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Sep 22, 2020, 9:26:23 PM9/22/20
Review of Man of Steel Movie from DC Comics

Superman is the cornerstone of the DC Universe. The firstborn of the Superheroes. Maybe, not quite technically the firstborn, as while Action Comics Number One, the first appearance of Superman from 1938, is the debut of the Golden Age, the pre-historic platinum age before then, which goes back to 1935 for DC, has a number of heroic identities who might make a potential claim on the glory of Comics number one. But, in practical reality, and what the people really believe, Superman hit hard first of all and flew like a bird, faster than a speeding bullet, before Gotham's caped crusader soon joined the pack, and the Wonderful Amazonian Beauty joined no long later. But it started with Superman – the Man of Steel. They've done a few movies over the years from DC Comics – even back in origin time Superman and the Mole Men was a flick, and there were the TV adventures, and even some cartoon. But Man of Steel kicked off this recent DCEU, a rival to Marvel's MCU, and while it lacks the anthemic Superman theme from John William's 1978 'Superman' masterpiece, it's own theme is strong enough and, in terms of visuality, Man of Steel does things which 1978s 'Superman' can really only dream of. But that's what it's been like for a while in the Movies. The last couple of decades of stuff. Major upgrade over 1980s things we saw in earlier years. The dialogue – not a huge amount of change. Some old conversations, and the writers have not made any real extraordinary leaps and bounds. But its probably a bit more refined now, somewhat through formula being learned, but also just plain experience in what works well in story telling, and what was often perceived as 'Cringeworthy' moments. Man of Steel is pretty spectacular all things considered. I watched Aquaman the previous night, and that was quite special, but the Krypton scenes at the beginning, and the heaviness of the plot concepts with General Zod's concerns for the welfare of Krypton, reached a level which Aquaman didn't quite achieve, though he was getting there indeed. It was a fine movies, visually stunning as I have said, and the plot was followable and didn't get lost in a mess of redundant alternative plotlines. It wasn't too caught up with techy details, or intellectual details which movies often go into, especially on genre specific subjects, where really only those involved in the field have much of an idea of what they are talking about. Certainly, you are going to have to have a bit of a handle on Sci Fi or Superhero concepts to follow it in most ways, but the regular kids are still going to essentially get what is going on and enjoy the experience because of it. It was well enough received critically, and I think generally so. Detailed enough, never really boring, but like Aquaman not too overpaced, and steady enough. Flashbacks were understandable, and the flow from scene to scene made sense as I watched the movie. It wasn't too complicated, it wasn't too simple, it wasn't too flashy either, and it wasn't a movie bragging about its own glory. It was pretty solid superhero movie action from the current era, and it generally, all things considered, is a pretty damn fine motion picture. Highly recommended.
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