb)

-Best Destiny:
Eternal Romance #4 (Feb)

-Black Inc.! Comics:
Menthu #2 (Feb)

-Black Lace Studios:
The Girl Presents Body Heat Collection (Feb)

-Blackout Comics:
Hari Kari Manga: Sex, Thugs, & Rock 'n' Roll (Feb)

-Bongo Comics:
Roswell, Little Green Man #5 (Jan)

-Brainstorm Comics:
Alazar: Lord of the Thighs #1 (Feb)
Vamperotica #36 (Feb)
Vamperotica Bondage Special #1 (Feb)
The Vampire Zone #1 (Feb)

-Bryant Tillman:
Dean #3 (Aug 97)

The H-Files #2 (Dec 97)
Lurid Tales: The Gargoyles Awaken #1 (Feb)

-Caliber Press:
Brian Lumley's Necroscope #2 (Jan)
Caliber Hardcover Library Series: Bandy Man (Feb)
Kingdom of the Wicked HC GN (Feb)
Lifequest #2 (Feb)
Pakkins' Land: Quest for Kings #6 (Jan)
Saint Germaine #6 (Dec 97)
Saint Germaine #7 (Jan)
Saint Germaine #8 (Feb)
Technopolis #3 (Feb)
Whitley Strieber's Beyond Communion #3 (Jan)

-Candlelight Press:
Nightcrawlers #1 (May 97)
Nightcrawlers #2 (Jul 97)

-Catacomb Publications:
Scarlette: Crimson Knights #1 (Jun 97)

-Catfish Comics:
Sinnamon #1 Remastered (Jun 97)

-Chaos! Comics:
Breakthrough Entertainment:
The Lost #4 (Feb)

The Oblivion Collection TPB (Mar 97)
***Rebels of Avalon #1 (Oct 96)***

-Coppervale International:
Monographs #1 (Jan)
Monographs #2 (Feb)
Tales from the Twopenny Inn #1 (Dec 97)
Tales from the Twopenny Inn #2 (Feb)

-Creation Studios:
*Delusion #1 (Feb 97)*

-Crow Comics:
Meanwhile... #2 (Oct 97)

-Crusade Comics:
Shi: Heaven and Earth #4 (Jan)

Damage/Bloodshed: Promo Edition (Apr 97)

-Dancing Elephant Press:
Kane #20 (Feb)

-Dark Horse Comics:
<Blade of the Immortal: Cry of the Worm TPB (Mar 25)>
Red Rocket 7 #6 (Feb 18)
Red Rocket 7 #7 (Mar 18)
Unmasked: The Official John Bolton Magazine #3 (Mar 11)
Virus TPB 2nd Edition (Feb 4)

-David World Press:
*The Demolitionist #2 (Feb 97)*

-DBI Comics:
The Rabid Monkey #12 (Feb)

-DC Comics:
Cartoon Network Presents #10 (Mar 18; rescheduled for Apr 8)
The Man Called A·X #8 (Mar 4; rescheduled for Apr 1)
Pinky and the Brain #23 (Mar 4; rescheduled for Apr 1)
House of Secrets #19 (Mar 11; rescheduled for Apr 1)
<Invisibles Vol. 2 #15 (Mar 25; rescheduled for Apr 8)>
Sandman Mystery Theatre #62 (Mar 18; rescheduled for Apr 1)

-Deep Sea Comics:
Reid Fleming, World's Toughest Milkman #9 (Dec 97)

-Dimension 5:
Hybrid: Etherworlds #3 (Feb)

-DNA Swamp:
DNA Swamp #4 (Jan)

-Drawn & Quarterly:
Optic Nerve #5 (Feb)

-El Capitán:
Collected Stray Bullets Vol. 1 TPB (Jan)

-Emergency Stop Press:
Memory Man #6 (Mar 97)

-Entity Comics:
The Skunk Collection #2 (Feb 97)

-ESP Studios:
ESP Magazine #0: Earthshaker (Mar 97)

Attack of the Amazon Girls (May 97)

