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Nov 29, 1989, 9:21:40 AM11/29/89
Path: trillian

it would like to know which books exist by or about the MARX BROTHERS.
I would be thankful if you could email me any information
(Title / Author / Publisher / still in print ?).
I will post a summary.
Thanks, Stefan

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Mike Schilling(This sentence no verb.)

Dec 1, 1989, 12:04:52 PM12/1/89
The best book, bar none, I have ever read about the Marx Brothers is
"Groucho, Harpo, Chico, and Sometimes Zeppo" by Joe Adamson.

He describes their three Broadway shows and all the films, and tells most
of the famous Marx brothers stories, as well as some I'd never heard before
(Harry Ruby and the $80 bathrobe, for instance.) The extensive Notes section
shows the amount of research he put in.
Any resemblance between the opinions expressed above and those of any living
person is a coincidence.
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Derek L.

Dec 3, 1989, 12:49:27 AM12/3/89

One book that was a part of my father's collection was "Letters From Groucho"
(perhaps not the exact title). It was a compendium of letters written to,
from, and about the main Marx brother from around 1935 or so to his death.
I didn't read it all the way through, but it was a good way of seeing "the
real Groucho," as well as the humor that made him famous.

Derek L.
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Antonio Leal

Dec 3, 1989, 10:16:12 AM12/3/89
[grr ... the mailer doesn't feel like sending to the requester ... lineater ?]

Here's extracts of what our library had to say. Sorry, apparently no ISBNs
among all the (deleted) numeric codes.

LANGUAGE english
AUTHOR Gehring, Wes D.
TITLE The Marx brothers : a bio-bibliography / Wes D. Gehring.
Popular culture bio-bibliographies, 0193-6891
CITATION New York : Greenwood Press, 1987. xv , 262 p. : ill., port.; 25 cm.
NOTES Includes index. Bibliography: p. [214]-225. Filmography: p.
[239]-244. Discography: p. [245]-246.

LANGUAGE english
AUTHOR Anobile, Richard J., comp.
TITLE Why a duck? Visual and verbal gems from the Marx Brothers movies.
Edited by Richard J. Anobile. Introd. by Groucho Marx. Pref. by
Richard F. Shepard.
CITATION New York, Darien House [1971] 288 p. (chiefly illus.) 29 cm.

LANGUAGE english
AUTHOR Adamson, Joe.
TITLE Groucho, Harpo, Chico, and sometimes Zeppo; a history of the Marx
Brothers and a satire on the rest of the world.
CITATION New York, Simon and Schuster [1973] 464 p. illus. 23 cm.
NOTES Bibliography: p. 447-451.
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Wendy Sarrett

Dec 3, 1989, 1:49:37 PM12/3/89
When I was in high school I read quite a few Marx Bros books. My
favorite was "Harpo Speaks" Harpo's autobiography. It is long but is
enjoyable so it goes quickly.

Andrew Tannenbaum

Dec 7, 1989, 10:47:08 AM12/7/89

Harpo Speaks
by Harpo Marx with Rowland Barber
Published by Bernard Geis Associates
Distributed by Random House, NY
Copyright 1961 by the authors
Library of Congress Catalog Card Number 61-7834
(no ISBN in 1961)

Harpo Speaks is one of my old favorites - he was clever and
personable, and lots about him was interesting - his family and
upbringing, his career, his peers.

If I'm not mistaken, it's been out in paperback within the past
three years (though I'm not sure).

Andrew Tannenbaum Interactive Cambridge, MA +1 617 661 7474

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