Legion Obscura #196

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Jef Peckham

May 25, 2012, 12:09:34 AM5/25/12
Hi gang!

After a week off for work, taking a trip to Indianapolis, I returned to find
three new Legion books waiting for me. Details follow the













In order of release:


It's here! After more than a decade, it's finally here!

This hardcover reprints Superboy (and the LSH) 226 - 233, plus the story
from DC Special 28. Granted, I have all the issues, bought new off the
newsstands (remember those?), some of which have gotten tattered and torn
over the years, and granted I could get replacement issues of all of these
(if I could find them) for much less than the $60 price tag, but man, these
stories look really good on the better paper, and in one convenient volume
as well. Yes, the price on the Archives has gone up since the last one.
That's a value judgment only you can make.

This volume includes the last regulat interior art by Mike Grell, although
he still did all the covers in this issue, and the first Legion art by both
Jim Sherman and Joe Staton, with inkers that were not necessarily the best
fit for those pencillers, and the last Shooter story until his return on the
Three-Boot team, as well as the first Legion story written by Gerry Conway,
and the start of the first Paul Levitz run. Included in the stories are the
Pulsar Stargrave tale, WIldfire taking over as team leader, the death of
Chemical King, introductions of Dawnstar and the Infinite Man, another
battle with the Fatal Five, making good use of the first double length
issue, and (with a nod to long-time fan Mike Grabois), the first Klordney
story. "To Freedom, Friendship, and Frunt" indeed.

If you haven't read these stories, and except for the Infinite Man story,
none of these have been reprinted, go ahead and get this volume. You'll see
why those of us who were teens at the time liked these stories so well that
we continue to read their four-color adventures.


In a nutshell, while still trying to break through the Time Stream debacle,
Brainiac 5 and Dream Girl are kidnapped by Dominator gene-spliced beings and
are taken to the Dominator home world via a space warp. The being that
doesn't escape with the hostages, dissolves into a puddle of goo rather than
reveal anything. The SP still determine it came from the Dominators. As
the Legion prepares to mount a rescue mission, they are stopped by Mon-el,
who says the UP has ordered them to stand down, so they don't jeopardize the
current Cease Fire Treaty. Hearing this, Star Boy promptly quits, intending
to go rescue his love himself. I think we can see where this is going.
The Legion (or at least the Espionage Squad) will go in anyway.

Cover is by Steve Lightle, and interiors by Francis Portela. For the most
part, they both work well.


Concluding the Culling story, and the crossover with Legion Lost. Spinning
off the upcoming Ravagers series, without a character I wish to follow.
Well, maybe Beast Boy, but this character is so different from the previous
one, I'm undecided. I'll check out their first issue anyway for Legion

Anyway, in this issue, the Titans learn to work together, particularly
Superboy and Wonder Girl. The fight Timber Wolf picked with Kid Flash seems
to be forgotten, although it is referenced in a panel or two. The Titans
continue to fight Harvest, while the Lost team goes to destroy the base's
Power Core. Harvest ultimately escapes as the base collapses. The Titans
escape in a telekinetic shield created by Superboy, and the Lost team
escapes in the Time Bubble discovered in the previous chapter. Obviously
that doesn't work, since LLost 10 is coming out in a couple of weeks, and
they aren't supposed to be home yet.

Once again, I'm left unsatisfied, as not enough is explained to satisfy me.
How I long for stories like those in the Archives, where they took the time
to explain things.

Until next time,
Feeling old and crotchety,
Archive Lad
Jef Peckham
(replace the #, dummy!)

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