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Tony Williams

Dec 15, 1998, 3:00:00 AM12/15/98

Note the following Late Comics Report is not compiled by the poster of
this article.
Andrew S. Troth has kindly consented to allow me to be repost the list
on from CompuServe.

Andrew puts a lot of work into this useful list and would welcome any
constructive criticism or corrections.

The preferred method of reply is direct e-mail to Andrew at his
address rather than follow-up replies to

Definitely do not e-mail the poster of this article - I'm just the
monkey, Andrew is the organ-grinder.


This is the Late Comics Report for the week of December 10, 1998.

If you would be interested in receiving this list by e-mail, please
send a message indicating such to

This list is a production of THE MIND'S EYE COMICS, 1565 Cliff Rd.
Suite 6, Eagan, Minnesota 55122. Please stop by if you're in the area!

The three latest items on the list are enclosed in asterisks (*):
three for the latest, two for the runner-up, one for third place. Ties
apply the same rank to all tied items.

New additions to the list are enclosed in these: < >.

See below for items that have been removed since last week's list,
other cancellations, and the top three late publishers.

-=These comics are LATE:

Ed #4 (Jul 97)

-ABC Studios:
Double Impact Art Attack #2 (Nov)
Double Impact Suicide Run #2 (Nov)

-Abiss Komix:
**Curse of the Minotaur #1 (Mar 97)**

-Acclaim Comics:
Quantum & Woody Vol. 3 TPB (Sep)
Young Readers:
Disney's Action Club: "The Return of Sid" (Jan)
Disney's Enchanting Stories: "Place in the Sun" (Jan)
Saban Powerhouse: "Ranger Rock" (Jan)

-AC Comics:
Big 'Uns: Giant Women on the Rampage! #1 (Nov)
Pure Gold Hero & Heroine Pak TPB (Aug)
Roy Rogers Western #1 (Nov)
Secret Files of the FemForce Deluxe Edition (Feb)
Synn Watch Magazine #2 (Oct)

Celestre: Mistress of the Sword #1 (Oct)
Doomsday +1 #4 (Nov)
New Adventures of Brenda Starr #1 (Nov)
Rock & Roll Romance #1 (Nov)
Zane Grey's Last Man (Nov)

-A List Comics:
Book of Jumbo Comics Covers (Nov)
Book of Wings Comics Covers (Oct)
George B. Bridgman Life Drawing #5 (Oct)
Jungle Comics #6 (Nov)

-Alternative Comics:
Detour #2 (Oct)

-Amazing Comics:
Nightblade #1 (Aug 97)

-American Mule Entertainment:
True Adventures of Adam and Bryon #5 (Nov)

-Angel Entertainment:
Biker Girls Photo Shoot #1 (Jul)
Dream Angel and Angel Girl #1 (Jul)
Girl on Girl:
Girl on Girl: Baby Sitters - Up All Night #1 (Feb)
Girl on Girl: College Kink - Valentine's Day #1 (Feb)
Girl on Girl: First Times - Blushing Babes (Dec 97)
Girl on Girl: Kayla and Julie #1 (Apr)
Girl on Girl: Pleasure Prints (Jul 97)
Young Girl on Girl: Cheerleaders #1 (Feb)
Naked City:
All Girls' School Meets All Boys' School #1 (Jul)
All Girls' School: On the Loose #1 (Feb)
Gangbang Girls: Glen's Unholy Bachelor Party #1 (Apr)
Gangbang Girls: Go Hollywood #1 (Feb)

Mr. Grey #3 (Oct)

-Antarctic Press:
Gold Digger #46 (Nov)
Luftwaffe 1946 #14 (Oct)
Robotech #11 (Nov)
Stargods #3 (Nov)

-Arrow Comics:
Land of Oz #2 (Sep; at printer)

-Avatar Press:
Avatar Illustrated Summer 1998 (Oct)
Cuda #2 (Nov)
DreamWalker #0 (Nov)
Lookers: Slaves of Anubis #1 (Nov)
Threshold #10 (Nov)

Coven Collected Edition #1 (May)
Deity II: Catseye #1 (Nov)
Deity Vol. 2 #3 (Nov)
Fighting American: Dogs of War #3 (Nov)
Re:Gex #0 (Sep)
Re:Gex #2 (Aug)
Youngblood #3 (Nov)

