Legion Obscura #202

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Jef Peckham

Nov 9, 2012, 1:21:38 AM11/9/12
Hi Gang!

I've been travelling. I made a trip to Denver for Mom's Sweet Adelines
chorus for a week, met Jack Nicholson, then went hiking in the mountains and
some history research, which kept me away from my supplier for a couple of
week. Naturally, two reprint books came out in that time. Plus a preview
of Previews. Details follow the













LEGION SECRET ORIGIN trade paperback.

This collects the mini-series that came out at the same time as the start of
Volume VII, and the Star Trek/LSH team up. I seem to recall giving it some
nice reviews, with a few gripes. This can be taken as the current team's
slightly revised origin and early growth. It's the same basic facts, with
some new details (and some new or modified costumes) thrown in. If you want
it all in one package, then this is for you.


Here we go, another oversized and overpriced version of the nearly
incomprehensible mini-series that really made me wish that it was the last
company-wide crossover. Starman Thom Kallor, then with the Justice Society
as a prequel to Legion of 3 Worlds, appeard in half the chapters, rarely for
more than a page or two. For completists only.

Finally, a look at Previews, forecasting books shipping in January and
later. LEGION LOST does end with issue 16, the conclusion of the story with
the villain introduced in the latest issue. LSH 16 will feature a
leadership change, as Validus gets loose. Dramatic foreshadowing of the
return of the Fatal Five. Scheduled for February is Impulse: Runs in the
Family trade paperback, reprinting most, but not all of the the first 13
issues of his series. XS makes an appearance in a couple of them. March
promises a pricey hardcover Adventures of Superman: Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez.
Guess whose art on Superman stories is reprinted in that one. At least one
story in there (DCCP 2, reprinted twice in the last three years) is included
in this one. Since it is a $40 hardcover, that's falls into the category of
For completists only, or for those who love Garcia-Lopez's art. Since I
have all the issues listed, I'll really have to think about this one. Also
listed for March is Superman: the Death and Return of Superman Omnibus
hardcover. IIRC, the only Legion related item was in the additional
material in the bagged version of Superman 75 (on the funeral poster Mon-el
(then known as Valor) was in the crowd of mourning Super-heroes. If that is
included, it might be nice to have all that story in one package, even at
the $100 price tag. If not... well, you make the call for yourself.

Until next time,
Archive Lad
Jef Peckham
(replace the #, dummy!)

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