Ranma 1/2 Version 3.1 Episode 1

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christian gadeken

Mar 25, 1993, 9:52:29 PM3/25/93

Ranma 1/2 Version 3.1

Episode 1

[Opening song: Jajauma ni sasenaide]

[Exterior angle on the Nekohanten. Cut to an interior
angle on the kitchen. Cologne is sorting her ingredients.]

[Note: This scene takes place in Chinese.]

Cologne: Intelligence booster... Potency enhancer...
[calls out] Shampoo!!

Shampoo: [sticking her head in the door] Yes, great-grandma?

Cologne: What did you do with the passion spice? It's not

Shampoo: [looks embarassed] I, um, I used it all. Tendou
Kasumi kept the shaker it was in, though...

Cologne: [stares at Shampoo] You used it *all*, and that
silly boy *still* hasn't married you?

Shampoo: [looking down at her folded hands] .....

Cologne: [turning back to the spices] Hmmmph: Men!
[sigh] Personality exchange... Morphing formula...

Shampoo(thinking): I've *got* to get Ranma...

[Cut to the Tendou dojo. Close in briefly, we hear birds
in the background, then cut to the kitchen, where Kasumi
is making dinner. Ranma-chan sticks her head in.]

Ranma-chan: Did Akane come home yet?

Kasumi: Yes, I think she's in her room. Did something happen
at school? She seemed upset.

Ranma-chan: ...you might say that. [takes a deep breath,
squares her shoulders, and leaves]

[Kasumi continues making dinner. From outside we hear a
"knock, knock," followed by the sound of a window opening.
As Kasumi begins adding vegetables to one pot on the stove,
an angry voice becomes audible. A moment later there is a
*thud* followed moments later by a loud WHAM. Kasumi
hurries over to the window and looks out.]

Kasumi: Oh,my!

[She exits into the back yard. We see Ranma-chan lying
unconscious on the ground, her head on one of the stones
lining the carp pond. Above her, Akane slams her window

[Title: Ranma mou ichido onna sengen! Kasumi-chan no
mijikai bouken.]

(Ranma proclaims himself a girl one more time!
Kasumi-chan's short adventure.)

[Akane is walking down the hall past Ranma's room. She
glances inside, then stops and stares as she sees Ranma-
chan laid out on her futon, still out cold, with Kasumi
sitting next to her and a cold cloth on her face.

Akane: [entering the room] What's wrong?

Kasumi: [concerned] She's still unconscious. [looking
up] Akane, would you sit with her? I put the stove
on low, but I have to go get things cooking again...

Akane: Sure. [sits down]

[Kasumi leaves. Akane wrings out the cloth, dampens it
again, and puts it back on Ranma-chan's face.]

Akane(thinking): Ranma, you idiot. Getting me so mad I hurt you
this badly...

[Ranma-chan stirs and opens her eyes.]

Ranma-chan: Ohhhh.

Akane: Ranma! Are you... all right?

[Ranma-chan sits up and feels the back of her head.]

Ranma-chan: [gentle voice] I feel very well, thank you.

Akane: [thinking she's being sarcastic] Well, it was your
own fault, getting me so mad!

Ranma-chan: You're right. I'm sorry.

Akane: [staring puzzledly for a moment] Ranma, are you sure
you're all right?

Ranma-chan: [cheerful] Of course! [takes a deep breath]
I feel like I'm waking up from a long dream...

[Akane looks worried. This is not Ranma's normal
attitude at all. Suddenly, she remembers another time
Ranma acted like this...]

Akane: Ranma, are you a guy or a girl?

Ranma-chan: What? Don't be silly, Akane. Look at me. Of
course I'm a girl.

Akane: [closes her eyes] Oh no, not again.

Ranma-chan: [sniffing the air] Say, is Kasumi-oneesama
making dinner?

Akane: Um, yes...

Ranma-chan: [getting to her feet] I want to help!
[hurries out of the room]

[Cut to later, outside the kitchen. Soun, Akane, and
the panda are peering around the doorjamb at Kasumi
and Ranma-chan making dinner.]

Akane: ...it's just like the last time: He's convinced
he's a girl, he doesn't want to do martial arts anymore,
just cooking and flowers and...[mouth twists slightly]
feminine stuff like that.

Panda's sign: Twice as much delicious cooking!