-Basement Comics:
Cavewoman: Missing Link TPB (Nov)

-Bench Press Studios:
Warrior's Way #4 (Oct)
Warrior's Way #5 (Nov)

-Black Swan Press:
Bloodthirsty Pirate Tales #7 (Nov)

-Blatant Comics:
Sloth Park: Sumoball #1 (Nov)

-Blind Wolf Comics:
Blood for the Muse: Agony, Ecstacy, Tragedy #1 (Aug)

-Boneyard Press:
Babylon Crush: The Last Shepherd #1 (Oct)
Chicago Brothers Kick Jerry Springer's Ass (Sep)
Snuff '98 (Oct)
To Kill a Smile GN (Nov)
Young Dracula: Prayer of the Vampire #4 (Nov)

-Bongo Comics:
Hopster's Tracks #2 (Nov)

-Brainstorm Comics:
Exotic Storm: April Hunter #1 (Nov)
Exotic Storm: Melissa Wolf #1 (Oct)
Vamperotica Magazine #3 (Nov)

-Broken Halos:
Art of Tim Vigil: Dark Utopia #4 (Nov)
Broken Halos: Is There Nothing Sacred? #2 (Oct)

-Bryant Tillman:
Dean #3 (Aug 97)

-Caliber Press:
Caliber Hardcover Library Series: Raven Chronicles (Jun)
Disciples #1 (Nov)
Fatalis #1 (Sep)
Fatalis #2 (Nov)
Golgothika: Low Place Like Home #1 (Nov)
Isle of the Sorcerer #1 (Oct)
Kingdom of the Wicked HC (Feb)
King Zombie #2 (Sep)
King Zombie #3 (Nov)
Lifequest #5 (Nov)
Little White Mouse: The Series #2 (Oct)
Pakkins' Land: Forgotten Dreams #4 (Sep)
Saint Germaine: Prior Echoes #1 (Oct)
Sudden Gravity #4 (Oct)
Tome Press:
Gulliver's Travels (Oct)
Khan! (Nov)
Ko-Ko the Klown (Nov)
Sherlock Holmes Reader #1 (Sep)
Sherlock Holmes Reader #2 (Oct)
Sherlock Holmes Reader #3 (Nov)
Troy: The Troy War GN (Nov)

-Candlelight Press:
Nightcrawlers #1 (May 97)
Nightcrawlers #2 (Jul 97)

-Cartoon Books:
Bone #35 (Nov)

-Catacomb Publications:
Scarlette: Crimson Knights #1 (Jun 97)

-Chaos! Comics:
Cryptic Writings of Megadeth TPB (Nov)

-Club 408 Graphics:
Timespell: Director's Cut #1 (Nov)

Get Real Comics #2 (Nov)

International Studio #1 (Sep)
Origial Starchild Book 1 (Oct)
Original Starchild Book 2 (Nov)

-CPM Manga:
Demon Beast Invasion: The Fallen #3 (Nov)
La Blue Girl Vol. 2 TPB (Nov)
Urotsukidoji: Legend of the Overfiend #5 (Nov)

Substance Affect #1 (Sep)

-Creation Studios:
***Delusion #1 (Feb 97)***

-Crow Comics:
Meanwhile... #2 (Oct 97)

-Crusade Entertainment:
Shi: San Diego Art of War Tour Book (Nov)

-Dancing Elephant Press:
Kane #22 (Jun)
Kane #23 (Sep)
Kane #24 (Nov)

-Dark Horse Comics:
Intron Depot 2: Blades TPB (Nov 25)
Star Wars #1 (Dec 2)
Star Wars: Mara Jade - By the Emperor's Hand #5 (Dec 2)

-David World Press:
***The Demolitionist #2 (Feb 97)***

-Day One Comics:
Astounding Space Thrills #3 (Oct)

-DC Comics:
Crisis on Infinite Earths HC (Dec 2; recalled to fix printing
error; tentatively rescheduled for Feb)
<Superman & Batman: Generations #2 (Dec 9; rescheduled for Dec
Superman: The Doomsday Wars #3 (Nov 18; rescheduled for Dec
Superman: The Sunday Classics HC (Nov 25; rescheduled for Dec

