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Frank Bodenschatz

Aug 21, 1996, 3:00:00 AM8/21/96


I'm interested in stretching my urethra. So far I have only tried to insert a finger,
but of course I didn't get much of it in.

I'd like to get some hints, tips, etc. on what and what not to do, how it is done
best and what nice things can be done with the "tube" once it's stretched.



Anne Greenblatt

Oct 22, 1996, 3:00:00 AM10/22/96

In article <321B5E...@fact.rhein-ruhr.de>, Frank Bodenschatz
<fboden...@fact.rhein-ruhr.de> wrote:

You should get a set of urethral sounds, which are designed to be used to
stretch the urethra.

The following is a text I received anonymously.


Date: Fri, 5 Jan 1996 03:04:52 GMT
To: ard...@richmond.infi.net
Subject: Re: Sounds

Enclosed please find the sounding faq that I have developed. I
continue to add to it and will use any new data. Please check
my grammar and spelling and DO NOT use my name as a direct
reference, at least not yet.





R E A D E R M U S T B E 1 8 O R O L D E R - P L E A S E



First off, let me say that the term "sounding rod" is not new
at all. I believe it was first used with ships to determine the
depth of water around piers and docking areas. The rods or rope
was marked in feet or fathoms and let down into water to deter-
mine its depth. Recently, within the past 100 years, actual
sound waves are being used to determine water depth and locate
other things beneath the water.
In early medicine sounding rods or equipment was used to
probe patients to unblock orifices or to determine physical
condition of the sounded organ merely by the feeling of the
doctor using the technique. These early crude methods has now
evolved into something quite different today.
Todays sounding rods can be termed as any device that is long
and smooth and can be, with effort, inserted into a orifice of
the human body. The most common use we find in this area is the
famous "Sword Swallower" in circuses and Middle East cultures. In
the sexual world this has gotten translated into something called
"Deep Throat" where the male penis or artificial penis is swal-
lowed completely down ones throat. This, of course, takes lots of
practice and one must overcome the natural gag factor and learn
to control breathing during this process. Never the less, this
can be termed a sounding method.
We will now look at other sounding rods, equipment and devices
and see how they can be used in a sexual manner. Keep in mind
that many people have become fascinated by their orifices and
have done some experiments to determine what lies hidden
within these orifices of the body. Much of what will be said has
come from these experiments or from modified medical techniques
and most information comes from documented articles or from real-
life experiences of those who have provided me with this

ANAL SOUNDS: These items can be of almost any nature. Anything
that can be inserted into the anus and held in place. In the case
of true sounds, it usually is limited to dildoes, artificial rub-
ber penises, or some kind of smooth rod or item. These items may
vary in length from four inches to well over two feet. Some
French tubing, used for high enemas and bondage operations can be
even longer than three feet and actually enter the small intest-
inal area when properly inserted and placed. Keep in mind here
that flexible tubing, such as enema tubing, can act as a sound in
this and any other case. A sound does not have to be rigid.
Anal sounding or anal play is used in several ways. The lower
large intestine can stretch greatly and allow for almost anything
to enter by way of anus. This area also provides direct contact
to the prostrates in the male and vagina in the female. In both
people, it also provides almost direct simulation of the bladder
area. The intestinal wall is sensitive and under certain condi-
tions this sensitivity or pain can be mentally converted into
sexual feelings. Most anal sounding or play is done only after
the lower intestine has been rid of all waste and properly filled
with some amount of water or lubrication jell. This allows for a
cleaner environment within the anal region and also stretches the
intestinal wall some to prevent bleeding from occurring by entry
of foreign objects.
A modern day approach to anal sounding is called "fisting".
It was first started in male prisons, but now seems to be gaining
popularity among all sexes. It requires quite a bit of stretch
exercises for the anal muscles but can be accomplished with
proper care. For a typical case, the male or female takes a
cleansing enema to eliminate any waste in lower tract. They then
take take another lower (or perhaps upper) enema to provide some
preliminary expansion of intestinal walls. A person then places
a rubber glove, well lubricated, over a hand and lower arm. This
hand is slowly worked into the anus using finger motion and some
pushing pressure. Once the wrist has entered the anus, a fist is
usually made and then worked back and forth within the rectum. In
some recorded cases the entire forearm is inserted into the lower
large intestine area and held there for some time. I even under-
stand there are stage acts in New York that have done this.
Other recorded anal soundings have been made with the fol-
lowing items: drink bottles, cucumbers,wine bottles,rolling
pins,bats,dildoes,tubes,pipes,enema equipment,water hose,
marbles, golf balls, billiard balls,balloons,broom handles,and
the list goes on almost endless. There is even cases of some
males taking grapefruit or other objects as large or larger than
a newborns head into rectum. This would be equivalent to a female
giving birth, almost. Amazing what some folks will do for
pleasure or pain as it may be.