-Fantagraphics Books:
*Carol Tyler's Greatest Zits (Feb 97)*
The Collected Omaha Vol. 6 (Feb)
Comics Journal #202 (Jan)
Comics Journal #203 (Feb)
The Complete Sally Forth TPB (Jan)
Luba #1 (Feb)
Naughty Bits #25 (Feb)
Schizo #3 (Dec 97)
Your Flesh #38 (Jan)
Eros Comix:
Naughty "Knotty" Wood TPB (Feb)

-Fireman Press:
Scud: The Disposable Assassin #20 (Feb)

-Gay Comics:
Gay Comics #25 (Oct 97)

-Goblin Studios:
Peacekeeper Preview (Feb)

-Heretic Press:
*Six Degrees Vol. 2 #1 (Feb 97)*
Six Degrees Vol. 2 #2 (Apr 97)

-High Impact:
Double Impact: Suicide Run #1 (Jun 97)
Double Impact: Suicide Run #2 (Aug 97)

Deity #6 (Feb)

-Illiterature Press:
The Collected Chronic Apathy TPB (Dec 97)

-Image Comics:
Mage: The Hero Defined #7 (Jan)
Mage: The Hero Defined #8 (Feb)
Highbrow Entertainment:
A Distant Soil #24 (Feb)
Hellshock #4 (Apr 97)
Hellshock #5 (May 97)
Hellshock #6 (Jun 97)
Hellshock #7 (Jul 97)
Hellshock #8 (Oct 97)
Immortal Two #6 (Nov 97)
Immortal Two #7 (Dec 97)
Immortal Two #8 (Feb)
Kabuki #3 (Feb)
Monsterman #2 (Oct 97)
Monsterman #3 (Nov 97)
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #14 (Nov 97)
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #15 (Dec 97)
Your Big Book of Big Bang Comics TPB (Dec 97)
Homage Comics:
DarkChylde #1-5 TPB (Dec 97)
Kurt Busiek's Astro City: Life in the Big City HC (Dec 97)
Leave It to Chance: Shaman's Rain HC (Dec 97)
Todd McFarlane Productions:
Curse of the Spawn #18 (Feb)
Spawn #71 (Feb)
WildStorm Productions:
Divine Right: The Adventures of Max Faraday #5 (Feb 4)
<Divine Right: The Adventures of Max Faraday #6 (Mar 25)>
Divine Right: The Adventures of Max Faraday Collected Edition
(Jan 7)
Gen13 Ordinary Heroes TPB (Dec 3 97)
Maxx #1 3-D Edition (Jan 7)
Phantom Guard #6 (Mar 18)
<Resident Evil #1 (Mar 25)>
WildCATs #47 (Mar 18)
Wildcore #4 (Mar 4)

-Kitchen Sink Press:
The Crow: Flesh & Blood Collection (Feb)
Zot! Book Two TPB (Feb)

-Koala Comics:
Captain Koala #6 (Feb)

-Krash Komix:
Battron's 4 Queens #2 (Feb)

-Laugh Lines Press:
Joy of Soy: Vegetarian Cartoons (Jan)
Rina's Big Book of Sex Cartoons (Jan)

-Legion Press:
Bad Game (May 97)

-Limelight Publishing:
Zaibatsu Tears #3 (Feb)

-London Night Studios:
The Crow/Razor: Kill the Pain Tour Book (Feb)
Razor: Let Us Prey Limited Collection (Nov 97)
Razor: Switchblade Symphony (Jan)

-Lost Cause Productions:
Spandex Tights: The Lost Issues #2 (Feb)

-MAIN Publishing:
TS, I Love You! (Feb)

-Marvel Comics:
<Conan the Barbarian vs. The Lord of the Spiders #3 (Mar 25)>
Doctor Who #263 (Mar 18)
Fury/Agent 13 #1 (Mar 11)
<Marvel Vision #30 (Mar 25)>
Thing/She-Hulk (Mar 18)
What If? #108 (Mar 18)
X-Men 2099: Oasis Reprint (Mar 11)
Marvel Presents Paramount Comics:
Star Trek: Voyager: Splash Down #2 (Feb 4)
Star Trek: Voyager: Splash Down #3 (Mar 4)

