Homosexuality And Arguments Against It

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Ilya Shambat

Aug 8, 2022, 8:56:58 PMAug 8
There are three main arguments made against homosexuality. One is that it is unmanly; another is that it is against God; and the third is that it is lust or narcissism.

The first argument is obviously wrong. I have had a friend who was homosexual, who rode around on motorcycles, wore leather jackets and knew martial arts. When he was doing his research in Nigeria, he got jumped by some people and nearly got killed. Among homosexuals themselves there is the butch as well as the femme, which means that about half of them are manly. Some homosexuals are unmanly; but others are manly enough.

The second argument carries more weight, but it too can be refuted. First of all the Bible commands us to love one’s neighbour, and that is the case even when the neighbour is homosexual. The other is that there are many practices in the Bible that the contemporary Christians do not do. The Bible extensively advocates animal sacrifice, but we do not see contemporary Christians practicing animal sacrifice. The Bible has God kill Onan for letting his seed spill during intercourse, but we do not see God kill contemporary Christians for wearing a condom. The Bible says that worldly political authority is there by will of God, but we do not see contemporary Christians say this about Clinton or Obama. The Bible condemns interest lending, but we do not see contemporary Christians doing away with the banking system. For most of its history Israel was a monarchy; but we do not see American Christians singing “God save the Queen.”

With lust, the argument is completely wrong. While there are some homosexual relationships – as well as heterosexual relationships – that are just about sex, any number of them are about love. They appear to have the same feelings for one another that we have for women, and I’ve seen homosexual men be very loving to one another. Nor is it narcissism. These people aren’t in love with themselves; they are in love with one another.

Some homosexuals I’ve known appear to have been born that way, and others became that way. I have a friend who became a homosexual because his father raped him since he was 3, and he felt that he was not pure enough to share himself with a woman. There is nothing unmanly, ungodly or narcissistic about this. Someone was traumatized for life by his father’s misconduct, and it is wrong to call him a sinner, a pussy or a narcissist over the choices that he has made.

There is a lot of anti-homosexual agitation, and most of these people need to get their head screwed on straight. There can be any number of reasons why someone might become a homosexual, and some are better than others. Not all homosexuals are good, but neither have I seen them be worse than an average citizen. Discrimination against homosexuals should end, and they should have the same rights that heterosexuals have in America.
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