VAGINA SOUNDS: This is simple, just ditto the anal sounds and you
have created vagina sounding techniques. One small change
however, normal douching or enema-like water treatments are not
required for a well lubricated vagina. A bit more caution here on
liquids in vagina. Under certain amount of force, the liquid can
be forced into uterine region and this may cause medical compli-
cations later on. Remember that intestinal infections are
usually more easily treated than uterine infections.
It should be pointed out that unlike the lengthy intestine,
the vagina does have a floor to it and can be only stretched so
far without severe pain or tearing of its delicate lining. Seven
inches is the normal for most women, however; during birthing of
a child the vagina and uterus can easily accommodate newborns
over 21 inches in length. With proper exercise and stretching
techniques, most females can accept sounds or penis-like items up
to eleven inches or more without great pain. For the vagina area,
items should be very soft, lubricated and have the ability to
bend somewhat to prevent tissue damage or bruising of uterus.
Many items of nine inches or less can be placed and held
within the vagina for long periods of time. Some women even wear
these hidden sounds or dildoes to work or play. Most items can
find a way to naturally work out of the vagina and in these cases
a strap or tight girdle must be worn to hold items and sounds in
place. I even have a case were a female wore large oversized vi-
brating dildoes to work in both anus and vagina. She took turns
at turning each one on and off during the course of the day and
at a afternoon conference had to excuse herself because of a un-
controlled oncoming major orgasm she began to have.
Some of the most useful vagina sounds is BenWa balls, marbles,
or a Silver Bullet. The bullet is a small egg-like device that
has a motor in it and vibrates when turned on. These sounds or
devices can be inserted and left in the vagina to enhance the act
of male intercourse. In most cases, they can be easily removed
after the act has been completed or allowed to naturally work
their way out. (Note: Ping Pong balls are not recommended due to
being so light and having the ability to be crushed or bent).

