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dan B hentschel

Aug 24, 2004, 12:11:54 AM8/24/04
Disc 11 of the Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon series has now been released for
distribution by Hentschel Pictures. This disc contains acts 40-43, and
continues the tradition of high-quality fansub material that you have come
to expect from Hentschel Pictures.

If you would like to order this disc, then you can follow the instructions
for ordering DVDs at To get a copy of
just this one disc, please send me two (2) blank DVD+Rs in the mail. Or, if
you prefer, you can send me a PayPal payment for $3.24 and I will purchase a
disc and send it to you. The cost breakdown is as follows:

2 discs: $0.84
1 jewel case: $0.11
Bubble mailer: $0.75
Postage: $1.10 (Estimate)
PayPal fee: $0.44

NOTE: If the actual final cost is less than the above estimate, you will be
given the option of a partial refund.

If you have already pre-ordered disc 11, then your order should be shipped
within the next few days.

Also just released are the first two discs in the Akage no Anne TV series.
These first two discs have episodes 1-10 of the heartwarming 1979 adaptation
of Anne of green Gables. Go to for more

If you have any questions about Hentschel Pictures and our releases, please
read the newly created FAQ, available at: As always, please spread the word
about fansub discs from Hentschel Pictures. And be on the look-out for new
projects coming up in the future.

- dan B hentschel

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