When I behold the beauty of your soul

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Ilya Shambat

Oct 6, 2021, 4:16:35 PMOct 6
When I behold the beauty of your soul,
I see the diamonds fine and cut apart
That have through years been compacted from coals
As tragedies heaved on your precious heart.

The diamonds, sharp and potent and yet fragile
Attainment of the matter of the earth
And you - so tender, delicate, and agile
Each day a death - and in it a rebirth:

To grow through agony and through the heartache
And never to give in, but to give more:
And greet each day with joy and light and passion
As though it was to last forevermore:

To give your all, and still to give to people -
To do all that you can and further still:
To be your greatest and the most simple:
Accomplishment of love directing will:

Thus to remain ethereal and uplifted
And show the truth of what on earth can be
When one so lovely, generous and gifted
As you, can live and fathom and be free -

And show what life can be, as it's intended,
Embodied in resplendent heart - that's you -
Where present and eternity are blended
And life's sublimity can bloom anew.

The beauty of your soul, when seen completely,
Is timeless, endless, exquisite and true
And so my sweet, I say to you discretely:
The diamond of the universe is you.

Ilya Shambat
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