Soun: Saotome-kun! If this goes on, he won't marry any of
my daughters and YOU will have broken your promise!
[glares down at the panda]

Panda: [looking innocent] Grawafa?

Nabiki: [joining them] Well, this can't be too hard to
cure. A second bump on the head was all it took last time.

Akane: [considers a hammer for a moment, then puts it down]
I'll take him to Dr Tofu after dinner.

[At this point, there's a large CRASH from outside. After
the noise subsides we can hear a bicycle bell.]

Akane: Oh, no...

Shampoo: [entering the kitchen] Niihao, Ranma!

Ranma-chan: Shampoo-chan! [takes the steamer from her
and looks inside] Oh, good, we haven't made onigiri...
[opens a cupboard and takes out a serving plate]
These smell good, did you make them yourself?

Shampoo: Uh... yes. Ranma, what...?

[Ranma-chan puts the onigiri on the dish and hands
the steamer back to Shampoo.]

Ranma-chan: Did you want to stay for dinner?

Shampoo: Sure! [blinks and looks puzzled again] Ranma,
you feel all right?

Ranma-chan: Just fine. [turns back to the stove]

[Shampoo stares at her worriedly. Akane goes 'psst'
and motions her over to the door.]

Shampoo: [whispering] What wrong with him?

Akane: [also whispering] He thinks he's a girl. He
got cracked on the head and somehow it switched his
personality around.

Shampoo: Thinks he's a girl...? [looks over at Ranma-chan]
Poor Ranma... [Suddenly looks around at Akane] *You*
hit him on head, didn't you? This your way of keeping
him away from me!

Akane: What!

[Shampoo advances aggressively on Akane, who gets into a
fighting stance. Soun holds up his hands nervously.]

Soun: Now, girls, please don't fight in the house...
We're taking him to the doctor after dinner, so there's
no need for this... hahahaha...

[Shampoo glances at him coldly for a moment, then looks
back at Akane. Her mouth twists contemptuously.]

Shampoo: Hmmmph. ...ah! [her eyes go wide] Personality
switch... Great-grandma said...

[Shampoo imagines Ranma holding her and crying with

Ranma-kun(imagined): Shampoo, you saved me from the life
of a girl!! How can I ever repay you!?

Shampoo(imagined): [wicked smile] Oh, I'm sure I think
of something.

[The real Shampoo giggles wickedly, then looks at Akane.]

Shampoo: [innocent smile] Maybe I help. Be back soon.
[dashes out]

Akane: [suspicious] Hmmmmm? I don't like this...

[Later. A few dishes are still cooking, others stand on
serving plates. Ranma-chan and Kasumi are at the stove.
Nabiki sticks her head in.]

Nabiki: Dinner almost ready?

Kasumi: Just a few more-

Ranma-chan: OH NO!

Kasumi&Nabiki: What's wrong!?

Ranma-chan: I forgot to cook the noodles!

[Nabiki closes her eyes and lets her head thump against
the doorjamb. Ranma-chan grabs a pot and starts filling
it with water, spilling some in her rush. Shampoo appears
at the outer door.]

Shampoo: Here it is! [holds up a dish of mixed vegetables]

Kasumi: [goes over to Shampoo] Oh, that looks good. Is it-

[Ranma-chan turns away from the sink and slips in the
spilled water. She manages to hold onto the pot but its
contents fly across the room, drenching Shampoo. Kasumi
manages to catch the vegetable dish as Shampoo suddenly
loses a meter and a half of height and gains a short coat
of fur. Nabiki glances between Ranma-chan and Shampoo-cat
and braces herself.]

Ranma-chan: [looking at Shampoo-cat] Oh, what a cute kitty.
[walks over, picks the cat up and strokes it]

[Kasumi blinks. Nabiki looks on in shock for a moment,
then shrugs and leaves.]

Nabiki: If there was some way to give him a girl's mind,
have him cook a meal for someone, then change his mind
back... Hmmm.

[Back in the kitchen, Ranma-chan is drying Shampoo off.
Kasumi looks down at the vegetables she's holding, picks
up a pair of chopsticks, and tries a bite.

Kasumi: Mmmm, good... [trails off and gets an odd look in
her eyes] Ranma, take care of dinner, would you?

[Kasumi puts down the dish and leaves. Ranma, with
Shampoo lying across her shoulders and purring contentedly,
refills the pot and starts cooking the noodles.]

