Legion Obscura #197

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Jef Peckham

Jun 15, 2012, 1:27:23 AM6/15/12
Hi gang!

Two new books graced the stands at my shop this week. Details follow the













1861. JUSTICE trade paperback

This is a trade paperback reprint of last year's hardcover reprint of the
Alex Ross mini-series. The Legion in their Cockrum/Grell costumes get a
two-page spread in the final chapter. It's Ross inking/painting over Doug
Braithwaite layouts. They don't look much better than that. Are you
willing to pay $30 for a 12-issue collection for a two-page spread? That's
your value call. The story is pretty good too.

1862. LEGION LOST (II) 10.

In what has turned out to be the most interesting issue of this title yet,
the Lost team returns to the future. But...

It's farther in the future than their own time. There are no people on
Earth. Everything is overgrown, and of course no explanation is forthcoming
on what has happened. They find their statues in the Hall of Heroes
(broken, like everything else around here), and realize they have been given
up for dead. After recovering their regular costumes (except for Wildfire),
they decide to jump back a decade at a time to find out what has happened.
Of course, that doesn't work. This Time Bubble blows up like their previous
pair did in LLost 1, and the team finds themselves back where they started,
Today, in Antarctica, in a crater that sits on top of whrere Harvest's
complex was. Gates teleports the team back to New York City (when did he
get THAT powerful? He always used to have a distance limitation
considerably less than half a planet.) where they are promptly being hunted
down by the para-military outfit that was hunting them before the Culling
story happened.

Also out this week was SUPERBOY 10, in that series first issue following the
Culling storyline. Clone Boy spends the entire issue trying to play nice
with Wonder Girl, who won't have any of that. No mention of the Legion in
that issue that I saw.

Until next time,
Archive Lad
Jef Peckham
(replace the #, dummy!)

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