-Death Comics:
Betty in Leather (Nov)
Vampire Fantasies Photo Book (Sep)
Vampire Lust Photo Book (Jul)

-Deep Sea Comics:
Ray Mond #2 (Nov)

-Delta Comics:
Inmates: Prisoners of Society #4 (Nov)

-Dollhouse Press:
Shocking Pink: The Teenzine #1 (Oct)

-Drawn & Quarterly:
Berlin #5 (Oct)
Extended Dream of Mr. D. #2 (Nov)
Humphry Osmond - Psychedelic Pioneer (Nov)
Sleepwalk and Other Stories TPB (Oct)

-Dreamer Comics:
Sojourn #6 (Oct)
Sojourn #7 (Nov)

-Eagle Wing Press:
Apollo Smile #3 (Nov)
Madoka #1 (Oct)
Madoka #2 (Nov)

-Egmont/Fleetway Limited:
2000 AD #1121 (Nov)

-El Capitán:
Collected Stray Bullets Vol. 2 TPB (Nov)
Stray Bullets #17 (Nov)
Stray Bullets Vol. 2 HC (Sep)

-Entity Comics:
The Skunk Collection #2 (Feb 97)

-Event Comics:
Painkiller Jane #0 (Nov)

-Excel Graphics:
Starchy: The Dark Spud One Shot (Nov)

Revenge of Colossal Amazon Woman Comic Album (Aug)

-Fantagraphics Books:
Acme Novelty Library #11 (Aug)
Comics Journal #208 (Sep)
Comics Journal #209 (Oct)
Complete Crumb Comics Vol. 13 HC (Nov)
Complete Crumb Comics Vol. 13 TPB (Nov)
Enigma of Al Capp (Oct)
Luba #3 (Sep)
Minimum Wage #10 (Aug)
Prince Valiant Vol. 35: Doppelganger (Nov)
Spicecapades (Nov)
Zero Zero #25 (Oct)
Eros Comix:
Bitch in Heat Vol. 1 GN (Nov)
Doctor Dare Vol. 1: The Spear of Destiny (Nov)
Weird Sex (Nov)
Young Witches: Empire of Sin #2 (Oct)
Hot Tails Vol. 2 TPB (Sep)
Secret Plot: Deep #6 (Nov)

-Fifth Panel Comics:
Pieces #3 (Nov)

-Games Workshop:
Inferno Magazine #9 (Nov)

-Hall of Heroes:
Dragon's Bane #1 (Oct)

Judge Dredd: Blind Justice (Nov)
Sinister Dexter: Gun Lovin' Ciminal (Nov)
Slaine: The Horned God HC (Nov)

-Handicraft Guild:
Replacement God & Other Stories #6 (Aug)

-Harmon Comics:
Maiden Hell #0 (Nov)

-Head Press:
No Justice, No Piece #3 (Oct)

-Heretic Press:
***Six Degrees Vol. 2 #1 (Feb 97)***
*Six Degrees Vol. 2 #2 (Apr 97)*

-Hurricane Comics:
Chassis Vol. 2 #3 (Oct)

Deity Collected Edition Vol. 2 (Apr)

-I Box Publishing:
Thieves & Kings #25 (Nov)

-Illiterature Press:
Collected Chronic Apathy TPB (Dec 97)

