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Apr 28, 2022, 9:26:11 PM4/28/22
It's been 10 years, but Shurato's Heavenly Sphere is back. If you're into
anime and you're old school, check out my telnet bbs. I've got message
areas and games as well an a Shoutcast radio station. I'll probably be
adding my mp3 collection into the files area. If all you want are files and
messages, that's fine too as there is an NNTP and FTP server at the same
address. You will need to create an account and and get increased access
to get access to them, though.

Grab your favorite telnet client and check out: port 23 (21
and 119 for FTP and NNTP, but there is only authenticated access to the
latter). First time callers will get game access and reading access to all
message areas. Get in on the ground floor of this reboot! Running
EleBBS/Win32 latest binaries. Make sure your telnet client has full ansi
zmodem support.

As a bonus, I run a Shoutcast Radio station at: (Shurato's Anime OST Radio)

Accessible from a browser or your favorite Shoutcast service
(including a Roku app!).

Shurato, Sysop Shurato's Heavenly Sphere Telnet BBS (Telnet, FTP and NNTP and Shoutcast
(Ports 23, 21, 119 and 8000 respectively))

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