UREATHEA SOUNDS: This is a somewhat new area of sounding and
needs to be approached with tremendous caution and exercise. The
male and female ureathea contains very delicate tissue and it can
be easily inflamed or infected. Also any germ or foreign matter
in the ureathea can sometimes find its way into the bladder area
to complicate matters even more. Ureathea and bladder sounding
is a complex area and will be broken up accordingly.
First, is what we term "safe sounds" and are done more by the
males than by females due to length of the ureathea tubing from
its opening to the bladder mouth. A safe sound is any tube, rod,
or other lengthy, smooth body that is inserted into ureathea but
is not allowed to enter bladder area. In men, it should also not
enter the most delicate prostrate area either. These safe sounds
or what I call "Diddle Stiks" and can be worn for some period of
time and even kept in place for most acts of intercourse. These
sounds,rods or tubes can be made out of almost anything small and
smooth enough to enter the ureathea opening. Great care and
caution should be taken when using something made of glass, re-
member it could always break while inside. As with any sound, the
object should be very smooth and well lubricated. It should not
have any sharp edges or have parts that can become unscrewed or
broken off during use. For men, the sounds should be of such a
diameter to allow for the flow of semen during ejaculation. A
hollow tube may work well in these cases also. If rod or sound is
larger than 1/4 inch in diameter we highly suggest its removal
before ejaculation occurs. As in most orifices, a continuous
working and stretching of the orifice will allow the hole to be-
come larger for bigger items or sounds. Most men can take sounds
up to 3/8 inch without major stretch or tearing occurring. There
is one documented case of where a young lady who had a closed
vagina and her husband managed, after a year, to insert penis
into ureathea and bladder for intercourse. This later caused an
infection and visit to doctor got this case documented.
Apparently, neither one knew what was suppose to be down there
and she was willing to go through great pains to please her new
Next is the "unsafe sounds" and of course allows the
sound,rod, or tubing to actually enter the bladder area. If the
sound or tubing is hollow this is termed catheterization and can,
of course, allow liquids to flow into or from the bladder.
Bladder distention or over-filling is one rare technique used in
some bondage games. It can be very dangerous, even fatal. These
deep sounds are easily done by the female for her ureathea tube
is very short and goes directly into the bladder. Full female
sounding rods and devices rarely exceed the six inch mark. It is
very difficult, in most cases, for the female to maintain a
foreign body in the bladder area during intercourse. However,
there seem to be cases where this was done. Most these cases in-
volve soft catheterization tubing, however. Great caution should
be taken here by females as shorter tubing could be sucked up
into bladder during violent orgasms and have to be surgically
Males are a whole different ballgame. The ureathea in the
male penis makes almost a horseshoe curve as it makes its way to
the prostate region and on into the bladder. Any straight and
rigid sounding rods or tube must be very carefully tread around
and through this curved area. A finger in the anus can aid in
feeling the rod or tube as it enters this curve and must be
forced upward in a most controlled manner. Other than well lubri-
cated, flexible catheterization tubing insertion, other people
should not be allowed to insert anything due to this curving
nature of ureathea in male penis. The male, alone, can play and
work his sounding rod into place because he can feel the sting
and pressure when it is being pushed or pressed in wrongly. A
male should never have to force a sounding rod into place. Also
entering the bladder mouth can be made easier by simply trying to
urinate and thus opening the bladder for rod or tubing
Male soundings take on several diverse methods and be defined
from sexual aids and fetishes to just general bodyart. As
mentioned earlier, the most common soundings take the form of
rods or tubes within the "safe area" of the penis. This is the
ureathea tube from the opening at the glans down to the base of
the scrotum where it begins to curve back. These sounding rods
may be completely hidden or some of them may show from the glans
opening. A few rods have threaded ends or holes where
attachments can be fitted onto for introduction into vaginas or
the anus. Safe area sounding rods can add extra feelings to both
males and females during sex activity. Most rods of 1/4 OD in
size can be left in place even during ejaculation, as the semen
has some room to be forced around the outer edge of rod.
The unsafe sounding has two methods of use, not counting any
flexible catheterization tubing. The first method is just a long,
straight rod that is carefully inserted fully into the prostrate
or bladder region. These are held in place while penis is
sexually massaged. Also some limited and controlled anal play
with fingers and soft toys can also be accomplished during this
sounding. These straight rods should be carefully and slowly
removed prior to male ejaculation or possible problems could
result. The other method calls for rods or tubes that are curved
to match the curvature of the male ureathea system. Once
inserted, these sounding rods can be comfortably held in place
for long periods of time. Some can be installed for intercourse.
The "hidden sound" method can be also used here with some care
and preparation. It consist of a curved sounding rod that is
inserted into ureathea and bladder. The end of this rod is then
further pushed until the end has reached just pass the curved
area and almost enters the prostate region. These rods usually
have a bit of twine or string on the end to aid in later removal.
They are classed as hidden for once correctly installed, they are
almost entirely undetected by a spouse or female, unless they
insert fingers into the anal region. No sounding rod should be of
such a length as to allow entire rod to pass into the prostrate
region as it may become lost.

