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Happy 90th, Květa Pacovská! (Czech illustrator & HCAA Medalist)

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Jul 28, 2018, 10:03:19 AM7/28/18

She won the Hans Christian Andersen Medal in 1992.
(a few birthday tributes - one is in Spanish)
(another, in Czech, from today)
(includes big illustrations)


"Kveta Pacovska was born in 1928 in Prague, where she still lives and
works. She began her career as an illustrator in the fifties,
specialising in object books, three-dimensional tactile works and
illustrations of children’s stories. A sense of playfulness is an
essential characteristic of her work. Her works include bizarre
collages, mirrors and superimpositions of different kinds of paper,
cut-outs capable of generating ever new characters and stories, as in
the miniature theatre of Midnight Play. Her illustrations are
immediately recognisable for the use of bold, saturated colours
without nuances, a dense style and almost childlike use of lines. Her
passion for geometric and abstract shapes is often based on the use of
linguistic signs, as in Alphabet in which letters and numbers merge
with her creatures. One of her latest works is Unfold/Enfold, an
elegant fold-out object book that features unexpected pop-up pages and
explosions of colour."
(more pictures)

From elsewhere:

"A book is architecture for me. It is a given sealed space into which
I compose painted, written, cut and empty pages.

"A drawing is such as it is. It should not and cannot pretend. It
expresses our feelings and our thoughts. I love all materials. They
are tempting. I like to work with all. But that isn’t possible. When I
choose a material, I conform to its rules and I try not to violate

"White and black are not included in the colour spectrum but for me
they are colours and mean maximum contrast. And maximum contrast is
the maximum beauty. I am striving for maximum contrast. Red and green.
The placing of colours one over the other. It depends on the relation,
proportion, rhythm, size, amount and how we placed colours together.
It is like music. Each individual tone is beautiful by itself and in
certain groupings we create new dimensions, harmony, disharmony,
symphonies, operas and books for children."
(artwork, a few photos)
(more pictures)
(pictures and synopsis of "The Little Flower King" - check out the
(four Kirkus reviews)
(reader reviews)

About "The Little Match Girl" (2005):

"(Pacovská) brings her avant-garde perspective to Andersen's timeless
fable. Pacovská's playful art is challenging and experimental,
featuring childish scrawls, bright smudges of color along with silver
inlays, and whimsically amorphous figures. One illustration depicts
the girl's eyes, nose, and cupped hands scribbled across what appears
to be a financial balance sheet. One spread consists of squares of
color smudges facing a shiny silver page on which readers find their
own reflection. The two pages are linked by a multicolored paintbrush/
matchstick form. The image of the matchstick recurs throughout in all
colors and shapes, singly or in groups, some leaning at angles, some
resembling picket fences. Though the art challenges, it is
appropriately childlike and whimsical, and opens this classic tale to
new interpretations. Thoughtful students of folktale will welcome
Pacovská's brilliantly innovative vision."

About "Unfold/Enfold" (2005):

".....a stunning and innovative creation: an extraordinary expandable
book nearly twenty feet in length, peppered with geometric die-cuts,
surprising pop-up elements, rich colors, squiggles, squares, and
quirky faces. Sophisticated enough for adults and wacky enough for
children, Unfold/ Enfold will delight both longtime fans and those new
to this imaginative illustrator's creative landscape.With a
multisensory tour de force that is truly a work of art, Pacovsk
invites readers to open their minds and experience the world through
her world, just a little bit differently."
(videos, in multiple languages)

Some of her books:

# eins, fünf, viele .1990 one, five, many .1990

The Art of Kveta Pacovska -1991

Joe on Holiday: A Pop-up Book -1992

# rund und eckig .1994 round and square .1994

Flying - 1995
"Because they hear the secret which one tower whispers to another,
some animals fill balloons and begin to fly, others fly without
balloons, but all learn what the secret is."

# Alphabet . 1996

# Rotrothorn: do you play? .1999


1st Rotkäppchen Little Red Riding Hood
Pacovská, Květa. - Bargteheide : Mined., 2007 --

2nd Ho mikros basilias tōn luludiōn Ho Mikros basilias tōn luludiōn
Pacovská, Květa. - Athēna : Ekdoseis Kaleidoskopio, 2006 --

3rd Der kleine Blumenkönig The small flowers King
Pacovská, Květa. - Kiel : Mined., 2006, Neue, veränd. -- Kiel: Mined.,
2006, New veränd. Aufl.

4th Hans Christian Andersen, Das Mädchen mit den Schwefelhölzchen
Hans Christian Andersen, The Girl with Schwefelhölzchen
Pacovská, Květa. Kiel : [Mined.], 2005, Jub.-Ausg. -- Kiel:
[Mined.], output.

5th Open space
Pacovská, Květa. -- Bern: Benteli, c 2001

6th Teatro a mezzanotte Teatro a mezzanotte
[Pordenone] : Nord-Sud Ed., 2001, 1. [Pordenone]: 1 ed. ed

7th MitterNachtsSpiel MitterNachtsSpiel (Midnight Play)
Gossau, Zürich : Neugebauer, 2001, 3. Gossau, Zurich: Neugebauer,
2001, 3 Aufl.
"An acting troupe performs a special show for the moon when he comes
down for a visit. Features split pages that can be flipped to combine
different characters and costumes and die-cut pages with a moon on a

8th Corne rouge Corne Rouge
Pacovská, Květa. - [Paris] : Ed. -- [Paris]: Ed. du Seuil, 1999 du
Seuil, 1999

9th Er was eens een bloem He was eens een Bloem
[Voorschoten] : Vier Windstreken, 1998

10th La fleur sans couleur La Fleur Sans Couleur
Gossau, Zurich, Suisse : Ed. Gossau, Zurich, Switzerland: Ed. Nord-
Sud, 1998 Nord-Sud, 1998

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