-Image Comics:
Age of Heroes #5 (Sep)
Channel Zero #5 (Oct)
A Distant Soil #26 (Sep)
A Distant Soil #27 (Nov)
Dracula vs. Zorro #2 (Oct)
Espers #8 (Sep)
Espers #9 (Nov)
Jackie Chan's Spartan X #5 (Jul)
Jackie Chan's Spartan X #6 (Aug)
Kabuki: Circle of Blood HC (Oct)
Kabuki: Masks of the Noh HC (Nov)
Kabuki Reflections #2 (Nov)
Kid Terrific #1 (Nov)
Mage: The Hero Defined #10 (Jul)
Mage: The Hero Defined #11 (Aug)
Mage: The Hero Defined #12 (Sep)
Mage: The Hero Discovered Coll. Ed. #2 (Oct)
Mage: The Hero Discovered Coll. Ed. #3 (Nov)
Mage: The Hero Discovered Coll. Ed. #4 (Nov)
Mask of Zorro #4 (Oct)
Sabre 20th Anniversary TPB (Nov)
Savage Dragon Archives #3 (Nov)
Savage Dragon's Greatest Team-Ups TPB (Nov)
Spartan X #1 (Sep)
Spartan X #2 (Oct)
Spartan X #3 (Nov)
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #18 (Jul)
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #19 (Nov)
Tenth #14 (Oct)
Zorro: The Lady Wears Red TPB (Nov)
Avalon Studios:
<Aria #1 (Dec 9)>
Stone #4 (Dec 3)
Flypaper Press:
Bulletproof Monk #1 (Nov)
Carvers #2 (Nov)
Todd McFarlane Productions:
Curse of the Spawn #27 (Nov)
Daring Escapes #3 (Nov)
Kiss: The Psycho Circus #15 (Nov)
Spawn #78 (Sep)
Spawn #79 (Oct)
Spawn #80 (Nov)
Top Cow Comics:
Ascension #11 (Oct)
Darkness #19 (Oct)
Darkness #20 (Nov)
Fathom #4 (Nov)
Witchblade #28 (Nov)
WildStorm Productions:
DarkChylde: The Legacy #2 (Oct 21)
Divine Right #7 (Sep 9)
Divine Right #8 (Oct 21)
WildCATs/X-Men TPB (Dec 2)
WildStorm Fine Arts: The Gallery Collection TPB (Nov 25)
Cliffhanger Productions:
Battle Chasers #5 (Sep 30)
Crimson #7 (Dec 2)
Danger Girl #4 (Jul 29)
Homage Comics:
Kurt Busiek's Astro City Vol. 2 #15 (May)
Kurt Busiek's Astro City: Family Album HC (Sep)
Leave It to Chance #12 (Sep)

-Immortelle Studios:
Cynder/Wardragon: Prophecy #1 (Apr)
Prophecy #2 (Jun)

-JNCO Comics:
Burner #1 (Nov)
Goop #1 (Oct)
Goop #2 (Nov)

-Kaso Comics:
Indestructible Man #2 (Nov)
Kaso Presents Annual #1 (Nov)

-Kitchen Sink Press:
Alley Oop Vol. 4, 1949 TPB (Oct)
Crow: Author's Edition HC (Nov)
Destroy! TPB (Nov)
Li'l Abner Vol. 27, 1961 HC (Oct)
Li'l Abner Vol. 28 SC (Nov)
Muzzlers, Guzzlers and Good Yeggs TPB (Nov)
Spirit: The New Adventures #8 (Nov)
Zorro: The Curse of Capistrano Vol. 1 TPB (Oct)

-Last Gasp, Inc.:
Bonnie and Claudia TPB (Nov)
Secret Mystic Rites: The Art of Todd Schorr (May)
Zap #14 (Nov)

-Laugh Lines Press:
Rina's Big Book of Sex Cartoons (Jan)

-Legion Press:
Bad Game (May 97)

-Liar Comics:
More Than Mortal: Sagas #3 (Nov)

-Limelight Publishing:
Wild Side #4 (Oct)

-London Night Studios:
Crow/Razor: Kill the Pain Finale (Nov)
Crow/Razor: Nocturnal Masque (Nov)
Razor: Gothic #3 (Nov)
Razor: Let Us Prey Limited Collection (Nov 97)
Sheena, Queen of the Jungle #3 (Nov)

-Lone Star Press:
Pantheon #4 (Nov)

-Luxurious Comics:
Tranquilizer #2 (Nov)

