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Legion Obscura #195

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Jef Peckham

May 12, 2012, 4:05:09 AM5/12/12
Hi gang!

Three books were waiting for me at my shop this week. Archives 13 was not
one of them. Frank (at the shop) told me they got shorted on their order
this week. So it looks like it will be on my report list next time. For
the books that DID show up, details follow the













DC UNIVERSE: LEGACIES trade paperback.

What a surprise. Last year's hardcover reprint of the previous year's
mini-series has now been collected in trade paperback format. The Legion
appeared in issues 5 and 6, dealing with Crisis On Infinite Earths, with
George Perez, Scott Koblish, and Jerry Ordway on the art, issue 9, dealing
with Final Night, with art by Jesus Saiz, and the backup/spotlight on
Superboy and the Legion from issue 6, with art (and I have to assume
plotting) by Keith Giffen in one of his best Legion-related stuff in years.


Breaking with my usual alphabetical listing, because the story does, is part
2 of the Culling storyline. Dawnstar is on the cover too. The combined
LLost/Titans team fights all the other Metas that Harvest has gathered in
previous cullings. Superboy specifically fights Warblade team leader of the
bad kids. Red Robin's "wings are pure inertron". Funny, that's a
metal/element that hasn't been discovered yet. It was described as a new
material in the Starfinger story way back in Adventure 335, and was the sole
reason the fusion powerspheres were possible in the far-flung future.
Anachronistic stuff like that tends to throw me out of stories and movies.
Also, Timber Wolf recognizes Kid Flash's smell, and knows he's Bart Allen
from the future and fights him, saying 'Many people suffered and died
because of your actions.' (Bart at this point does not know his past, fact
known only if you have been reading Teen Titans closely.) Tellus stops
Timber Wolf and carries him off leaving Bart's past more mysterious than
ever. The bad kids are defeated, so Harvest itself (himself?) appears to
fight the heroes. Continued in....


Culling Part 3. The Lost and Titans teams fight Harvest to no avail. He
seems ablie to counter everyone's powers, including in the climax of the
issue Wildfire, trapping him in his suit. Gates, Dawnstar, and some of the
bad kids who don't want to play anymore (essentially the team that will be
the core of the new Ravagers series) try to find a way out, rescuing these
kids. The future Ravagers get stopped by Rose Wilson, while Gates fins a
Time Bubble. (I'm guessing it will end up being destroyed to finally defeat
Harvest, in order to keep the Lost team in the 21st century).

Harvest keeps taunting the Legion, claiming he sent for them (Wha?). He
knows about Yera's previously unrevealed (before issue 8) allegiance to
another group, which he calls Echo (Who?). Harvest claims he is trying to
save Quintillions, soe he willing sacrifices a few hundreds. He also claims
the Hypertaxis viurs will continue to evolve until it loses its' mutagenic
properties, and implies that Tellus knows this. To be concluded in Teen
Titans (IV) 9.

Once again I'm left with the feeling of sloppy plotting and not enough
explained. Is it really too much to ask for some sort of explanation, even
if it's in what is passing for letter column pages in the new 52 books?

Until next time,
Archive Lad
Jef Peckham
(replace the #, dummy!)

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