Real Racism and Pseudo-Racism

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Ilya Shambat

Aug 5, 2022, 2:17:20 AMAug 5
There is real racism, and there is pseudo-racism.

Real racism is hating black people or seeing them as inferior. Pseudo-racism is confronting wrongdoers among black people for the wrong things that they do.

Disliking gangs and genocidal militias is not racism. White people have low tolerance for other white people who do such things as well. Nazis are held in a lower esteem than the gangsters. And Italian and Russian mafia are seen in approximately the same light as the gangsters. In both cases the perceptions are justified and are not racist at all.

I dislike violent people whatever their race. I especially dislike men who are violent to women. For myself, I am not violent at all. There have been three violent episodes in my adult life. One was when someone called my girlfriend a stupid ass. Another was when some teenagers broke a bottle of Yegermeister on my head for no apparent reason. And another was when I said “cook,” and a Vietnamese guy thought that I said something else. Me and the Vietnamese guy have since then reconciled.

Black people do not benefit from being supported in doing bad things to other black people. Most victims of crime by black people are black. White people do not suffer for it; black people do. Nobody benefits from being shot, brutalized or treated like dirt. Unfortunately this is exactly how gangsters treat other black people. What black people actually benefit from is when someone has the courage to stand up to the gangsters and bring them to stop victimizing their own black people or sabotaging the education of other black people or claiming that they are more genuinely black than black achievers.

Nor do black people benefit from people who are not racists being called racists. The white liberals in the city for the most part believe in civil rights and want to see black people do well. If these people get falsely branded as racists, they are less likely to support black people in their struggle against actual racists. And then the black people will be facing white people who are racists for real.

The people who refer to people such as myself as racists are a bunch of cowards and hypocrites. They attack someone who is easy to attack while doing nothing to fight real wrongdoers. As alt-right movement gets big, we are seeing a resurgence of real racism. So now these people have a real fight on their hands. Enjoy your war, and don’t ask for my help. After all why would you want help from someone whom you regard to be a racist.
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