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The Bonsai Farm

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Mike Bartolone 5-4266

Nov 9, 1993, 2:28:05 PM11/9/93
Ok, now I'm confused. Did the Bonsai Farm move? Is there more than one
Bonsai Farm? The address of record, up til now has been:

The Bonsai Farm
13827 Hwy. 87 So.
Adkins, TX 78101
Tel: (512) 649-2109

Yet, just a little while ago, John Marzolino listed the address as:

Bonsai Farm
PO Box 130
LaVernia, TX 78121
Tel: (210) 649-2109

Hmmm...same phone number in two different exchanges....anyone contact them
recently? Or should I just call them myself?


Eugenia D. Conway

Nov 9, 1993, 2:55:27 PM11/9/93

You have a right to be confused. Seems the area codes in Texas are
changing all the time. I looked in the phone book and the 210 area code is
new as of Nov. 1, 1992. It includes the San Antonio area, which I presume
used to be in the 512 area code.

I have two brothers that live in south and east Texas. Used to be same
area code, then got split into two area codes. Took me years to remember
which was which (area codes, that is, not brothers! ;)

I got close to Bonsai Farms last May, but didn't make it there. Wishes of
a 5-year-old supersede those of a bonsaist.



Nov 10, 1993, 7:54:12 PM11/10/93

I got a catalog from them and it includes BOTH addresses. The
return address for the catalog is to LaVernia and the address on the
order form is Adkins. I have had success mailing for information to
the LaVernia address.


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