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Sep 3, 1996, 3:00:00 AM9/3/96


This article will be updated and reposted as the need arrises. Currently,
it is expected to be reposted on a regular monthly or biweekly basis until
December of 1996.

The contest described below is being done by a group of hobbyists in
association with an alternative comic company. It is being done for


Mark "Th' Mole" D. Ashworth
Internet Presence for Rowrbrazzle

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Open to All Artists Interested in Funny Animals!

Contest in Rowrbrazzle #52, January 1997--Winners to be published in MU
Press BEAUTY OF THE BEASTS #4, Summer 1997!

*** *** ***

Rowrbrazzle, an amateur press association for the appreciation of funny
animals and anthropomorphics (funny animals created for a grown-up
audience) is going to have a summer Beach/Swimsuit Issue, but it will be a
bit special. It is a contest, not just a theme issue, and it is open to
all artists, not just Rowrbrazzle's regular members.

The contest's theme is the traditional Summer Beach &/or Swimsuit art. It
will be published in a special section of Rowrbrazzle #52, January 1997.
The categories are still being finalized, but there will be at least six,
plus a Grand Prize. The winners will be announced in Rowrbrazzle #53,
April 1997.

The prizes are publication in MU Press' BEAUTY OF THE BEASTS #4 comic
book, to be published in Summer 1997, at MU's standard rates for full-page
art for BEAUTY OF THE BEASTS. The Grand Prize winner will be invited to
draw/paint the full-color cover for that issue (at the standard rate for
cover art for that title, as well).

BEAUTY OF THE BEASTS requires from 25 to 32 pages for each issue. The
winners in each category will be assured of publication; further, MU will
have the option of selecting additional good drawings among the
runners-up. If Rowrbrazzle receives enough high-quality entries, BEAUTY
OF THE BEASTS #4 may be filled entirely with art from this contest. So
the chances of contest entries getting published in BEAUTY OF THE BEASTS
#4 are even higher than of winning in one of the categories.

The entry fee for artists who are not Rowrbrazzle members is $5.00 per
drawing. This will cover the costs of photocopying, and of mailing the
contest to the artist. All entrants will receive a complete copy of
Rowrbrazzle's contest supplement.

The deadline for submissions is SATURDAY 4, JANUARY 1997. Rowrbrazzle #52
(the quarterly, photocopied, self-published magazine the members receive)
will be published a week later. Rowrbrazzle's members will be the judges,
voting during the next couple of months. The winners will be announced in
Rowrbrazzle #53, April 1997. Winners who are not Rowrbrazzle members will
be notified by mail at this time. The masters (see ENTRY QUALIFICATIONS,
below) of the winning drawings and others selected by MU's editors will be
turned over to MU Press.

For the purposes of this contest, "Beach" shall include any scenario in
which swimsuits or water sports are appropriate, including swimming pools,
mountain lakes, or scuba diving. The categories under consideration so
far include: Most Beautiful. Best Swimsuit Design. Wettest Fur. Best
Activity Scene (for something other than static pin-up poses; could
include a beach picnic or volleyball game, or a stadium swimming meet).
Most Exotic Locale. There has also been a suggestion of a separate Male
Division for any category in which Females might have a gender advantage.

Artists who would like to discuss these or to propose any other categories
are invited to send in their suggestions before the end of September. The
final categories will be announced in Rowrbrazzle #51, October 1996, and
published in the final announcement/entry form at that time.


All entries are expected to be full, single-page illustrations of funny
animals and anthropomorphics (funny animals drawn for a grown-up
audience). Humans--even unusual ones like superheros, wizards, or the
like--will be generally rejected. Possible exceptions can be sent in, but
this is the official warning that the editor may and will refuse any art
determined to be lacking in merit as an anthropomorphic drawing.

All entries must be of master drawings 8 1/2" x 11", or reducible to that
size. The entries should be of camera-ready copies which do not have to
be returned. Dark but clear photocopies will do.

It is recommended (but not required) that the art should have a border
from the edge of the page of 1/2" from the short sides with 1" from the
long sides. This will help your entry to fit on the final comic-sized
page that much better.

All entries must be of original artwork; that is, drawings which have not
been previously published.

Since the winners will be published in a commercial comic book, the
submissions should not include copyrighted characters, especially those
belonging to major corporations whose legal departments do not have a
sense of humor.

BEAUTY OF THE BEASTS is not an Adults Only title, so submissions should be
no stronger than PG or mildly R-rated. See previous issues for examples
if you can, possibly available either through you local comics shop or
from the publisher (regular postal address available on request to the
E-mail address listed below).

Each entry should be accompanied by a $5.00 entry fee. For three or more
entries, the fee will drop to $3.00 for the third and subsequent entries,
but the first two will still be $5.00 each. Make cheques or money orders
payable to Fred Patten, since Rowrbrazzle does not have a separate bank

The editor reserves the right to reject entries of obviously poor quality
(i.e., $5.00 will not buy a bad drawing's way into the contest.).
Similarly, when Rowrbrazzle's members judge the contest, "No Award" will
be an option in each category in case the members feel that none of the
entries in a category is deserving of an award.

The final version of this information will be posted in October 1996. The
deadline for submissions is SATURDAY, 4 JANUARY 1997. Send to:

Fred Patten
11863 West Jefferson Boulevard
Culver City, California
USA 90230-6322

*** *** ***

For some--but not all--matters relating to this contest which may require
a simple reply (that is, they don't require thought or a decision) Mark
"Th' Mole" D. Ashworth can attempt an answer as the Internet Presence for
Rowrbrazzle (, no web-page).

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