False accusations of racism and misogyny

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Ilya Shambat

Aug 9, 2022, 5:28:11 AM8/9/22
There have been people calling me a racist and a misogynist. These people are crying wolf. If you call someone a racist or a misogynist who isn’t, you become not credible when a real racist or a real misogynist appears.

Obviously these people haven’t dealt with real racists and real misogynists. I have. Real misogynists call me a p*ssy-whipped idiot. Real racists call me a dirty Jew. I haven’t seen these people confront either. Instead they attack someone who’s easy to attack while doing nothing to fight real wrongdoers.

If I had been a racist or a misogynist, I wouldn’t care that I was called such things. I would have believed that being a racist or a misogynist was the way to go. Instead it bothers me that some people call me such things; so I am not a racist or a misogynist.

The people who say such things aren’t better than real racists or real misogynists. They have been tearing families apart for unsubstantiated allegations. They have been getting people fired for looking at a female co-worker the wrong way. They have been teaching women to be horrible people and to be ugly to men. The two sides in this war deserve each other. The rest of us deserve to be free of both of them.

I am not going to side with racists and misogynists. But don’t expect me to side with these people either.
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