Why Most People Are Wrong

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Ilya Shambat

Jul 27, 2022, 10:50:18 PMJul 27
Many libertarians see themselves as free thinkers. In fact I’ve found narrow and dogmatic thinking in many libertarians. The people who are free thinkers for real, they see as crazy or on drugs.

Some believers in feminism have called me as a misogynist. I am such a misogynist that I’ve written three poetry books for three different women and have been a dedicated father to a daughter, whom I treat with love and respect. What we see here is a Big Lie. Something is not only presented as something that it is not. It is presented as its polar opposite.

I had a lady friend whom another woman accused of not having a female perspective. In fact that woman was highly feminine. She was also beautiful, kind, intelligent, artistic and good to her husband and her daughter. If there is such a thing as a female perspective, then she had it.

I was also with a woman who was accused by some of being a narcissist. In fact that woman was more compassionate than the next person. When her daughter’s boyfriend, who was black, got framed for robbing a bank, she provided an alibi. When her daughter’s classmate scratched her daughter on the face, she did not pursue a fine or a jail sentence; she got her counselling. She was also compassionate with me and put a lot of effort into understanding me.

My parents called one another psychopaths. But they were both hard-working, responsible, loving people. There are any number of people whom I would rather see get called psychopaths than them.

All of these are examples of how wrong people can be. That most people are wrong, is a given. The people around the world believe in different and mutually contradictory things. Which means that, even if one of them is right, everyone else is wrong.

So it is quite likely that the things you believe or take for granted are wrong. And that is the case with just about everyone.
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