[Kasumi enters her room and looks around a moment.
She opens the closet and scowls at her clothes. After
a moment, she picks out a red swimsuit and a black dress
and looks at them thoughtfully.]

[Back in the kitchen, Ranma-chan has finished the noodles
and is getting things ready for dinner. Nabiki
sticks her head in again.]

Nabiki: Dinner ready?

Ranma-chan: Yep! [hands her a couple dishes to take
out to the table]

Nabiki: Where's Kasumi?

Ranma-chan: I don't know... She tried those vegetables
Shampoo brought, then went somewhere.

[Upon hearing this, Shampoo jumps off Ranma-chan's
shoulders and dashes back into the kitchen. Ranma-chan
and Nabiki put their dishes on the table and chase after

Shampoo-cat: [urgently] Unyaaaaaan!

[In the kitchen, Shampoo-cat is trying to work the hot-
water tap.]

Ranma-chan: [picking Shampoo up] What's the matter, kitty,
you thirsty?

Nabiki: I think she wants to change back to human. [gets
a kettle]

[Cut back to Kasumi's room. She's standing in front of
the full-length mirror, wearing her new outfit. She took
the sleeves off the dress and sewed them to the armholes
of the swimsuit, then made "pantslegs" with the skirt from
the dress that come to just above her knees. The effect is
rather... provocative. She nods appoval, then sits down at
her vanity and takes out a makeup kit that looks like it
hasn't seen a lot of use.]

[Back in the kitchen, Shampoo, now human again, is
finishing an explanation.]

Shampoo: ...but don't see how, Great-grandma said
it wouldn't have effect on someone with just one

Nabiki: You learn something new every day.

Akane: Never mind that! Come on! [dashes out with
the rest in tow]

[They reach Kasumi's room, where the door is open, and
peer inside.

Akane: Not here...

Soun: [coming up behind them] Something wrong?

Akane: Otousan! Have you seen Kasumi?

Soun: She's not here? Well, I heard someone go out a
few minutes ago, maybe that was-

[The girls go charging down the stairs and out the front
door. They pile out into the street and look around,
with Akane and Shampoo jumping onto the walls for a better

[Cut to the entrance hall, where Soun and the panda are
just arriving, worriedly, when the girls come back in.]

Akane: She's gone...

[Commercial break]

[Exterior shot of the Tendou home. From inside: ]


[Cut to the interior. The girls are gathered around
Soun, who looks like he's going to have a heart attack.]

Akane: The lady said she saw Kasumi getting into a taxi
and asking to be taken to Shinjuku. She said Kasumi was
wearing an outfit like a swimsuit with sleeves and legs.
[pause] *Short* legs.

Nabiki: [holds up the remains of the black dress] I found
this on the floor by her sewing machine, and her red one-
piece is missing.

Soun: [collapses to his knees] Auuuugh! My daughter...
alone in Shinjuku... at night... in that kind of outfit!?

Akane: Look, there's only one thing to do: We're going to
have to go find her!

Ranma-chan: But what about dinner?

Akane: [rounding on her] HOW CAN YOU THINK ABOUT FOOD AT

Ranma-chan: [eyes starting to shimmer] But... but...
Kasumi-oneechan and I worked so hard to make it...

Akane: [deep breath] If something happens to her because
we *didn't* go looking for her, she'll NEVER COOK WITH YOU

Ranma: [tiny voice] Okay...

Akane: [stares at Ranma-chan a moment, then sighs] You're
not going to be much good on a search like this... Let
me get those vegetables...

Soun: Wait, Akane!

Akane: Eh?!

Soun: Um... Wait until we find Kasumi, please... then if
something does happen to her, we can still eat Ranma's
delicious cooking.

Akane: Otousan!

Panda's sign: My son will not be a girl!

Soun: [holds out a bowl of Ranma-chan's cooking in one
hand and a cup ramen in the other] Which would you
rather eat the rest of your life!?

[The panda looks between them a moment, then grabs the
food Ranma-chan made and gulps it down.]

Akane: [looks disgusted] All right then... Ranma, you
stay here, the rest of you, come on!

[Shinjuku, Tokyo. A place that makes Times Square seem
sedate and restrained. Tonight, a new spice has entered
this stew: A young woman who strolls through the crowds
with unwavering self-confidence.]

Kasumi: [responding to a pick-up line] No thanks, I'm
already having a good time.

[However, several blocks away, a second new element is
wandering the streets with anything but confidence.]