-Marvel Comics:
<Alpha Flight #19 (Dec 9; rescheduled for Dec 16)>
Avengers #12 (Nov 25; rescheduled for Dec 16)
<Avengers Forever #3 (Dec 9; rescheduled for Dec 16)>
Battlebooks: Colossus (Dec 2)
Battlebooks: Gambit (Dec 2)
Battlebooks: Iron Man (Nov 18)
Battlebooks: Rogue (Dec 2)
Battlebooks: Spider-Girl (Nov 18)
Battlebooks: Storm (Dec 2)
Battlebooks: Thor (Nov 18)
Battlebooks: Wolverine (Nov 18)
<Black Panther #3 (Dec 9)>
Daredevil #4 (Dec 2; rescheduled for Dec 16)
Doctor Who #272 (Nov 25)
<Generation X #48 (Dec 9; rescheduled for Dec 16)>
<Generation X Holiday Special (Dec 9; rescheduled for Dec 16)>
Marvel Masterworks: The X-Men HC (Oct 21)
<Mutant X #5 (Dec 9; rescheduled for Dec 16)>
Spider-Man: The Manga #25 (Nov 25; rescheduled for Dec 16)
<Spider-Man: The Manga #26 (Dec 9)>
<Team X 2000 (Dec 9; rescheduled for Dec 16)>
<Wolverine: Not Dead Yet TPB (Dec 9)>
<X-Man #48 (Dec 9; rescheduled for Dec 16)>
X-Men: The Manga #20 (Nov 18; rescheduled for Dec 16)
X-Men: The Manga #21 (Dec 2)
Marvel Kids:
Fantastic Four: Franklin's Adventures (Nov 4)
Incredible Hulk: Project Hide (Nov 4)
Spider-Man Mysteries (Nov 4)
X-Men: Mutant Search R.U.1? (Nov 4)

-Midnight Comics:
Children of the Dead #1 (Nov)

-Mikey-Sized Publishing:
Von Fange Brothers: The Solo Adventures #3 (Nov 97)

-Millennium Publishing:
Bathroom Girls #3 (Oct)
Little Miss Strange #2 (Oct)

-Mixx Publications:
Ice Blade Pocket Manga GN #1 (Nov)
Sailor Moon Pocket Manga GN #2 (Nov)

-Mock Man Press:
H.P. Lovecraft's Dream-Quest of Unknown Kaddath #4 (Aug)

-Mojo Press:
Red Range TPB (Nov)

-Mu Press:
Zu #20 (Oct)

Tranceptor (Jul)

-Omega 7 Comics:
**Omega Man #1 (Mar 97)**
**Original Boy #1 (Mar 97)**

-Oni Press:
Jay & Silent Bob #3 (Aug)
Jay & Silent Bob #4 (Sep)

-Pan Entertainment:
Knewts of the Round Table #3 (Nov)

-Peregrine Entertainment:
Wicked #1 (Jun)

-Radio Comix:
Furrlough #71 (Nov)
Genus Spotlight: Skunkwork Girls #2 (Nov)
Milk! #8 (Nov)
Morning Glory #2 (Nov)
Trouble Express #1 (Nov)

-Rage Comics:
*The Bad Girls and Boys of Rage Comics (Apr 97)*
**Bloodtide #2 (Mar 97)**
*Michael Vance's Holiday Out: Plastic Mam (Apr 97)*
**Of Mind and Soul #1 (Mar 97)**
**Of Mind and Soul: Soul'd Out (Mar 97)**

-Real Deal Productions:
**Real Deal #5 (Mar 97)**

-Realm Press:
Battlestar Galactica: Search for Sanctuary #2 (Oct)
Battlestar Galactica Special Edition #1 (Nov)

-Re-Visionary Press:
Carnal Comics: Superstars of Erotica #3 (Oct)
Carnal Comics: Triple X Classixxx (Oct)
Sexploitation Cinema: A Cartoon History #1 (Nov)

-Samson Comics:
Emissary #1 (Sep)

-Scarlet Rose Productions:
Personals '98 #1 (Nov; at Diamond)
Personals '98 #2 (Nov; at Diamond)

Silverstorm #2 (Nov)

-Sirius Entertainment:
7th System #4 (Jul)
7th System #5 (Oct)
Akiko #30 (Nov)
Broken Heroes #8 (Oct)
Broken Heroes #9 (Nov)
Crypt of Dawn #5 (Nov)
David Quinn's Thirteen Days of Christmas #1 (Nov)
Poe #13 (Nov)
Poison Elves #41 (Nov)
Poison Elves Vol. 5 TPB (Nov)
Scary Godmother Holiday Spooktacular (Nov)
Wandering Star Vol. 3 TPB (Oct)

End #4 (Sep)
Missive Device: Bad Hair Day (Nov)
Missive Device: Donna's Day (Nov)
Missive Device: Simon Cat in Taxi (Nov)

-Slave Labor Graphics:
Ship of Fools TPB (Nov)
Amaze Ink:
Dragon Knights #2 (Aug)

