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CRANK! (plug for fanzine)

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Keith Rhee

Nov 10, 1994, 11:13:29 PM11/10/94

Courtesy of an acquaintance I know who's a Gundam otaku at large,
I got a copy of a vanity fanzine, called CRANK!, which deals with

Let it be said that I never thought that one could put a funny
spin on Gundam (besides SD Gundam, that is). The fanzine is very
witty, yet informative, and even those who consider themselves
knowledgable in the Gundam universe will get a kick out of this

Excerpt: In Zeta, when Amuro finally joins the fight, only to find
that Char's there:

Amuro: "They're out to get me! What the hell is Char doing here?
Why're they letting that brat (Camille) pilot the Gundam? I get
no respect here! *mumble mumble* "

Nuff said, folks. The fanzine CRANK! is available at Newtype
Hobbies and Toys, and it's definitely worth the money. Go grab it
before all the copies are gone! ^_^

Keith Rhee
A boss says "Go." -- A leader says "Let's go."

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