1920s: Business and art working together

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Ilya Shambat

Jul 31, 2022, 4:07:27 AMJul 31
Many people think that there is a contradiction between business and culture, or between “real world” and the arts.

1920s is the proof to the contrary.

In 1920s, there was both economic-technological progress and a cultural blossoming. It was the decade of Henry Ford, Thomas Edison and Nikolai Tesla. It was also the decade of Louis Armstrong, Scott Fitzgerald, TS Eliot, Dorothy Parker and Edna St.-Vincent Millay. All of the above have left legacy that continues to the present.

There were some situations even when the businessman and the artist worked together. This collaboration produced magnificent technology such as the Packard and magnificent architecture such as the Chrysler Building. They accomplished this without killing one another and without treating one another like dirt.

There are many in the business world who have a bad view of the arts, and there are many artistic types who have a bad view of the corporate world. Both are wrong. Business and art both produce benefit. Both can, and should, work together. Don’t go back only to 1960s or 1950s; implement workable ideas, such as those from 1920s. Embrace both technological progress and the arts.
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