Ryouga: I wonder where I am? ...I must still be in Japan,
but I've never seen a place like this before.

Voice from above: Yoo-hoo, you with the bandanna...!

[Ryouga looks up to see a girl dressed only in filmy
lace winking at him from a window. He blushes scarlet
and hurries on.]

Ryouga: The big city is too much for me!! I need to get back
to the countryside...

[He leans against a wall for a moment. The scene dissolves
to an imaginary meadow, with an idealized Akane running
through it in a dirdnl*.]

*The sort of dress Julie Andrews was wearing at the
beginning of The Sound of Music

Ryouga: Akane-san...

[Suddenly two hands cover his eyes. We hear a female voice.]

Voice from behind: Guess who?

[Meanwhile, somewhere else in Shinjuku, Akane, Soun, Nabiki
and Shampoo are getting out of a taxi.]

Akane: Alright, Nabiki-

Nabiki: I'll go this way. [strides off down the street]

Akane: ...okay, Shampoo-

Shampoo: [comandeering a bicycle from a passerby] I
go this way! [the opposite direction from Nabiki]

Akane: [glaring after her] ...and otousan-

Soun: *We'll* go this way. [takes Akane's hand and crosses
the street]

[Back at the Tendou place, Ranma-chan is sadly watching
the panda gulp down the last of the dinner she made.]

Ranma-chan: ...We didn't leave any for them...

Panda's sign: They'll eat in Shinjuku.

Ranma-chan: Hmmph. [plays with a spoon a moment] Maybe
we should've...Hm?

[Something can be heard moving around outside. Ranma-chan
jumps behind the panda.]

Ranma-chan: Wh-wh-what's that?

Panda's sign: I-I-I don't know...

[The two of them slowly sneak around to the garden door.
They peer out into the evening, but can't see anything.]

Ranma-chan: He-hello?

[A shadow jumps up and rushes towards her.]

Ranma-chan: Kyaaaaaaa!

[Back in Shinjuku, Ryouga is relieved to find the girl
behind him is only-]

Ryouga: Ka-Kasumi-san, good evening!

Kasumi: [low and warm] Hello, Ryo-chan.

Ryouga: Eh? Ah...er... [notices her outfit and blushes]
Um...What brings you here?

Kasumi: I got bored, and thought I might find something
interesting to do here. [hooks her arm through his
and begins strolling down the street] Do you think
you could help me find something like that?

Ryouga: Er, well... That is... This isn't really my
kind of place...

Kasumi: Oh, don't be silly... [transfers the arm to his
waist and leans close to his ear] I'm sure a fine figure
of a young man like you can find *some* way to make a
girl happy.

Ryouga: [blushing] Er,ah, I... You don't...

[A short distance away, Soun is having a rather unproductive
conversation with the doorman of a cabaret.]

Soun: ...someone to keep me company for the night, I am
*trying* to find my daughter!

Doorman: Well, if you wanna know if she works here, you're
gonna have to pay the cover, fella.

Soun: Up till today, she'd never even...! Never mind.
Would you please just tell me if a girl like the one
I described to you has come by here?

Doorman: Sorry, fella, I got a real lousy memory for

Soun: Look-!

Akane: [rolling her eyes] Oh, boy... [wanders off a ways]
We're never going to find her at this rate. They could be
twenty feet away and... [stares down the street]

[About twenty feet away, Ryouga and Kasumi are coming up
the street. Kasumi is more-or-less draped over Ryouga at
this point, alternating between nibbling on his ear
(making him blush) and whispering things into it(making
him blush even more).]

Akane: [walking towards them] Ryouga-kun!? Oneechan!

Ryouga: [sees her] Aaaaaah! A-Akane-san this isn't- I'm
not- I mean-

Akane: Oneechan! What are you doing!?

Kasumi: Acting like what I am, Akane-chan, a *woman*.
[eyes Akane's shorts and T-shirt] *Some* of us *are*
women, you know.

[Akane and Ryouga stare at her in shock.]

Kasumi: Now then, Ryo-chan: That club over *there* looks
interesting. Let's give it a look, shall we? [starts
to cross the street, then looks back as Ryouga stands
like a statue. Her voice hardens.] *Well?*

Akane: Ryouga-kun, just a moment... [pulls him a few feet
away and lowers her voice] Ryouga-kun, would you please
go with her?

Ryouga: EH?

