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Happy 90th, Carol Lerner! (Botanical writer/illustrator, "Plants That Make You Sniffle and Sneeze")

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Jul 6, 2017, 1:23:43 PM7/6/17

She lives in Chicago.

She has a 20-page entry in the "Children's Literature Review" encyclopedia series, vol. 34. Many of the reviews of her books are by the editor Zena Sutherland.
(short bio, photo, book covers, awards)
(longer bio)
(book covers)
(cover & review of "Butterflies in the Garden")

About "A Biblical Garden: Translations From The Hebrew Bible" by Ralph

"Descriptions and pictures of twenty plants mentioned in the Old
Testament, including fig, lentil, olive, papyrus and pomegranate. Text
accompanying each of the delicately rendered illustrations is given in
both Hebrew and English. An exquisite art book and introduction to the
lands of the biblical people, sure to be treasured by readers of all
(five Kirkus reviews);t=author
(more Kirkus reviews)
(reader reviews)

>From Contemporary Authors:

"A native of Chicago, Lerner had graduated college, married and begun
to raise two sons before she found her literary calling. She was
inspired by her family's summer vacations to rural Michigan, which
provided 'a daily intimacy with nature that was different from
anything we had known as city dwellers,' as Lerner noted in an essay
published in Something about the Author Autobiography Series (SAAS).
'The beach and the bluff behind it offered a rich complement of animal
and plant life, as well as exhilarating views of sky and water.'
Spurred by her sons' passion for the outdoors, Lerner began a course
of nature studies at Chicago's Morton Arboretum."



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