Legion Lost for sure

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Aug 14, 2019, 1:44:19 PM8/14/19
Haven't been here in ages, and neither has anyone else. No good
message boards to talk about this stuff. It was different back in
the Reboot era when the Legion was rocking two comics.

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Tim Flick

Aug 12, 2023, 9:46:34 PMAug 12
wow, I can't believe this newsgroup is still around. It does look like it's pretty much been abandoned though.

Get this, I was recently going through some old archive folders on my computer and came across a website we created back in 1999 for a Legion of Super Heroes writing contest we held. There was a pretty active group of LSH fans on this newsgroup back then and we were always complaining about how the Legion was being handled. Someone made the comment that if we thought we could do better, prove it!

So a few of the members wrote storied in the standard comic book submission format. We selected a few judges and I put up a website featuring all of the submissions. Everyone got to vote on which story they liked the best. Our judges tabulated all the votes and we announced a winner (who actually won nothing lol)

It was great fun and the community loved it! We even did a second contest about a year later. I still have all those stories and web pages. If I thought any old Legion lovers were still interested, I would repost them somewhere.
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