-Solson Entertainment:
Dark Secrets of Santeria Revealed (Jun)
Flash - Art of Drawing Tattoos (Nov)
How to Draw Comics #2 (Nov)
How to Draw Fetish Art (Nov)
How to Draw Sexy Women #4 (Nov)

-Sovereign Comics:
Canaan City #1 (Aug)

-Strictly Underground:
Huntsmen #2 (Aug 97)
Something #3 (Oct)

-Sweetfish Records:
Riggley Road Stories (Nov)

-Taurus Publishing:
Babe Babes '97 (Aug 97)

-Thorby Comics:
A Study in Scarlet (Nov)

-Tipping Cows:
***Wartblade #2 (Feb 97)***

-Troma Entertainment:
Sucker: The Vampire #1 (Nov)

-TV Comics:
Munsters 1313 Halloween Special (Oct)

Albino Spider of Dajette #0 (Oct)
Biz: Ge Rouge #1/2 San Diego Special (Sep)
Hyper Real: The Art of Martin Emond (Nov)

-Vision Comics:
Extinctioners #2 (Nov)
Tall Tails #2 (Aug)
Tall Tails #3 (Sep)
Tall Tails #4 (Oct)
Tall Tails #5 (Nov)

-Zephyr Comics:
Seven Sisters #3 (Feb)

-=REMOVED from the list since last week:

Cop Called Tracy #2 (Nov; came out Dec 9)
Dick Tracy Crimebuster #1 (Oct; came out Dec 9)
Doomsday +1 #3 (Oct; came out Dec 9)
Mike Mauser Files #1 (Nov; came out Dec 9)
New Adventures of Terry & The Pirates #1 (Oct; came out Dec 9)
Real Weird Combat #1 (Nov; came out Dec 9)
Real Weird West #1 (Oct; came out Dec 9)
Time Travelin' Herbie #1 (Nov; came out Dec 9)

-Action Planet Comics:
Giant Size Action Planet Halloween Special #1 (Oct; came out
Dec 9)

-Alternative Comics:
Slowpoke #1 (Nov; came out Dec 9)

-Antarctic Press:
Areala: Angel of War #2 (Nov; came out Dec 9)

-Archie Comics:
Betty #70 (Nov; came out Dec 9)
Jughead's Double Digest #57 (Nov; came out Dec 9)
Knuckles #21 (Nov; came out Dec 9)
Sabrina the Teenage Witch #22 (Nov; came out Dec 9)

-Arrow Comics:
August #2 (Oct; came out Dec 9)
Korvus Vol. 2 #1 (Nov; came out Dec 9)

Fighting American: Dogs of War #2 (Oct; came out Dec 9)

-Caliber Press:
Lifequest #4 (Aug; came out Dec 9)
Little White Mouse: The Series #1 (Aug; came out Dec 9)
Sudden Gravity #3 (Aug; came out Dec 9)

-Claypool Comics:
Soulsearchers #33 (Nov; came out Dec 9)

-CPM Manga:
Legend of Lemnear #11 (Nov; came out Dec 9)
Lodoss War: The Grey Witch #1 (Nov; came out Dec 9)
Midnight Panther: Feudal Fantasy #3 (Nov; came out Dec 9)

-Dark Horse Comics:
Red Rocket 7 Limited Edition HC (Dec 2; came out Dec 9)
Star Wars: A New Hope Manga #4 (Oct 14; came out Dec 9)

-DC Comics:
Batman: Crimson Mist HC (Nov 18; rescheduled for Dec 9; came
Dec 9)
Batman: Reign of Terror (Dec 2; rescheduled for Dec 9; came
out Dec
Birds of Prey #2 (Dec 2; rescheduled for Dec 9; came out Dec
Flintstones and the Jetsons #18 (Dec 2; rescheduled for Dec 9;
out Dec 9)
Mad Magazine #377 (Dec 2; came out Dec 9)
Martian Manhunter #3 (Dec 2; rescheduled for Dec 9; came out
Dec 9)
Superman: A Nation Divided (Dec 2; rescheduled for Dec 9; came
Dec 9)
Vamps: Pumpkin Time #3 (Dec 2; rescheduled for Dec 9; came out

-Dee Vee Press:
Dee Vee #9 (Oct; came out Dec 9)

