"Them Damn Jews" And Your Honor Student

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Ilya Shambat

Jan 20, 2022, 6:04:29 PMJan 20
There are many people in America claiming that “the Jews are taking over.” My response to that is that, in a place that does not discriminate against them, people who value intelligence, education and hard work are going to get ahead. This is completely consistent with American values and is indeed their best manifestation.

Another American value is responsibility; and here such can likewise be addressed. You go around beating up your honor students, honor students from elsewhere are going to rise to powerful positions. You destroy ambition and intelligence in your youth, claiming those who seek it to be “narcissism” or “arrogance” or “thinking they're better than everyone else,” the people who do not do such things to their youth will see their youth rise to a better place. This will include the Jews; this will include the Hindus and the Chinese; this will include many others. You traumatize and oppress the better minds among yourselves, the people who do not do such a thing will overtake you. Rightfully.

Is America run by them damn Jews? Well, if that had been the case – and if the Jews were evil – then the people claiming such things would be facing a firing squad. That they are not, shows either that Jews are not in the running of America, or else that the Jews are so good that they would even let live the people who wish them dead.

Now I see no reason at all to give credibility to those who state that Holocaust never happened. The correct response to that is, “Oh yeah, so why are you trying to orchestrate another one?” Now I am a full believer in the First Amendment, and even the Nazis should not be censored. They can however be met with a rational refutation, protected under the First Amendment. Which I am seeking to do myself, and which should be done by any number of others, Gentile or Jew.

When liberals complain about any number of states of affairs, rightfully or wrongfully, they are seen as losers and whiners. When conservatives complain, they think that they are doing the will of God or the will of America. If blacks or Russians or Michigan manufacturing workers are losers for having a bad state of affairs, then so are the conservatives when they likewise have a bad state of affairs. Complaining about Jews taking over is inconsistent with the values that the conservatives claim to preach. As is complaining about having to pay taxes; as is complaining about China or Russia rising; as is complaining about any number of other things.

Do Jews have a strong presence in America? Yes, and they well should. They got there by practicing the values that Americans claim to espouse – the values of education and hard work. They make much better Americans than do their enemies; and people on both the Right and the Left have noticed that. So now we see Republican politicians starting organizations to combat anti-semitism; which they do while being fully American and as such mindful of its actual values.

If white Anglo-Saxon Protestant Americans do not want to be outcompeted, they will implement better cultural practices. They will support instead of attacking ambition and intelligence in their youth. They will stop beating up your honor student and raise ones of their own. They will likewise stop attacking creativity, ingenuity and original thinking. Instead they will nurture such things and guide them into productive fruition that benefits the country. It is to these things that America most owes its greatness; and those who attack such things sabotage America.

In America, some Jews are liberal and some aren't. The Koch brothers, who financed the Tea Party, were Jews, as was Donald Rumsfeld, the secretary of defense under Bush. Among my own constituency – the Russian Jews – most vote Republican. Reagan made a brilliant move by inviting the Russian Jews. Here were people who were for the most part moderate to conservative, who then went into mostly liberal American Jewish communities and have been influencing them toward the Right. I, for myself, am moderate to left, as I have seen the Clinton policies produce vast benefit for America – and I have seen the Bush policies being totally destructive.

Do Jews, as some claim, not possess American values? Many of them possess the best of American values – ones far more viable than those of their enemies. Jews disagree among one another on many things, but one thing that they do all value is education and hard work. This creates truly winning habits. And these are the habits that win – rightfully and fairly and in a fully American way.

If White Anglo-Saxon Protestant Americans do not want to be outcompeted by Jews, Chinese, Hindus or any number of others, then they will likewise cultivate winning habits. They will stop attacking ambition and intelligence in their youth or originality, ingenuity and creative thinking in their adults. They will stop seeing students who take school seriously as “arrogant” or “know-it-alls” or “thinking they're better than everyone else” and instead encourage education. And they will stop seeing creativity, ingenuity and inventive thinking in adults as “narcissism” or “sociopathy” and instead allow such qualities to do the work of making the country great.

The Jews who do get ahead in America deserve all the credit that they can get. They vastly contribute to America, and America owes them greatly. Whereas America owes absolutely nothing to Nazis or anti-semites – with possible exception of Bobby Fischer, who did his work before he became an anti-semite and before he went insane.

American people need to decide what are in fact their values. If they value responsibility and hard work, then the Jews, the Chinese, and the Hindus should do well in America. And if they are not comfortable with such people doing well in America, then they cannot claim to value responsibility and hard work.

It is not American in any manner to complain about them damn Jews. It is American to take responsibility. If you abuse and destroy the best minds in the midst of you, then you will be out-competed by people who do not do that. Stop beating up your neighbor's honor student. Raise one yourself.

Ilya Shambat
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