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Happy 80th, Jan Pieńkowski! (Polish-born British illustrator of "A Necklace of Raindrops" & 2-time HCA nominee)

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Aug 8, 2016, 1:11:12 PM8/8/16
Born in Warsaw, he and his family immigrated to England in 1946. He lives in Barnes, London.

He was nominated for the Hans Christian Andersen Award in 1982 and 2008.

He also won the Kate Greenaway Award - three times - for "The Golden Bird" (1971), "The Kingdom Under the Sea" (1972), and the pop-up book "Haunted House" (1980). (He's written at least 18 pop-up books.)

He illustrated a fairy-tale series in 1977 (four by the Grimms and two by Perrault).

He has three entries in the "Something About the Author" encyclopedia series, plus a 1984 entry in the "Children's Literature Review" encyclopedias, volume 6.

From "Something About the Author," volume 131:

"I never discuss with children and I don't believe in market research. The most important thing is that it must entertain me, then it's got a chance of entertaining someone else."

I knew him mainly for Joan Aiken's "The Kingdom Under the Sea." Turns out there was a revised edition in 1986!
(artwork, photos)
(from 2008 - about the popular "Meg and Mog" series by the late Helen Nicoll)
(some artwork of his)
(from 2012)
(from 2013 - it includes a photo of Pienkowski, but unfortunately, to READ the whole thing, you have to subscribe)
(from 2015 - about "Haunted House")
(videos about "Haunted House")
(VERY short filmography)

Somehow, I also stumbled on this when I searched for Pienkowski in Google News:

(it's about Lotte Reiniger [1899-1981], the German animated film pioneer who also used silhouettes, like Pienkowski)
(booklist - complete?)

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