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Sep 20, 2021, 3:45:37 AM9/20/21
Miracle Molly is a fictional supervillain in DC Comics and an enemy of Batman. She was created by James Tynion IV and Jorge Jiménez.
Miracle Molly have a green long hair (with side a cut hair), a ear ring, a nose ring, and with hetrochromatic eyes, with the left left one is blue eye and right one is purple eye. She wearing a long jacket between yellow and green She also wear a pink shirt with m on it and black thing, and her long pants with leopard like her belt name Molly with long boots.

Miracle Molly watching over when she give call by her henchmen they been follow by Batman and worry the mission will failed. But Molly try henchmen to stay clam and continue the mission told they have a advantage as what broken city been down fall believe that batman doesn't see yet as soon plan is ongoing he will see it.

Molly Enough secure Unsanity Collective meaning she don't matter what he us other two men want ask. M.M if can proves to mean out people harm and she prove. Miracle wake James tell him to get up come with her he had a second thought by joining them but she tell him to cut it out she know what is he in disguise . As two walking she explain to him they working something temporary outpost pulling up stakes across town to built it as call base town Gotham two he ask her that she unhappy living like this way a nomad she answer she really want the best for her people have place that no one they think for they need the most.
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