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Otomo Katsuhiro (April Issue of Newtype)

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Eduardo M.K. Chumbes

Apr 16, 1990, 3:06:37 PM4/16/90

I just recently bought the April issue of Newtype, it was their 5th
anniversary issue. Glancing throught it I noticed that it was highlighting
the years' best animation (series, I think) since 1985-1990. Here is the list
of it:

Z Gundam and ZZ Gundam --> 1985 - 1986
Gundam Char's Counterattack --> 1988
Five Stars Stories --> 1986 -
Dragonar --> 1987
Borgman (the Supersonic Warrior) --> 1988
Shurato (The legend of Heavenly Sphere) --> 1989
Record of Lodoss War --> 1990 (**Brand New**)

With that, they have also included a prediction (of some sort) of
1991's best and it is called Roujin-Z by Otomo Katsuhiro (creater and animator
of Akira (comic and movie)).

Since I know very litte Japanese (about a year's worth) I can barely read some
of the stuff. I was wondering if anyone out there, if possible, can help
me translate that segment in Newtype or has some ideas about Roujin-Z or
Record of Lodoss War. By the war Lodoss War was first introduced in the last
issue of Newtype (March 1990) but I couldn't make any heads or tails out of it.
So any information would be appreciated.

On another note, does anyone know what animated series, comics, or
films has Kazuyoshi Takeuchi has done. He is a cousin of a friend that I know
and encouraged me to write to him. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

Arigatoo Gozaimasu,
Eduardo Martin K. Chumbes

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