To Burn My Heart

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Ilya Shambat

Jan 17, 2022, 4:29:33 PMJan 17
To burn my heart out for my love
Each day, each night, each dawn, each evening
To seek the treasures up above
And conquer all that is deceiving

To burn my heart out every day
And in the night it to replenish
Means catching forces as they play
And making them serve what I cherish.

Burn, my heart, burn: You're still alive
Embrace the essence of each minute
From it eternity derive
And find all that's contained within it

Bring it to sunlight, make it bloom,
Twist past and future into present
Make it eternity consume
And let it blossom, iridescent.

In minute - tear it, mold it, burn
Fill it with incandescent passion
Make it scream shattered; make it yearn
For rapture - give it a concussion

That it would break and spill its core
And, broken, blend into forever -
My heart! Beat faster, I implore
And every minute do dissever:

Course time like lifeblood through my veins,
Wring truth from it and make it feed me
Flush out the rest - all that remains -
And make truth bleed - yes, make it bleed me -

Until I'm dry and, like dry wood,
I burn with passion every minute
For all that's true, for all that's good,
And for love as my eyes have seen it.

Ilya Shambat
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