-Mikey-Sized Publishing:
The Von Fange Brothers: The Solo Adventures #3 (Nov 97)

-Mojo Press:
The Good, The Bad, and the Gorilla Sampler (Sep 97)

-Mythic Comics:
Max Damage #0 (Feb)
Spook City #2 (Jan)
Velvet: Tales of the Assassin #3 (Nov 97)

-Omega 7 Comics:
Omega Man #1 (Mar 97)
Original Boy #1 (Mar 97)

-Pet Shop Comics:
Tales of Wonder #5 (Feb)

-Pyramid Comics:
The Space Giants #0 (Feb)
True Romance #1 (Feb)
Hyper-X Classic Comics:
Danger Is Our Business! #1 (Jan)

-Radio Comix:
Filthy Animals #3 (Dec 97)
Filthy Animals #4 (Feb)
Rivets and Ruby #1 (Feb)

-Rage Comics:
The Bad Girls and Boys of Rage Comics (Apr 97)
Bloodtide #2 (Mar 97)
Michael Vance's Holiday Out: Plastic Mam (Apr 97)
Of Mind and Soul #1 (Mar 97)
Of Mind and Soul: Soul'd Out (Mar 97)
Wynd: So Red the Rose #1 (Feb)

-Rat Race Comics:
Hairbutt the Hippo Private Eye #1 (Feb)

-Raven Comics:
Faerie Codex #5 (Feb)

-Real Deal Productions:
Real Deal #5 (Mar 97)

-Rebel Studios:
Dark Utopia 3: The Art of Tim Vigil (Feb)

-Red Eye Press:
Valentine #3 (Feb)

Switchblade #3 (Feb)

-Sirius Entertainment:
The 7th System #2 (Feb)
Crypt of Dawn Vol. 3 (Feb)
Poison Elves Vol. 4 TPB (Jan)

-Slave Labor Graphics:
Action Girl Comics #14 (Jan)
Caffeine #9 (Feb)
Phoenix Square #3 (Feb)
Plaid Bastards Take Over (Feb)
Squee #4 (Feb)
Amaze Ink:
Iliad #3 (Feb)
The Wretch #5 (Feb)

-Smiling Face Productions:
Chadz Frendz #2 (Feb)

-Spitwad Comics:
Rat Foo #3 (Feb)

-Strictly Underground:
The Huntsmen #2 (Aug 97)

-Sundragon Comics:
Wolverstone & Davis, Street Heroes #2 (Feb)

-Taurus Publishing:
Babe Babes '97 (Aug 97)

-Teddy Bear Press:
Michael T. Desing's Army Ants #10 (Nov 97)

-Tipping Cows:
Wartblade #2 (Feb 97)

-Top Hat Comics:
Tommy Rocket and the Goober Patrol #6 (Feb)

-Topps Comics:
Xena: Warrior Princess TPB (Feb)
The X-Files #38 (Jan)
The X-Files: Ground Zero #4 (Feb)

-Toyman, Inc.:
A.D.A.M. #2 (Feb)

-TV Comics!/Destination Entertainment:
The Cray Baby Adventures #2 (Dec 97)
The Munsters #4 (Feb)

-Vanguard Productions:
Tales from the Edge #11 (Jan)

Satanika #9 (Jan)

-Vision Comics:
Extinctioners #1 (Jan)
Hard Core #1 (Jan)

-White Buffaloe Press:
Strips #13 (Dec 97)
Strips #14 (Jan)
Strips #15 (Feb)
Strips: The Special Edition #3 (Dec 97)
Strips: The Special Edition #4 (Jan)
Strips: The Special Edition #5 (Feb)

-Zephyr Comics:
Seven Sisters #3 (Feb)

-=REMOVED from the list since last week:

Code Name: Double Impact #1 (Jan; cancelled)
Double Impact #2 (Jan; cancelled)

Crime and Justice #1 (Nov 97; cancelled)
Invasion #2 (Nov 97; cancelled)
Out of the Night #1 (Nov 97; cancelled)
Vengeance Squad #1 (Jan; cancelled)