A post note on male sounding and the prostrate area. This area
is very delicate and easily injured or infected. When entering
this area take note of any pain or stinging. The sound must be
fed correctly through this area, if it is to reach the bladder.
Beginner sounders may find instant ejaculation will occur when
the sound enters the prostrate region. One will have to test the
different lubricates to use for sounding KY-like jellies work
quite well and have low infection rates. For sounds that are left
in the prostrate region for any length of time here is a word of
warning. Prior to ejaculation a man enters the "vinegar state"
where some small amount of fluid gets released into urethra to
prepare it for the on-coming high pressure ejaculation. This
released fluid may have a tendency to degrade your lubricate and
cause your sound to become stuck to the prostrate walls. Take
care that this doesn't happen or damage will happen if sound is
removed rapidly. It if does occur, just urinate some liquid and
slowly removed sound as you do so. Holding urine back to create
some back-pressure also works well in severe cases. Unless you
are sure about what you are doing, all sounds should always be
removed just prior to your male ejaculation. Normally, females do
not force great quantities of liquid from urethra during orgasm
so their sounds can be left in place as long as they are
prevented from being sucked into bladder area. Drinking of
cranberry juice for few days after a good sound will help
prevent minor bladder infection. However, if bladder pain
persist, blood issues out or urine has a very bad smell see your
physician immediately.


* Ardvark *
Anne Greenblatt
Piercing FAQ Manager for rec.arts.bodyart
Piercing Exquisite

gerry fox

Oct 24, 1996, 3:00:00 AM10/24/96

ard...@slip.net (Anne Greenblatt) wrote:

>In article <321B5E...@fact.rhein-ruhr.de>, Frank Bodenschatz
><fboden...@fact.rhein-ruhr.de> wrote:

>>I'm interested in stretching my urethra. So far I have only tried to


Are there any problems in stretching the urethra, espcially in males ?
Does it cause problems unrinating or ejaculating ?

Ezcellent FAQ, BTW


Oct 16, 2017, 11:58:33 AM10/16/17
On Wednesday, August 21, 1996 at 2:00:00 AM UTC-5, Frank Bodenschatz wrote:
> Hi!
> I'm interested in stretching my urethra. So far I have only tried to insert a finger,
> but of course I didn't get much of it in.
> I'd like to get some hints, tips, etc. on what and what not to do, how it is done
> best and what nice things can be done with the "tube" once it's stretched.
> Regards
> Frank

ebay or Amazon.....make sure you get a good lubricant and make sure you sterilized in between uses. I like the feel of the stretch and having it slide in and out...George

Eli the Bearded

Oct 16, 2017, 8:03:55 PM10/16/17
In rec.arts.bodyart, <georgen...@gmail.com> wrote:
> On Wednesday, August 21, 1996 at 2:00:00 AM UTC-5, [...]
> ebay or Amazon.....

In 1996, ebay was less than one year old and Amazon still was just a
book store. In the 21 years since then, the "Frank" who posted that
request for infomation has probably not waited to read your less than
exhaustive answer.

Why -- How -- (which is better to ask?) do Google Groups users so
reliably fail to notice how long overdue their answers to posts are?

If Frank went out and got someone pregnant right after posting that, the
child could have been born while Ms Clinton was First Lady and voted for
(or against) her being President.

If Frank was recently retired when he posted that, then there's a good
chance he's in the grave now.

One thing is certain: Google did not exist in 1996, so he would have
never expected Google Groups would carry the response.

AOL and Yahoo were major forces back then


Oct 29, 2017, 1:33:28 PM10/29/17
...not further comments about your and the others posts.

i suggest, thank you GOOGLE!, that guy is doing qute well:


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