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Rob Maxwell

Sep 1, 2004, 3:07:54 AM9/1/04

Hi, nice to see you.

Just so you know, we moved over to rec.arts.anime.misc a few years ago. Click
this to go directly to r.a.a.misc --> news:rec.arts.anime.misc.

We, also, sub-divided into a number of anime newsgroups:
rec.arts.anime.creative <-- fanfics
rec.arts.anime.fandom <-- duplicates r.a.a.misc
rec.arts.anime.games <-- Discuss anime based video games (Do Not Post Games
rec.arts.anime.info <-- Anime Con announcements and the like.
rec.arts.anime.marketplace <-- Buy/Sell/eBay ads go here.
rec.arts.anime.misc <-- The main anime newsgroup.
rec.arts.anime.models <-- Plastic models and "garage kits".
rec.arts.anime.music <-- Discuss anime music (Do Not Post mp3s Here.)
rec.arts.manga <-- The manga newsgroup.

A long list of the other anime newsgroups including, ones you can download anime
videos, music, and games: "[INFO] Anime Newsgroup Master List" posted here on
the 1st of the month and on the web:


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