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Happy 80th, Joan Clark! (Canadian YA novelist: "Wild Man of the Woods," 1985)

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Oct 12, 2014, 3:17:36 PM10/12/14
From Wikipedia: "Clark lives in St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador."

Not to be confused with the British pediatrician, Joan B. Clarke, who
turned to writing sci-fi novels in the 1960s and 1970s. Or the British
cryptanalyst (1917-1996).

From "Contemporary Authors":

"...Wild Man of the Woods and The Moons of Madeleine were originally
conceived as one story. However, in recognizing how differently boys
and girls handle conflict, Clark opted to break the tale into two
separate books that focus on cousins who travel to each other's homes
for the summer. In Wild Man of the Woods Stephen leaves Calgary to
visit his aunt, uncle, and cousin Louie in Inverary in the Canadian
Rockies. Madeleine, Louie's sister, visits Stephen's family in Calgary,
and her experiences are detailed in The Moons of Madeleine. For both
children, the summer is filled with experiences that cause them to
gain in maturity. Stephen deals with being bullied through the use
of a mythical mask that brings about a violent climax. Madeleine,
on the other hand, copes with her beloved grandmother's illness, as
well as her own confused adolescent feelings, during an escape to the
cave of the First Woman and an introduction to the continuity of the
circle of life..."
(includes photo and bio)
(review of "Latitudes of Melt")
(includes book covers - click on the books for more info)
(audio interview)
(print interview - mostly about the adult book "Swimming Toward the


Girl of the Rockies, illustrated by Douglas Philips, Ryerson Press
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