Akane: I know you won't try and take advantage of her. If
she goes off by herself, the next guy she meets might not be
so... nice. [puts a hand on his shoulder] I trust you to
take care of her...Please.

[Ryouga stares at her a moment, then seizes her hand in both of

Ryouga: Akane-san, I swear I'll protect your sister tonight,
and bring her safely home!

[Akane stares a moment, then nods and pats his hands with
her free one.]

Akane: Just try to show her a good time, too. Otherwise
she might try and leave you.

Ryouga: Of course! [turns back to Kasumi, who looks
rather impatient] Kasumi-san, let's go see that club!
[offers her an arm]

[Kasumi takes it, brushes his hair back from his forehead,
gives Akane a cool smile, and crosses the street with him.
Akane sighs and turns back to Soun, who hasn't noticed
any of this.]

Soun: ...wouldn't be caught *dead* here if it wasn't so
important!! So you can just take your- [Akane taps on
his arm] What!?

Akane: C'mon, let's go home.

Soun: Eh?

Akane: I just talked to oneechan, she's in the club over there.
[points across the street] Ryouga-kun is with her, he's
going to make sure she's okay.

Soun: Ah? Ah. Well, then. [looks at the doorman] So long...
[leaves with Akane]

Doorman: Yeah, so long yourself, fella.

[Soun and Akane head back to where they arrived in Shinjuku.
Halfway there, Shampoo(still on the bike) drops from the sky
and lands on Soun.]

Shampoo: Niihao!

Akane: [looking at her] .....

Soun: [flat on his face] .....

Shampoo: No luck?

Akane: We found her. As soon as we find Nabiki-oneechan, we-
[breaks off as she sees Nabiki apparently haggling with a
street-gang type] Oneechan!

Nabiki: [glances at Akane and waves for her to be quiet]
So it's agreed? You look out for her and I'll make sure
we get paid.

Tough: Yeah, yeah... [looks up] Hey, old man, that's a stupid-
looking mustache! Haaahahahahah... [saunters off]

[Soun looks scandalized. Nabiki comes over.]

Nabiki: Any luck?

Akane: Yeah, we found her. Ryouga-kun is keeping an eye
on her.

Nabiki: [rolling her eyes] Oh, good... So, why don't we
get a bite to eat?

Akane: [makes a face] All this noise is giving me a headache.
Let's just go home.

Nabiki: Okay, but I bet Uncle Saotome has eaten everything by

[Exterior, Tendou dojo, night. A taxi pulls up and
disgorges the girls and Soun. (Shampoo still has the
bicycle.) Akane turns to Shampoo.]

Akane: You'd better get back to the Nekohanten, your
great-grandma must be worried.

Shampoo: I want see how Ranma is.

[They go inside. The panda is sitting in the dining room,
playing solitare.]

Akane: Uncle Saotome, where- [breaks off as she realizes the
floor is covered with red roses and rose petals] What...

Panda's sign: We have a guest.

Akane: Who...?

Nabiki: [picking up a rose] Kunou-chan, right?

[The panda nods.]

Akane: What!? Where is he? And where's Ranma?

Panda's sign: They're together.

Akane: WHAT! What do mean, "together!?"

Panda: [flips the sign around] -in the kitchen.

[Akane glares at the panda a moment, then dashes out
of the room.]

[Cut to the hall outside the kitchen. High-pitched giggles
and masculine laughs can be heard. Akane comes down the
hall and sticks her head in the door.]

[Inside the kitchen, Ranma-chan is trying to make some
more food. She isn't getting much done, because Kunou is
paying court on her with flowers and ribbons and such, and
she's eating it up, much to his delight.]

Ranma-chan: Sempai! Don't say such embarrassing things!

Kunou: Ah, but my heart is so filled with admiration I can't
bear not to express it! [starts quoting poetry, the point
of which seems to be that it's a crime for beauty not to be

Ranma-chan: [giggling] Oh, sempai, you're so mean!

[By this time Akane's head has been joined by Nabiki's
and Shampoo's.]

Shampoo: Aiyaaa...

Kunou: So, shall we see each other tomorrow? Say you'll
meet me in the park for a day of wonders!

Ranma-chan: Mmmmm, I guess so...

Kunou: YATTAAAAH!!! [catches Ranma-chan up in his arms and
twirls her around]

Ranma-chan: Wheeeeeeeeeee!!!