-Egmont Fleetway:
2000 AD #1119 (Nov; came out Dec 9)
2000 AD #1120 (Nov; came out Dec 9)

-Fantagraphics Books:
Underworld 3: Ink Stud (Sep; came out Dec 9)
Eros Comix:
Bondage Confessions #4 (Oct; came out Dec 9)
Here Come the Lovejoys #6 (Nov; came out Dec 9)
XXX Files #4 (Oct; came out Dec 9)
Silky Whip #8 (Nov; came out Dec 9)

-Games Workshop:
Warhammer Monthly #9 (Nov; came out Dec 9)

-Harris Comics:
Vampirella: Hell on Earth #3 (Nov; came out Dec 9)

-I Box Publishing:
Thieves & Kings Vol. 3 TPB (Nov; came out Dec 9)

-Image Comics:
Big Bang Comics #23 (Oct; came out Dec 9)
Dracula vs. Zorro #1 (Sep; came out Dec 9)
Espers: Interface TPB (Nov; came out Dec 9)
Kabuki #6 (Oct; came out Dec 9)
Knight Watchman #4 (Aug; came out Dec 9)
Flypaper Press:
Automaton #3 (Nov; came out Dec 9)

-Kitchen Sink Press:
Spirit Casebook Vol. 2: All About P'Gell TPB (Oct; came out
Dec 9)

-Knockabout Comics:
Comic Book Lady Chatterly's Lover (Sep; came out Dec 9)

-Marvel Comics:
Thor #8 (Dec 2; came out Dec 9)
Wolverine Winter Special (Dec 2; cancelled)

Strange Weather Lately #7 (Oct; came out Dec 9)

-Moordam Comics:
Mr. Beat's Babes and Bongos Annual #1 (Oct; came out Dec 9)

-Mu Press:
Cyberkitties #3 (Oct; came out Dec 9)

-Peregrine Entertainment:
Forty Winks Christmas Special (Nov; came out Dec 9)

-Quantum Comics:
All Thrill Comics #1 (Nov; came out Dec 9)
Dark Peril #1 (Nov; came out Dec 9)

Silverstorm #1 (Sep; came out Dec 9)

-Sirius Entertainment:
Wandering Star Vol. 2 TPB (Sep; came out Dec 9)

Girlfrenzy Millennial (Nov; came out Dec 9)

-Slave Labor Graphics:
Love in Tights #1 (Nov; came out Dec 9)
Smith Brown Jones: Alien Accountant #3 (Nov; came out Dec 9)

-Solson Entertainment:
How to Draw Aliens (Oct; came out Dec 9)
How to Draw Sexy Women #3 (Oct; came out Dec 9)
How to Draw Space Ships & Futuristic Stuff (Oct; came out Dec

-Thorby Comics:
Death Asylum #1 (Oct; came out Dec 9)
Johnny Cosmic #1 (Nov; came out Dec 9)
Night City (Nov; came out Dec 9)
Skulker #1 (Oct; came out Dec 9)

-Top Shelf Productions:
Top Shelf on Parade (Nov; came out Dec 2)

-=TOP THREE late publishers, by number of late items:

1. Image Comics: 56 items (-5 since last week)
2. Marvel Comics: 29 items (+8)
3. Caliber Press: 21 items (-3)

-=PUBLISHERS covered at present:

All publishers listed in the Comics section of Diamond Previews,
excluding limited-edition items and items that are not new comics, new
collections or graphic novels, or comics-related magazines.


This is a list of comic books that have *not* arrived in stores as of
the date above. When they *will* come out is anyone's guess.

Only new comics, hardcover and softcover graphic novels, hardcover
reprint collections, and trade paperbacks are covered. Limited
editions and new printings of previously released items are not
included. I will include an additional list of newly cancelled or
resolicited items when possible.

If you have any information regarding any item on the list, or if you
think an item on the list has come out, please contact me.

Even with only one major distributor left, distribution to all areas
is not entirely consistent. Actual on-sale dates may vary from region
to region, or even store to store.


This list is posted every Thursday or Friday to Section 2 and Library
2 of the CompuServe Comics and Animation Forum, and subsequently
posted to the and rec.arts.comics.misc Usenet
newsgroups and to the WWW at

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