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Happy 90th, Kenneth Mahood! (Northern Irish cartoonist, ""The Laughing Dragon," 1970)

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He lives in London. Also a painter.

"In 1966 Mahood became the first-ever political cartoonist on The

From "Contemporary Authors":

"Among Mahood's zany storybook characters is Hojo in The Laughing
Dragon. A beloved pancake-making, chess-playing dragon who lives in
the Emperor of Japan's palace, Hojo is plagued with a mouth that
shoots flames when he laughs. After setting the palace afire, Hojo
faces eviction unless he can learn to control his flames.

"Another Mahood character, Sandy, asks silly questions in Why Are
There More Questions Than Answers, Grandad? A young, orphaned boy,
Sandy puzzles his grandfather with such questions as 'Does a young
prune have wrinkles?' and 'Does dirty water need a bath?' Frustrated
by his grandson's foolishness, Grandad sends Sandy to the attic,
telling him to clean it before dinner. With the help of a magic book
whose contents come to life, Sandy transforms the disheveled attic
into a beautiful drawing room. The result? A further baffled Grandad
with many questions of his own."
(covers and photos)
(short 1955 article, with cartoons and old photo)


"Kenneth Mahood was born in Belfast on 4 February 1930, claiming to
have been brought up 'in a religious community so strict even the
churches were closed on Sundays.' He worked at first as an errand boy
in a solicitor's office, and from 1945 to 1949 was an apprentice
lithographer before becoming a professional painter. He exhibited in
Belfast, London and Dublin and won a CEMA scholarship to study art in
Paris. His first cartoon was accepted by Punch when he was
(2009 article)
(some of his work)
(two Kirkus reviews)
(reader reviews)

All for children; self-illustrated:

* Not a Word to a Soul (cartoons), Hammond, 1958.

* Fore! (drawings), Hammond, 1959.

* The Laughing Dragon, Scribner, 1970.

* Clanky, the Mechanical Boy, Collins, 1971.

* Why Are There More Questions Than Answers, Grandad?, Bradbury,

* Losing Willy, Prentice-Hall, 1978.

* The Crack-a-Joke Book, Puffin, 1978.

* The Secret Sketchbook of a Bloomsbury Lady, St. Martin's (New
York), 1982.


* Albert Bernard Hollowood, Tory Story, Hammond, 1964.

* Sandie Oram, Italy, Macdonald & Co., 1972.

* Jennifer Vaughan, Japan, Macdonald & Co., 1973.

* Roger Benedictus, Fifty Million Sausages, Deutsch, 1975.

* The Wizard of Gauze, compiled by Charles Keller, Prentice-Hall,

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