-Awesome Entertainment:
Coven #5 (Jan; came out Mar 25)

-Bardic Press:
BLIP (Feb; came out Mar 25)
Mythography #7 (Feb; came out Mar 25)

-Big Brother:
A Shark in Jet Clothing #1 (Feb; cancelled)

-Blink Comics:
Hell's Haven #1 (Jan; cancelled)

-Boneyard Press:
Gothic Red #4 (Jan; cancelled)
Young Dracula: Prayer of the Vampire #2 (Feb; came out Mar 25)

-Caliber Press:
Untouchables: Mankiller #1 (Jan; cancelled)
Untouchables: Mankiller #2 (Jan; cancelled)
Tome Press:
Nostradamus Chronicles: Rise of the Anti-Christ (Dec 97; came
Mar 25)

-Castle Rain:
Jestercrow #1 (Feb; cancelled; to be resolicited)

-Class Enterprises:
Cube #1 (Feb; came out Mar 25)

-CPM Manga:
Legend of Lemnear #2 (Feb; came out on time)

-Death Comics:
Violent Tales #2 (Jan; cancelled)

-DC Comics:
Aquaman #44 (Mar 18; rescheduled for Mar 25; came out Mar 25)
Mad Magazine #368 (Mar 11; came out Mar 25)
Nightwing and Huntress #1 (Mar 18; rescheduled for Mar 25;
came out
Mar 25)
Michael Moorcock's Multiverse #7 (Mar 18; rescheduled for Mar
came out Mar 25)

The Clash of the Amazing Colossal Women (Jan; cancelled)

-Fantagraphics Books:
Minimum Wage #8 (Dec 97; came out Mar 25)
Zoot Suite (Feb; came out Mar 25)
Eros Comix:
The XXX Files #1 (Feb; came out Mar 25)

-Fat Cat Comics:
Oak: Environmental Vigilante (Jan; cancelled)

-Games Workshop:
Inferno! Tales of Fantasy & Adventure #5 (Feb; resolicited for

-Hammer & Anvil Press:
Kip, The Graphic Novel: Book 1 (Jan; cancelled)

The Race Against Junk Food (Dec 97; came out Mar 25)

-Image Comics:
Mage: The Hero Defined #6 (Dec 97; came out Mar 25)
Todd McFarlane Productions:
Spawn #70 (Jan; came out Mar 25)
WildStorm Productions:
StormWatch #5 (Mar 11; came out Mar 25)

Der Vandale #2 (Feb; came out Mar 25)

-Kitchen Sink Press:
The Crow: Waking Nightmares #3 (Feb; came out Mar 25)

-Kronos Comix:
Greener Pastures Extravaganza #1 (Feb; came out Mar 25)

-London Night Studios:
Razor Uncut #44 (Feb; came out Mar 25)
Ultimate Strike #13 (Jan; cancelled)

-Mantle Press:
Locke and Lode #5 (Feb; came out Mar 25)
Prudence & Leon: A Love Story #2 (Feb; came out Mar 25)

-Marvel Comics:
2099: Manifest Destiny #1 (Mar 11; came out Mar 25)
Captain America #5 (Mar 18; came out Mar 25)
Excalibur #120 (Mar 18; came out Mar 25)
WildCATs/X-Men: The Dark Age #1 (Dec 31 97; came out Mar 25)
Marvel Presents Paramount Comics:
Star Trek: The Next Generation/X-Men: Second Contact (Mar 18;
out Mar 25)
Star Trek: Untold Voyages #3 (Mar 11; came out Mar 25)

-Maverick Pulp Comics:
Captain Neutron #1 (Feb; cancelled)

-Mythic Comics:
The Revelators #1 (Jan; cancelled)
Velvet: Tales of the Assassin #4 (Dec 97; cancelled; to be

-No Mercy Comics:
Coven 13 #2 (Jan; cancelled)

-Nondairy Publishing:
Concave Up #6 (Jan; cancelled)

-Omega 7 Comics:
Omega 7 #1/2 (Dec 97; cancelled)

