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Ilya Shambat

Oct 13, 2021, 5:01:39 PMOct 13
The endless slings and arrows
That fortune throws my way
Some wide and some are narrow
Some gold and some of clay

The brittle and the powerful
The sturdy and the weak
The boring and the flowerful
The proud and the meek

Some wooden and some golden
Some brick and some of mud
Some with the light emboldened
And others drenched in blood

Wherever they are coming from,
They lunge within my heart
Impale inside evincing foam
And of their bane impart.

Some sent me one of cherry tree
With redolent sweet smell,
I fed it to a canary
And she was nurtured well -

Some sent me one of silver
And one of gilded led,
They entered with a shiver
And lunged within my head.

A sphere within a triangle
Contained within a sphere
The walls are soft and pliable
Of here within the there

The absolute in relative
Within the absolute
Where all that seems imperative
Stands ready to refute -

The soul within the structure
Within the oversoul
The self within the culture
Within the truth of all

Through consummate commingling
Of Galilean frames
From universe is wringing
The all-begetting flames.

Send me your loss and cares,
Send me your rage and hate,
Send me your slings and arrows,
And not before too late

The incandescent passion
That burns within my soul
Will make them rays of sunshine
To warm the hearts of all.

By Ilya Shambat
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