Akane, Nabiki, and Shampoo: Oh, boy...

[Cut back to Shinjuku. Ryouga and Kasumi are just leaving
Disco Moebius. Kasumi is as fresh as when she entered,
while Ryouga is staggering with exhaustion.]

Kasumi: [half-annoyed, half-amused] Really, Ryo-chan, for a
martial artist you don't seem to have much stamina.

Ryouga: A fight...[wheeze] doesn't usually... go on...[gasp]
that long... And it's not... nearly... as... vigorous.

Kasumi: [leans over and ruffles his hair] Oh, you say the
sweetest things. [The camera cuts to a view half of her,
half of the street behind her as she straightens.] Now,
lets see if we can find... [her expression shifts slightly
as the camera focuses past her to a pair of figures following
them down the street.] ...some *more* fun. *Here*. [swings
Ryouga into a dark alley.]

[The two following figures arrive at the mouth of the alley,
and are quickly joined by three more from the direction they
were walking. The five pause a moment in the silence, then
enter the alley.]

[Ending song: Lay-lay boy]

Special thanks to Karl RIM for writing "Kasumi's Tale,"
on which a great deal of this story is based.

Also thanks to my pre-readers:

Dickinson Lo
Robert Deloura
Jeff Yang
Cloyce Spradling
Richard Uyeyama
Pascal Janin
and everyone I've forgotten.

Character profile: Shampoo
Shampoo is a Chinese girl who fell in love with Ranma
when he defeated her in combat. She runs the local
Chinese restaurant, the Nekohanten, with her great-
grandmother, Cologne, a martial arts master(mistress?).
Shampoo is very uninhibited, showing no reluctance
about appearing nude in front of Ranma, or for
crashing through walls even if there's a perfectly
good door handy. Like Ranma, she suffers from a
Jusenkyo curse: When drenched with cold water she
turns into a cat. Unfortunately, Ranma's reaction
to a cat is unreserved panic, which has put a
damper on Shampoo's pursuit of him.
Physical description: Shampoo is about Ranma's age,
quite attractive, with long purple hair. She
wears Chinese-style dresses or tunic-and-pants
(Classical, not Communist) and is frequently
found on her bicycle.

-chan:Affectionate diminutive suffix
Oneechan/Oneesama:Older sister
Onigiri:Stuffed rice ball
C h r i s t i a n G a d e k e n

Yakumo: "But I really did destroy a monster in Hong Kong!
Saru : "Ahem, ahem"
Yakumo: "Saru, do you believe me?"
Saru : "Where's my Hong Kong souvenir?"

Howard Rim

Mar 26, 1993, 2:34:39 PM3/26/93
In article <1otr5...@geraldo.cc.utexas.edu> chr...@ccwf.cc.utexas.edu (christian gadeken) writes:
> Special thanks to Karl RIM for writing "Kasumi's Tale,"
> on which a great deal of this story is based.
Imitation is the highest form of flattery.
BTW, you did ask permission first right?

When you become a Christian you can't have fun
is one of Satan's lies.

Karl KAL Rim

Mar 26, 1993, 7:01:53 PM3/26/93
In article <C4IH1...@cs.columbia.edu> r...@cs.columbia.edu (Howard Rim) writes:
>In article <1otr5...@geraldo.cc.utexas.edu> chr...@ccwf.cc.utexas.edu (christian gadeken) writes:
>> Special thanks to Karl RIM for writing "Kasumi's Tale,"
>> on which a great deal of this story is based.
>Imitation is the highest form of flattery.

Definitely true. I'm glad someone thought my work was interesting
enough to run a spin off.
Although my plot was okay for Kasumi's Story,
my writing wasn't all that coherent.

Well I only write fanfiction to relax anyway,
Heck! I'm not getting paid to do this, why should I be nitpicky? :-)

>BTW, you did ask permission first right?

Well, considering we BOTH don't have any permission from the original
author and creator to write about her characters it's kind of a moot point.

Now if GreenCoat was running around in a flimsy dress trying to pick
up Ryouga, THAT would be another story...

>When you become a Christian you can't have fun
> is one of Satan's lies.

Is everyone having fun here!? I know I am!

"Although we wear Battlesuits, = (Karl "KAL" Rim)
We can't hide our beautiful figures! = kr...@cunixf.cc.columbia.edu
Did you notice?" - Nene, BGCrisis 1 = The Krimlin

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