-Pyramid Comics:
Space Giants Magazine #1 (Dec 97; cancelled)
Triple Threat #1 (Jan; cancelled)
Triple Threat Magazine #1 (Dec 97; cancelled)
Triple Threat Magazine #2 (Feb; cancelled)
Hyper-X Classic Comics:
Great Western #1 (Jan; cancelled)
Jet Power #1 (Jan; cancelled)
Red Mask #1 (Jan; cancelled)

-Radio Comix:
Furrlough #62 (Feb; came out Mar 25)
Genus #28 (Feb; came out Mar 25)

-Real Deal Productions:
Real Deal #6 (Jan; cancelled)

-Shadow House:
Shadow House #4 (Feb; came out Mar 25)

-Silver Griffin:
Centaur City #1 (Jan; cancelled; to be resolicited)
Iron Tarantula #2 (Feb; cancelled; to be resolicited)

-Slave Labor Graphics:
Amaze Ink:
Everwinds #4 (Feb; came out Mar 25)

-Sofa Comics:
The Illustrated Life of Seymour #5 (Jan; cancelled)

-Solson Comics:
The Lingerie Book #1 (Jan; cancelled)

-Special T Comics:
Three-42 #2 (Jan; cancelled)

-Stellar Comics:
Stellar Comics Special: Techa #1 (Jan; cancelled)

Verotik Illustrated #2 (Dec 97; came out Mar 25)

-White Buffaloe Press:
Strips Valentine Special (Jan; cancelled)

-=CANCELLED but never appeared on the list before:

Wild Thingz #1 (Mar)

-Acclaim Comics:
Valiant Heroes:
Man of the Atom: The Rebirth of Solar TPB (Mar)

-Boneyard Press:
Gothic Red #5 (Mar)

-Caliber Press:
Race of Scorpions #3 (Mar)

-Cheeky Press:
Nemesister #6 (Mar; to be resolicited)

-DC Comics:
Flex Mentallo: Man of Muscle Mystery TPB (Apr 1; to be

-Death Comics:
Violent Tales #3 (Mar)

-Fantagraphics Books:
Eros Comix:
Dr. Dare Vol. 1: Spear of Destiny TPB (Mar)
Tart #4 (Mar)

-Hall of Heroes:
Dragon's Bane #1 (Mar; to be resolicited)

-Hammer & Anvil Press:
Kip, the Graphic Novel #2 (Mar)

-Image Comics:
Adventure Strip Digest #1 (Apr)
Adventure Strip Digest #2 (Jun)
Badger #12 (Apr)
Badger #13 (May)
Badger #14 (Jun)
Falling Man #2 (Apr)
Unbound #2 (Mar)
Unbound #3 (May)

-Lightning Comics:
Sinthia #3 (Mar)

-Marvel Comics:
Made Men (May 6; resolicited for Jun)

Grub Girl #2 (Mar)

-=TOP FOUR late publishers, by number of late items:

1. Image Comics: 30 items (-1 since last week)
2. Angel Ent.: 13 items (no change)
2. Caliber Press: 10 items (-3)
3. Fantagraphics: 10 items (-3)

-=PUBLISHERS covered at present:

All publishers listed in the Comics section of Diamond Previews,
excluding limited-edition items and items that are not new comics, new
collections or graphic novels, or comics-related magazines.


This is a list of comic books that have *not* arrived in stores as of
the date above. When they *will* come out is anyone's guess.

Only new comics, hardcover and softcover graphic novels, hardcover
reprint collections, and trade paperbacks are covered. Limited
editions and new printings of previously released items are not
included. I will include an additional list of newly cancelled or
resolicited items when possible.

If you have any information regarding any item on the list, or if you
think an item on the list has come out, please contact me.

Even with only one distributor left, distribution to all areas is not
entirely consistent. Actual on-sale dates may vary from region to
region, or even store to store.


This list is posted every Thursday to Section 2 and Library 2 of the
CompuServe Comics and Animation Forum and Section 1 of the CompuServe
Alternative Comix Forum, and subsequently posted to the and rec.arts.comics.misc Usenet newsgroups and to
the WWW at

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